snowcamAccording to the Associated Press, “A record 2 1/2 feet or more was predicted for Washington. As of early Saturday, 10 inches of snow was reported at the White House, while parts of Maryland and West Virginia were buried under more than 20 inches. Forecasters expected snowfall rates to increase, up to 2 inches per hour through Saturday morning.”

36 Thoughts to “Monster Snowstorm – Day 2 – Still Snowing”

  1. Thank you Falcon Communications and Historic Manassas for this webcam focused on Old Town Manassas. Live updates every 15 minutes at

  2. Lafayette

    What’s the deal with a City cam as top billing on a PWC blog? 🙄

  3. Hey, while you guys build your PWC town centers, here’s your City of Manassas model, with mixed used development, surrounded by walkable communities. At the heart is Okra’s restaurant, ground zero for the Super Bowl! Who Dat!

  4. Here’s the link to WUSA9’s livestream of snow falling around a ruler stuck in the snow.

  5. Poor Richard

    Aha, an El Nino in the Pacific is causing this huge snowfall.

    Gosh golly, knew the hispanics were behind it!
    (That is why they all have big SUVs!)

    Dig out and then dig in and fight this weather outrage from
    south of the border! Demand a PWC BOCS resolution!

  6. Wolverine

    Saw something last night circa 10:00pm in Loudoun that I have never seen before: a lightening storm in a snow storm. With heavy snow falling in blizzard-like conditions, there was a sudden flash of eerie green light high in the sky, so strong that it caused our light-sensitive streetlamp to go out. Those green flashes, with an occasional sound of thunder, continued for about twenty minutes. Amazing stuff! My old Viking ancestors would have said that Thor the “Thunderer” was having one heck of a battle up there with the evil giants, trying to protect the rest of us in Midgardr.

  7. Lafayette

    @Poor Richard
    Too funny. It’s really coming down again in the PWC portion of Manassas. How’s things from your view? 🙂

  8. Lafayette

    Wolverine, I saw a picture on Channel 5 of lightning in the middle of all of this snow. I’ve heard thunder during snow, but don’t recall seeing lightning.

  9. Poor Richard

    Layfayette, NBC 4 map from a few moments ago showed Manassas
    with 29″ of snow, but of course that isn’t official and we have some more
    snow left. It is still coming down at a good pace. Sparse traffic is moving
    slowly on major roads, but the side streets will be a problem. The
    pt contract guys who snap a snow plow on the front of their truck do OK
    with up to 6 inches – but not nearly 30″. Clearing is going to take some time.

  10. From News & Messenger on Twitter — BREAKING NEWS: Roof collapses at Manassas airport hangar, PW Ice Forum in Dale City.

  11. Poor Richard

    Just read that Cindy. A hangar at Dulles has also collapsed.
    Reports indicate there were no major injuries related to the hangers
    – hope the same is true with the PW Ice Forum.

  12. Wondering about the safe snow load for a roof — found this, but wondering what others think.

  13. Poor Richard

    This storm is being compared to a 1922 blizzard that hit the DC area and
    led to the collapse to the “modern” Knickerbocker Theatre roof,
    killing 98 people.

  14. Poor Richard

    Finally, snow in Manassas coming to a stop. My SUV looked like a snow
    mound – totally covered. Started cleaning it off late this afternoon, but
    stopped after 45 minutes and will finish tomorrow. Heeding the media
    warnings not to over exert.

  15. DB

    About an hour ago I was so pleased to see a front end loader enter my street in Sudley! One guy was walking ahead and I pointed out to him large swaths of the road that were free of cars, and where on my corner lot he and his helpers could dump the snow. But alas, turns out the front end loader is not part of a street cleaning crew, but part of the water utility crew that is now currently in a manhole at the intersection of Copeland and Castle in Sudley trying to rectify a main break. So, now I have no water, which IMO is better than having no heat. But I have to give kudos to the utility crew that while finding a main break cleared my road all the way to the pavement. Small gifts:)

  16. kelly3406

    I just finished clearing my driveway and sidewalks after shoveling snow for 5+ hours. With asphault and concrete exposed, the sun should finish the job quickly in the morning. I am now ready to kick back with a brew or two.

