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PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va.—The search ranged nationwide, but in the end it was the local candidate who earned the slot. Deputy county executive Melissa Peacor was promoted Tuesday to Prince William’s county executive.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the day we’ve all been waiting for,” said Corey Stewart, chairman of the board, in prelude to the announced hiring of the county executive, whom he then described as a “secret weapon” who could “take the bull by the horns and get the job done.”

The announcement caps a months-long search that brought in applications from California to Florida, according to Stewart. An outside agency, Slavin Management Consultants, handled the application process and narrowed a field of 46 qualified applicants to 14. Those 14 application packets were then passed along to the Board of Supervisors; the board selected six to interview. One dropped out and ultimately, five – including Peacor – were interviewed by supervisors.

“I am honored by this opportunity,” Peacor said, shortly after the board formally approved the resolution to hire her, 8-0. “I promise to always listen, to always give you my best ideas and implement the board’s policy.”
Peacor’s background, according to a summary sheet provided by the county, is extensive. In part: She’s worked for the county government since 1985. She became budget director in 1997. And in 1999, she was promoted to assistant county executive, a job title that changed to deputy county executive in 2009. During her years of government service, Peacor was in charge of the annual citizen survey; was liaison for the county schools; was part of a team that earned the county’s AAA bond rating; and was a key player in identifying $7 million in savings in the Office of Information Technology.

Ms. Peacor is now the new CXO. Congratulations to her. Hopefully all of us will be able to work together towards making a better, stronger county.

14 Thoughts to “Melissa Peacor Selected to be County Executive”

  1. Lucky Duck

    Ms. Peacor is a an extremely intelligent person, well versed in Prince William’s government. She has made the difficult choices and decisions before (she’s been here since 1985 – this is at least her 3rd recession to deal with by my count) and she’ll have harder ones to make as County Exec., but she has the abilities to make them.

    I have more confidence because it was someone inside with great knowledge as opposed to an outsider this time (i’ve been in Prince William for both) because decisions are going to have to be made quickly and an outsider would take some time to catch up and I think the potential for missteps are greater in the beginning of a term with an outsider.

    I wish Ms. Peacor well.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful opinon, Lucky Duck. It is good to hear from someone with your kind of knowledge.

  3. Rick Bentley

    Glad they hired from within. Seems like a good decision.

  4. Witness Too

    Congratulations and best of luck to you, Ms. Peacor. It makes sense to me also to hire someone who knows the peculiar ins and outs of our county government. Dare I ask why the nationwide search and the head hunting company?

  5. Sounds like good news for PWC. I was fortunate to meet her during the History & Government session of Leadership Prince William last fall at the Old Courthouse, and she was very engaging. I hope she makes an appearance at the county’s Neighborhood Conference this Saturday.

  6. One of her points was, there are over 70 boards, commissions and committees in the county — opportunities for at least 450 citizens to serve, and work together to make it a better county.

  7. Opinion

    @cindy b
    Re the point of 70 boards and committees… she is already familiar with all of them. I may not agree with everything she has done over the past few years; however, I recognize her to be a capable administrator (which is more important). I think she’s a great choice… and already “broken in”! I wish Melissa the best of luck!

  8. Opinion

    @cindy b
    …and she gives great “hugs”!

  9. Juturna

    Ms Peacor is 150% committed to the PWC Community. She is a very hard worker and confident enough to be amazingly honest with the BOCS, staff and citizens. The County needs a committed and hard worker in that spot and it appears they found one. She knows her stuff.

  10. The Washington Post attributes finding $7 million savings in the budget to Melissa Peacor. Now that’s some slicing and dicing.

  11. clueless

    I am sure that her staff had a lot to do with it as well. Congratulations and good luck. I have to imagine that it is a tough job.

  12. GainesvilleResident

    I am glad to hear several posters who seem to be knowledgeable on this – their opinion of Ms. Peacor. I did not know her name really before a few weeks ago. I hope she works out well for the county. Lucky Duck made some points I hadn’t thought of about an insider vs. an outsider. Anyway, will be interesting to see how it works out. In these economic times we do need someone who is adept at finding fat in the budget to trim, which is no easy thing, so I like what I see MH said about her finding $7 million in savings in the budget. I know it is a tough job to trim budgets in times like these, so we need someone who can do that.

  13. GainesvilleResident

    Moon-howler :
    Thank you for your thoughtful opinon, Lucky Duck. It is good to hear from someone with your kind of knowledge.

    Yes, it seems Lucky Duck has some good knowledge of this, so what he says seems encouraging to me. I was neutral opinion about this whole thing, as I did not know of Ms. Peacor before a 2-3 weeks ago when this whole issue started to come up.

  14. From county Neighborhood Services Dept: Due to weather expected Fri & Sat, county’s Neighborhood Conference won’t take place Sat., Feb. 6. It is rescheduled for Sat., March 27. For more info contact Pat Reilly.

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