Alas, the Lion of the Senate’s old seat old was snagged by a young stag.  I don’t know much about Scott Brown other than he is a hunk and a Republican.  Born in 1959, Brown has held several political offices.  He will serve as Massachusetts U.S. Senator for the remain 3 years of Senator Kennedy’s term.  He will probably irritate the good people of Massachusetts and a Democrat will be in at the next election.

The significance of this win cannot be understated.  It brings the Senate down to 59 Democrats  rather than the 60 needed to pass legislation the easy way.  There is fear that health care reform will not make it through now.   The balance of power has been tipped. Democrats need to pay careful attention and so do Republicans. It was only a year ago that the GOP got their heads handed to them. Perhaps both parties need to change–big time.

 Now I am sitting here wondering if  the playmate of the month could ever win a U.S. Senate seat.  I am guessing someone would make a huge deal out of  her ‘past.’   Scott Brown was a centerfold in Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1982. Apparently being a centerfold doesn’t hurt males, especially good looking ones.

Warning! Incredible HUNK pictures!

According to Stargazing:

We’re pretty sure that, as a young law student some 20 years ago, Scott Brown didn’t have the slightest inkling that taking his pants off for Cosmopolitan magazine might come back to bite him in the, uh, rump.

But here it is, the naked centerfold he posed for in 1982.

And it’s been making the rounds on the Internet in recent days as Brown tries to win Ted Kennedy‘s seat in the U.S. Senate. The election is today.

In the June 1982 edition, Cosmo named Brown “America’s Sexiest Man.” The magazine reported on this picture way back in September, but apparently it’s just making the rounds now.

If anything, he’ll probably scored some votes off of this

Is Scott Brown our first Centerfold Senator? 

Jon Stewart has great foresight and explains how all of this Republican win in Massachusetts came down.

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56 Thoughts to “Regime Change with a Smile: Senator Centerfold”

  1. Emma, he is free to be as religious as he wants to be. I just don’t want his religion or yours or mine to be part of public policy.

    Witness, I looked. Nada.

  2. Ring, I could have been him. you know what they say about sharp teeth. Moderateness…is that like your highness? Just askin….

  3. GainesvilleResident

    Witness Too :
    GR, with regard to the semi-nude photos of the new MA Senator, when it comes to sexual improprieties, isn’t the basic rule pretty much irrefutable?
    If it’s a Republican who cheats on his wife with a staffer and then pays off her family, goes to South America when he’s supposedly hiking, frequents prostitutes, or solicits men for sex in pubic bathrooms, it is treated as a private matter and why should anyone care about this anyway.
    If it’s a Democrat, the Republicans and right wing media squawk and squawk and do the holier than though thing with no shame for their hypocrisy.

    I absolutely think you have totally misrepresented the entire situation with the Repulican governor. It has not been treated that way – Republicans in his state have called for his impeachment, etc.

    What a way to totally distort and misrepresent something. Glad I don’t view the news through your distorted prism.

  4. GainesvilleResident

    And the Congressman in the bathroom incident, I think most Republicans wanted him out – he was just a big embarrassment for that whole incident. Again, a good way to distort the news.

  5. Democrats laughed and Republicans cringed. They wanted Larry Craig out. He is still in, isn’t he?

    I don’t think posing for Cosmos is even closely the same as leaving your elected responsibilities and family for 5 days and going out of the country without leaving anyone in charge of the state. Nor do I think cheating on your terminally ill wife who continued by your side despite her illness is equivalent. Both Sanford and Edwards are low unprincipled dogs. Who cares what Brown did as a young man. I also don’t care that Clinton smoked a little weed either. BFD.

  6. I think that venting above was meant to agree with Gainesville.

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