It’s bad enough to suffer such devastation, loss of your family, but to be at risk of being kidnapped for exploitation is just too horrible to think about, these poor little children.

2 Thoughts to “Haiti Children at Risk, New Orphans Need Protection”

  1. Wolverine

    Thanks, Elena, for posting that video. Anderson Cooper did an excellent job with that one. Always those among us least able to protect themselves who wind up paying a price in times of chaos and societal breakdown. The contrast between the two medical stations portrayed was startling. Both doctors were acutely worried about the safety of their charges, but one station already had some sort of security system and the other seemed to have nothing. I would suspect that this is a function of security for the second being on the way but not there yet — a typical result of mass chaos. At least I hope the security is on the way in some form for the second. I would also hope that Cooper does not let the story drop here. I would like to see him go back to the other station periodically and tell us whether things have improved.

  2. Anderson Cooper has been incredible during this tragedy. He was incredibly tenacious under difficult circumstances.

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