  17. Emma

    I hope people got the chance to get out and just walk around the neighborhoods. I took a bunch of pictures of the beauty all around–dead tired now after all the shoveling exercise.

  18. That is a lot of shoveling, Kelly. have about 10. You earned them. My son did shovel duty. Much of it was swatting snow off the trees. Does insurance usually pay for tree removal if they aren’t sitting in your living room?

  19. Twinad

    I got some good pictures and video of my son jumping off a huge pile of snow and swinging off the rim of his basketball hoop. I grew up outside of Buffalo and one of my family’s favorite pictures is of me, my brother and sister standing on top of a pile of snow next to a telephone pole…near the top! Not quite that high here today, but pretty impressive nonetheless. That pile will be higher I’d imagine once the plows really come through the neighborhood. We have actually had a plow come through at least twice and maybe even more times that we didn’t see. We are less than a mile off a main road, so I think we will be free tomorrow if we want to be. Be careful everyone!

    Anyone care to wager on when they think schools will re-open?

  20. clueless

    @cindy b
    That stinks, I am glad no one was hurt. My daughter skates there and it is a well run facility. I thought the Park Authority owned the building and leased it.

  21. My wager for PWC schools reopening will be next Monday, especially if another storm comes in. It is all about digging out buses and the parking lots. If history repeats itself, this is a week off of school. 5 snow days used already I think.

  22. I have seen lightning with blizzards but not often, Wolverine. ONce or twice is all. I did not see it with this one.

  23. I agree with Moon-Howler. Just because the snow stopped doesn’t mean this event is over.

  24. Twinad

    I hadn’t even thought about all the buses that have to be dug out! That will be quite the challenging proposition.

    How many snow days are built into the calendar? Anyone know?

  25. Poor Richard

    Miss our old radio station – WPRW. Scott Gibbs and “Operation Snowfall”
    would have been in full swing with LOCAL news and information.

  26. Poor Richard

    Arghhhh – sleet predicted for Tuesday night with more snow on Wed.

    Loudoun County has already nixed school for Monday and Tuesday.

    Go Saints!!!

  27. Twinad, it used to be three then I think it went down to 2. The day is longer so minutes count.

    PR, I remember Operation Snowfall. Ah, the good old days.

  28. A PW County Resident

    The real interesting thing is that if they go over their snow days by one or two they have to make them up. If they go over by a certain number, the get a waiver from the state and don’t have to make any of them up. I wonder when they will add an hour to each day to make things up.

  29. Juturna

    So what is the deal with the storm headed our way?? I heard six inches? I think the ice that might be coming with it will be much worse?? Any experts out there?

  30. Rez, they should be hoping never. I don’t think so far they are in trouble. Now, after a week off, that may all change. And I expect it will take that long to regain control of the lots. There is no place to put snow. I would sure be telling high school kids that just had to take the bus.

  31. Lafayette

    Poor Richard :Miss our old radio station – WPRW. Scott Gibbs and “Operation Snowfall”would have been in full swing with LOCAL news and information.

    I miss it too. I also, miss them giving away a birthday cake a day…compliments of The Manassas Bakery. Ah, the good ole days.

  32. Lafayette

    I just noticed MH said “ah, the good ole days” too. I bet PR, Moon and myself are the only ones that have been here long enough to rembmer WPRW. Where’s that RedDawn? She was around back in the day too.

  33. Red Dawn

    Roll call…loved WPRW. It was the thing back then, lol 🙂

  34. Emma

    @Lafayette I remember WPRW. And the Manassas Bakery–a true “local” business where the “real” news of the community could be heard.

    1. @Emma, Whre DO people meet up now, like they used to do at Manassas Bakery? The closest thing I can find is City Tavern at lunch and it isnt even close.

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