Regime Change with a Smile: Senator Centerfold

Alas, the Lion of the Senate’s old seat old was snagged by a young stag.  I don’t know much about Scott Brown other than he is a hunk and a Republican.  Born in 1959, Brown has held several political offices.  He will serve as Massachusetts U.S. Senator for the remain 3 years of Senator Kennedy’s term.  He will probably irritate the good people of Massachusetts and a Democrat will be in at the next election.

The significance of this win cannot be understated.  It brings the Senate down to 59 Democrats  rather than the 60 needed to pass legislation the easy way.  There is fear that health care reform will not make it through now.   The balance of power has been tipped. Democrats need to pay careful attention and so do Republicans. It was only a year ago that the GOP got their heads handed to them. Perhaps both parties need to change–big time.

 Now I am sitting here wondering if  the playmate of the month could ever win a U.S. Senate seat.  I am guessing someone would make a huge deal out of  her ‘past.’   Scott Brown was a centerfold in Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1982. Apparently being a centerfold doesn’t hurt males, especially good looking ones.

Warning! Incredible HUNK pictures!

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