DEMAND transparent government!  I, along with many citizens, were SHOCKED to find out that Corey Stewart, as the Chairman who controls the Agenda, would attempt to circumvent open democracy and put Avendale on the 2 p.m. agenda today.  Additionally, John Stirrup is out town, so the fate of the Rural Crescent relies on Mike May, Maureen Caddigan, and Frank Principi.  Please, e-mail these supervisors and ask them to vote against any last minute addition to the Agenda and stand up for transparent democracy!  Corey needs a majority vote to allow Avendale on the agenda for today.

Citizens are sending in e-mails, please, write one and send it in by 1:00 this afternoon!

Brentsville: Wally
Coles: Marty
Dumfries: Maureen
Gainesville: John
Neabsco: John
Occoquan: Mike May
Woodbridge: Frank

106 Thoughts to “Stewart Attempting Last Minute Agenda Change Today on Avendale?”

  1. Elena

    FREE? I pay thousands for premium insurance, it aint free.

  2. Gainesville Resident

    I never said insurance was free – good grief – what a way to twist my words around. And, I don’t see anything in healthcare reform that will get rid of doctor networks for insurance plans. If it did, I’d expect insurance rates to go way up.

    But good work in twisting around what I said. I was talking about the county eliminating free ambulance rides and all of the sudden it is made to sound like I said free insurance….. Way too bizarre a reaction.

  3. Defending Elena here. I misread it also. I thought GR thought Elena got a free county service rather than to have to pay for the ambulance out of pocket. Must be a female thing, GR.

    When my mother lived here, she was coved if she was taken in an emergency situation to the hospital. If she needed an ambulance to transport her back home, she had to pay. That was medicare rules though.

  4. If our census indicates another supervisor is needed or that the population shift rearranges existing magisterial districts, when would that take effect? Would it happen before or after the next local supervisor election?

  5. Lafayette

    I don’t think anything would change with regards to districts until the 2011 elections. I feel certain the existing magesterial districts will do some shifting or show the we need an eigth district. The Gainesville district already has way more residents than any other district. I think the big change in census numbers are going to at the western end of the county.

    This is just my guess/prediction. I’m sure someone clarify the reality or at least their prediction.

  6. Elena

    Sorry GR, I misunderstood.

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