6 Thoughts to “Is it Real or is it SNL?”

  1. Rick Bentley

    Somewhat funny. Not as sharply written as it could be, some weak spots.

    The Glenn Beck imitation is kind of funny.

    Kristin Wiig is the best, as usual. Funniest woman ever on the show.

  2. She is very talented but gets on my very last nerve, almost regardless of her character.

    I have to agree, not as sharply written but so much fair game out there….they can revisit for years.

  3. hello

    this sketch fell flat, it was actually kind of boring (just look at how many comments are here about it). They need a better ‘Gibbs’ impersonation.

  4. clueless

    Beck was very good though!

  5. The Beck impersonation seemed to have the actual mannerism down better. The looks weren’t there nor the mannerisms for the rest of the comedians.

    The rogue gallery was good. What a line up. Rove, North, Greta, Blonde lady, and Gibbs. Where was that Colonel Hunt?

  6. Firedancer

    I thought this was clever and amusing, typical SNL political satire. Thanks for posting, I always appreciate it! I try to stay up for SNL but usually end up falling asleep on the sofa.

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