Part 1 of Jon Stewart Entering the No Spin Zone


 Part 2 from Wednesday Night.  More tonight:


Part 3 Thursday Jon Stewart continues on the No-Spin Zone.


This week, our favorite, Jon Stewart will venture into the lion’s den to sit down with Fox favorite Bill O’Reilly. The actual date has not yet been announced.

According to NBC News:

Stewart’s appearance, his second on the Fox News program, will be spread over Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes of “The O’Reilly Factor.” His last appearance on the program was in September 2004.

The faux-host has made his livelihood from poking fun at talking heads like O’Reilly, whose show promises viewers it is a forum for unbiased, “no-spin” journalism


So the faux host will visit Faux News for a spin (which stops there). Nuff said. It ought to be entertainment at its best. O’Reilly can be somewhat of a dark comedian himself. Who will win this one? I actually think they like each other and respect each other’s work.  I expect the 2 going toe to toe will give O’Reilly a bounce with all the Stewart fans flipping on over to see Stewart in the Lion’s Den.

18 Thoughts to “O’Reilly/Stewart Square off this Week on Fox News”

  1. GainesvilleResident

    I think this is a great idea – and it shows that O’Reilly isn’t afraid to have him on his show, and that Stewart isn’t afraid to come on it.

    I agree – i think they actually at the very least respect each other’s work. They may even like each other. Remember, much of what you see on TV is for show – and it makes good TV to have heated debtes and fireworks! Should be entertaining, most definitely!

  2. GainesvilleResident

    O’Reilly definitely in my book is a bit of a comedian, or maybe a “dark comedian” is a good term. No question there. I don’t necessarily agree with him, or get to watch him very often, but when I do I find he has a bit of humor mixed in with his commentary.

    The only time i watch him much is when I’ve had to monitor our broadcast from my Humvee satellite broadcast system, which the unclassified part includes carrying Fox News. Otherwise, I don’t watch much of Fox News outside of work – and it is only when I’m out in the field that I have the opportunity to watch some of it while at work. The system used to carry CNN too, but CNN did several things that angered the 2-star Air Force General in charge of the system – two of which were: 1) one of their commentators made remarks that implied American soldiers were guilty of fighting an illegitimate war – that each solider was in some part respsonsibile and 2) Fox News and CNN originally gave us free broadcast rights because the system reaches troops on the ground with a laptop, portable satellite receiver/antenna and crypto gear – that are in remote locations that have no way else to get anything – let alone internet service, etc. CNN started to change that policy and wanted to charge an exorbitant rate, even when it was pointed out to them they are doing a patriotic service to the soldiers. We paid the cost for a year (not my company but the US gov’t), then the next year they tried to jack up the cost by 50%, and they were dropped for this reason and also reason #1 which angered the general. Fox News to this day still lets us carry them free of charge.

    I should add, that we usually cut an agreement each year for the Superbowl with whichever network is carrying that – to spot beam it to submarines in the Pacific and the Atlantic. Most subs are equipped with our system – they need to rise to periscope depth as they have an antenna on the periscope that can get the broadcast. Of course, they get classified data from our system that way too (our system, including my mobile version of it – sends both files and video – both classified and unclassified – files include complete websites as it can crawl a complete website if necessary and rebroadcast it – and this is done both for unclassified like news websites, as well as classified websites with daily satellite imagery and so on.

    Anyway, once again this year, we will be sending the superbowl broadcast on spot beams to selected submarines. The system gets updates of sub locations and ship locations in real time – that have our system on board – the receive unit for our system . Of course, the locations of any military assets at sea are highly classified of course – which is one of the classified aspects to the system when it is in operation in the field. The satellite has several very tight directional transmission beams that can be steered in real time – to only broadcast to a 250 mile roughly area. The network does require that we don’t send the Superbowl everywhere. The satellite does have very wide beams that cover broad areas = but we cannot use them for the Superbowl broadcast.

    Each year my company, and the project manager for our project, get many many letters from sailors on submarines, thanking us for giving them the broadcast live. It is a great morale booster obviously. We usually are allowed to rebroadcast the superbowl live, free of charge – but occaisionally with some networks have had to pay a nominal fee. We have not yet been able to get permission to beam it to areas like Iraq/Afghanistan unfortunately, due to a dispute with the Armed Forces Radio/TV Service, even though many soldiers in the field do not have the ability to get that broadcast. They feel we are competing with them, even though soldiers in remote locations, such as Camp Fallujah – do not have easy access to AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio/TV Service). Camp Fallujah, during the height of fighting there, was getting critical live intelligence info from our system, that they could not otherwise easily obtain in a real time fashion like that.

  3. Trying to understand here….maybe it is too early for me. What does Fox pay for and what does CNN pay for now? Why was CNN trying to gouge?

  4. GainesvilleResident

    The system is allowed to carry FOX for free. CNN used to allow that, then started to charge one year, and then the next year hiked the rate 50% and that’s when they pulled the plug. Originally both CNN and FOX let us (the customer really) broadcast them for free kind of as a service to the military. CNN at some point decided they wanted to make money off that broadcast, so they wanted to charge the military for carrying it on the system.

