PWC Schools Closed Wed. Code Red


 11 pm:  It seems a little premature but Channel 9 has announced that PWC Schools will be closed Wednesday Code Red which means only essential personnel is to report to work. It is probably the parking lots which are still fairly crummy in spots from last week end’s storm.

Other jurisdictions please report in. Should schools err on the side of caution? This morning kids were walking on Dale Blvd because sidewalks had not been plowed. Dale Blvd. is a major thoroughfare. How about school parking lots? Snow seems to be pushed around into big piles that don’t thaw until spring. One school lot was covered with black ice on Monday and a wall of snow surrounded the handicap spots.

School closings just aren’t about roads and buses. They are also about sidewalks and campus parking lots.

Is there any truth to the rumor that we are getting 18 inches of snow this weekend?

Did the Farmer’s Almanac predict this much snow?

Verification on  PWCS website:

Melissa Peacor Selected to be County Executive

From Manassas News and Messenger:

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va.—The search ranged nationwide, but in the end it was the local candidate who earned the slot. Deputy county executive Melissa Peacor was promoted Tuesday to Prince William’s county executive.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the day we’ve all been waiting for,” said Corey Stewart, chairman of the board, in prelude to the announced hiring of the county executive, whom he then described as a “secret weapon” who could “take the bull by the horns and get the job done.”

The announcement caps a months-long search that brought in applications from California to Florida, according to Stewart. An outside agency, Slavin Management Consultants, handled the application process and narrowed a field of 46 qualified applicants to 14. Those 14 application packets were then passed along to the Board of Supervisors; the board selected six to interview. One dropped out and ultimately, five – including Peacor – were interviewed by supervisors.

“I am honored by this opportunity,” Peacor said, shortly after the board formally approved the resolution to hire her, 8-0. “I promise to always listen, to always give you my best ideas and implement the board’s policy.”
Peacor’s background, according to a summary sheet provided by the county, is extensive. In part: She’s worked for the county government since 1985. She became budget director in 1997. And in 1999, she was promoted to assistant county executive, a job title that changed to deputy county executive in 2009. During her years of government service, Peacor was in charge of the annual citizen survey; was liaison for the county schools; was part of a team that earned the county’s AAA bond rating; and was a key player in identifying $7 million in savings in the Office of Information Technology.

Ms. Peacor is now the new CXO. Congratulations to her. Hopefully all of us will be able to work together towards making a better, stronger county.

Anne Franks Diary Is Back On Culpepper Reading List

annefrank 12 years old

The Culpeper County school superintendent said Monday that the school system had never formally removed a version of Anne Frank’s diary from classrooms following a parental complaint that some passages were objectionable.

Director of instruction James Allen last week told The Washington Post that the definitive edition of the diary would not be used in the future and that the decision was made quickly, without adhering to a formal review policy for instructional materials that prompt complaints. The remarks set off a hailstorm of criticism online and brought international attention to the 7,600-student school system in rural Virginia.