6 Thoughts to “Border Collie Pups: It doesn’t get any cuter!”

  1. Thank you, MH. I needed that.

    My daughter and I went on to watch cats, dogs and a horse give birth after that.

  2. Puppies generally make everyone feel better. Border Collies are totally great, although not so great in the burbs.

  3. Poor Richard

    Border Collies are great pets for families – especially those with
    children. They are smart dogs and easy to train and are
    well tempered. My grown children still talk fondly of our beloved
    Duchess, who shared a dozen years with us when they were
    growing up. She did just fine in the burbs, but while she was
    a house pup, Duchess also had a large fenced backyard and
    large groups of kids to romp with on a regular basis. The
    only “negatives” were a little extra grooming, a constant gentle
    herding together of everyone in an area, and her refusal to
    permit any of us to feel bad – at least without kind company.

  4. Misty came off of a working farm in Mt. Sidney, over in the Valley. She was never satisfied with the back yard. She wanted to be herding sheep. She raced up and down the fence line if any kids were playing in the neighborhood.

    For that reason, I would never try to own another one in the burbs. It was in her genetic make up to be a working dog. I could not provide her with sheep. She sure was a wonderful dog though.

  5. Poor Richard

    Duchess was a “pound puppy” – about six months old and house trained
    when we discovered each other. A sweet endearing companion
    from the beginning. We never knew her early history but imagine
    her great aversion to suit cases might have been part of a traumatic

    Even within breeds there are are, of course, great variations.

  6. GainesvilleResident

    My brother had a Welsh Corgi – another herding type dog – and lived in Chantilly with it. The dog continually tried to herd his little children as well as the cat – and was indoors most of the time other than to be let out back for brief periods of time.

    I always felt that dog needed more space to run around outside and herd things, and instead spent all its efforts herding what it could indoors.

    It is true, you cannot generalize about any breed – there are things that a breed is known for, but there are dogs within that breed that will be exceptions to the rule.

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