    We used to broadcast FOX, CNN, the Pentagon Channel, and a few other boring unclassified video channels. Now we just do FOX, the Pentagon Channel, and those other channels (really boring stuff – I don’t know why anyone would watch it). Of course, on the classified side we broadcast live realtime unmanned aerial reconnaisance videos – among other things. That is exciting to watch, when I’ve had the opportunity to do so. Nothing like seeing it in real time, and some of those planes carry bombs and can drop them on targets, so every now and then if you are lucky you get to see something explode in real time. Neat stuff. The image quality is very good too, despite the altitudes these things are flown at.

  5. Sounds like CNN should have not charged.

    I can see all sorts of sgt rock types sitting around getting off on the Pentagon Channel.

  6. I have actually heard O’Reilly on the subject of Jon Stewart fairly recently. He was …not as caustic as he could have been. I don’t know that I have ever heard Stewart on the subject of O’Reilly. I definitely have heard him on others though.

    I don’t consider O’Reilly a moderate but I consider him more moderate than the rest of Fox bad boys. Occassionally I agree with him.

  7. I forgot to watch tonight. I will ahve to watch aqt 11. I was trying to figure out why my peapod order wouldn’t go through. All dates are sold out until Sunday. I wasn’t prepared for that!

  8. Starryflights

    Stewart said that O’Reilly was the only sane person on Fox. That’s not saying a whole lot when you’re talking about Fox.

  9. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Starryflights :
    Stewart said that O’Reilly was the only sane person on Fox. That’s not saying a whole lot when you’re talking about Fox.


    Or Stewart.

  10. NoVA Scout

    Stewart qualified that by saying that the compliment was like saying someone is the skinniest kid at Fat Camp.

  11. snicker. H/t @ NoVA Scout.

    Some old barbs from 2004:

    NEW YORK – The folks at Comedy Central were annoyed when Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly kept referring to “The Daily Show” audience as “stoned slackers.”

    So they did a little research. And guess whose audience is more educated?

    Viewers of Jon Stewart’s show are more likely to have completed four years of college than people who watch “The O’Reilly Factor,” according to Nielsen Media Research.

    I will post the video when I can find it. The second sement will be tonight.

  12. It was actually a very good first segment. I had to watch at 11 because I forgot about it.

    Both men are giants in their own field.

  13. GainesvilleResident

    The Pentagon channel is pretty boring. Occasionally interesting, but often interviews with various military folks about various programs in the military, new troop deployments, etc. etc. I find it boring, but maybe military personnel find it more of interest.

    As to CNN charging for us to carry it – I think they are just a little too much in it for money and don’t want to do their patriotic duty and let us carry it for free. Whatever, the general pulled the plug on the CNN broadcast when they tried raising their rates, a year after they started to charge. CNN shot themselves in the foot as now they aren’t being carried, and they aren’t getting any revenue from us. At least they would have been broadcast to troops and ships at sea that can’t otherwise get them live. Kind of stupid on CNN’s part, if you ask me. Whatever you want to say about FOX, they are always very happy to let us rebroadcast them live at no charge. Why not? It costs them nothing, and let’s some people see their broadcast that otherwise couldn’t.

  14. GainesvilleResident

    Starryflights :
    Stewart said that O’Reilly was the only sane person on Fox. That’s not saying a whole lot when you’re talking about Fox.

    I think Stewart was paying O’Reilly a compliment, as they seem to have mutual respect for each other. Doesn’t matter that he feels everyone else at Fox is not sane – he’s obviously biased against Fox so you just have to filter what he says knowing it is said from that perspective. The fact he and O’Reilly do this sort of thing I think is a good thing, and it seems they enjoy appearing on each other’s show and poking a little fun at each other. I think it is a positive thing.

  15. CNN allowed themselves to be out-FOXed it seems.

    GR, most people who are moderate on over to far left are biased against Fox. I certainly count myself to be a proud member of BAF.

    What’s the difference in being biased against something and just flat out not liking it and being able to say why?

    I only watch Fox and CNN. I occassionally watch CNBC for the money news in the morning but I don’t count that. I also do not count the local Fox, channel 5 as Fox News.

  16. Gainesville Resident

    I just think equal time should be given to MSNBC but never notice it mentioned here. Seems too much emphasis on Fox News and never any mention of MSNBC. However, it isn’t a big deal to me.

    I do think though, Stewart appearing on O’Reilly was great – and shows that a good debate can be had by both sides, and it can be fun and entertaining. It also shows both men seem to respect each other, even though they disagree. It is a good example of civilized debate.

  17. Gainesville Resident

    CNBC at times when I’ve had the opportunity to watch it, kind of turns me off. They have that idiot Jim Cramer with his “Mad Money” show, and he is often wrong about stocks. However, if he badmouths a stock, it will tank because people watch his show and react. In time the stocks he is wrong about recover. However, he has costed me money some weeks when he’s bashed stocks I’ve owned, and there’s a lot of people that say “when Jim Cramer says something, do the opposite”.

    I’m not much of a CNBC fan, let’s put it that way – mainly due to Jim Cramer. If you’ve never seen his show – you should catch it sometime, and you’ll see what I mean.

  18. Jim Cramer…I agree GR. I watch first thing in the morning some times. I don’t watch MSNBC. Jim Cramer reminds me of Billy May selling stocks instead of oxy-clean. He took out after a family member a few years ago…one that was in a similar business.

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