Powell to be Executed–Finally

Having a big mouth just doesn’t pay sometimes.    Powell stupidly shot off his mouth in a letter to Commonwealth Attorney Paul Ebert and confessed to raping and brutally killing Stacie Reed, thinking that he couldn’t be tried twice.  It didn’t work out so well for him.  He got a stay of execution at the last minute back in July and his case headed for the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court will not stop his execution.  The wheels of justice sometimes grind very slowly. 

Hot off the press from Manassas News and Messenger:

The United States Supreme Court will not stop the execution of a man charged with killing a 16-year-old girl at her Yorkshire home in 1999.

Paul Warner Powell was set to be executed for the murder of Stacie Reed in July but the Supreme Court postponed the execution, saying they needed more time to decide if they would review the case.

The Supreme Court decided this week not to intervene.

A new execution date has not yet been set.

Powell was convicted of capital murder for killing and attempting to rape Stacie at the family’s Yorkshire home on Jan. 29, 1999. He was also convicted of raping and attempting to kill Kristie, who survived.


Powell said he killed Stacie because she was dating a black man. He is a self avowed white supremacist.

Now Powell only has 2 things to ponder: Old Sparky or the Big Drip in the Sky. I hope he choses to ride the lightning bolt out of here. It should be painful to be both evil and stupid.  The links below include an interview with News and Messenger reporter Uriah Kiser when he thought the Powell execution was a go.  The News and Messenger has an excellent timeline.


Stay of Execution

Background from News and Messenger   (U. Kiser)