What Happens When Houses Become a Public Nuisance?

Some houses  fair a lot better than others.  Serendipity, the house in the movie Nights in Rodanthe, was being reclaimed by the sea.  A storm in October 2008 just about finished it off.  Dare County served notice that the house was a public nuisance and had to be moved or torn down.  The Pennsylvania couple who owned it decided to level it.

Along came a couple from Western North Carolina who fell in love with the house.  They purchased it and moved it to a less precarious spot in Rodanthe.  Just amazing!


Each locality seems to have its own set of problems, doesn’t it.  Neighorhood Services in Dare County probably operates a little different there than it does here. I had no idea how houses were moved. You can see Serendipity move right off its pilings and onto the truck. It looks impossible, but they did it!

You might want to turn the sound down. The music got annoying real fast.

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BOCS Meeting 1/19/10

The highlight of the BOCS meeting tomorrow will be the announcement of the new county executive officer.  All lips are sealed as to who will lead the county.  According to the Manassas News and Messenger:

Craig Gerhart left the position months ago for a contract job with Amtrak. Assistant county executive Susan Roltsch has since filled the shoes. Following an extensive and nationwide search, and interview of a select few at Old Hickory Golf Course a few weeks ago, supervisors have found a permanent replacement.
The 3 p.m. announcement interrupts the supervisors’ regular board meeting, which includes discussion of the county’s 2010 legislative priorities and two Fire and Rescue Dept. issues – the quarterly report from the Fire and Rescue Association and whether to move to the next stage of a policy that would charge users for medical emergency transport.

Craig Gerhart announced his resignation last spring, so the county has taken its good sweet time locating a replacement. I heard a rumor that Corey himself had applied for the job but I didn’t believe it.  He did say there was no heir apparent, if that gives us any clues.

On a serious note, will the new CXO be someone from inside or will the new person be an outsider? Will the person come in and clean house or will things be status quo? Will the new CXO walk softly, carry a big stick for a while, get the lay of the land and then make changes or will there be Operation Clean Sweep down at Complex 1?  Will trumpets blare as Corey Stewart makes his announcement?  Why will the announcement be made at 3 pm?  Such ceremony.  Are we to expect a coronation to follow?   (Where is MoM when we need him!)

The good news is, this decision took less time than deciding the outcome of Silver Lake.

Update:  Corey Stewart also plans to present a resoltuion to address school over-crowding in the Linton Hall area where all schools are over capacity.  Details are from the Manassas News and Messenger:

LINTON HALL, Va.—Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart plans to present a resolution today aimed at addressing school overcrowding in the Linton Hall area.

In an e-mail sent to Bristow residents, Stewart said he plans to ask the board today to adopt a new policy requiring three news schools be opened and sites acquired for two more before “a single new occupancy permit is issued for a house in a new rezoning” in the Linton Hall area.

“I have received many e-mails, phone calls and visits from you concerning schools in your neighborhood,“ Stewart said in the e-mail addressed to Bristow residents. “You have told me that school overcrowding, particularly in elementary schools, is a top priority… You would like to have new school sites located in the Linton Hall area, not several miles away in a different neighborhood.“

His resolution specifically calls for two new elementary schools and a new high school in the Linton Hall area to be built and opened, and sites for a third new elementary school and a new middle school in the same area be acquired before new homes are built.

Stewart said the proposed new policy “would require that school overcrowding be addressed” before any new houses come to the Linton Hall area and “would also create a strong incentive for new school sites to be located in the Linton Hall Road area.“

Is this resolution crossing over into School Board territory? While most of us agree that there should be schools for all new houses, the unholy alliance between local jurisdictions and their school boards is  somewhat difficult to understand.  Basically each school board is independent but it have no means to raise revenue.  All of its money must come from the jurisdiction.

The “I Have a Dream” Speech–Has the Dream Come True?

How far have we come since that speech was given by Dr. Martin Luther King almost 47 years ago?  Has Dr. King’s dream been fulfilled or even come close?  Has prejudice been stamped out or is it seething right beneath the surface?  The term ‘racism’ is still thrown about, perhaps more than it was during Dr. King’s day.  Has it become a catch all? 

Stop! Doesn’t having an African-American president satisfy the dream?   We no longer have segregation.  Or do we?  Is there invisible segregation and if so, whose fault is it?  Perhaps we don’t even want to answer these questions.  Perhaps they make us as uncomfortable as discussing what Harry Reid meant by ‘Negro dialect.’

Finally, could the door to equality have ever been opened through the legislative process?  Was it necessary for the Courts  to open the door?   I remember seeing “Impeach Earl Warren” signs as a kid.  Were those the forerunners of the expression’ Judicial activism?’

For those of us who missed the speech in August, 1963…

Full Text of “I have a Dream”

The Daily Caller —New Kid in Town

There is a new conservative online newspaper in town called The Daily Caller. It appears to be modeled on the Huffington Post. I have had it as a link for several months now but it wasn’t up and running until after the first of the year.

You can access The Daily Caller right from  Anti-bvbl by going to the top tab called Political Daily News Sites. The first article I read was about Senator Scott Brown and how he stood on issues other than health care. It was better than I expected and thorough. So go see for yourself. There is also access to regular newspapers on the tab to the right of the political news sites.  

The articles looked interesting.  I was particularly interested in one about Warren Buffet stock splitting 50:1, making BRKB which is worth over $3000 a share worth about $70 a share once the stock splits.  Now that sounds like a good deal to me.  The Daily Caller also is running a marque across the top.  Top news now is about Cindy McCain endorsing gay marriage.  I haven’t read that one yet.

How about some input from our contributors.  Do you like this paper?  I just remembered to see if it had gone to print yet.  Maybe some of you have been reading it for weeks now.  Give us your impressions.

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