23 Thoughts to “The Weather Report”

  1. So where is this 3rd blizzard? Has someone lied to us? The anticipation is scary. I wish it would happen in the daylight.

  2. Juturna

    I am tired of cozy fires and cooking.

  3. Yea, too much of a good thing.

  4. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I wanna go back to being a kid. My head’s exploding from the sinus infection I picked up digging out from the last one. My wife’s pregnant so she can’t help. Now I know what my Dad went through….I don’t like it any more. I’m ready to go back to being a spectator.

  5. I was just thinking the same thing. And as I drove around today I really didn’t see kids out playing in the snow like they used to do.

    Are you keeping a kettle on the stove to keep moisture in the house?

    It is pouring snow. I think I have 2-3 inches already. I am worried about trees, roof, that sort of stuff.

  6. Emma

    @Juturna Let’s see, since Friday I have baked four different kinds of bread, a batch of cookies, cinnamon rolls and pizza. It’s probably for the best that I will have to go back out and shovel tomorrow.

  7. Juturna

    Turkey, baked beans, mac&cheese and a few lemon breads. I walked around the block (safest) five times tonight.

  8. Punchak

    Great time to catch up on letter writing to friends. Getting a newsy (you can’t believe how much snow we have here), handwritten letter would be wonderful. You might also include a pretty feltpen or crayon picture. Tulips are easy to draw.

    What’s with all this baking and cooking? Surfing the net reading about what’s happening in other parts of the country and/or world. Checking to see how they are doing in Haiti and Sudan for example. Practice som palm reading for your next public speaking engagement?

    What would you rather have: clean, white snow or the muck and mire they have in southern California?

    SlowRod – How do you get a sinus infection from digging out of snow?

  9. anona

    “What’s with all this baking and cooking?” I am so busy with work and family that I rarely get that 6 hours to make a great soup or 4 hours to make a yeast bread, so I’m using our time to do things our grandmothers did every week.

    Today was chili, corn muffins and snickerdoodles. I know the combination sounds bad, but the kids loved it. Tomorrow is clam chowder.

  10. Punchak

    Hey, anona, I’ll be over for the chowder! Love chowder!

    Made a delicious corn chowder yesterday BTW> Didn’t take 6 hours, though. Yeastbread! I leave that to professionals. – My molasses cookies came out too crisp, sorry to say. – Are snickerdoodles something like molasses cookies?

  11. Emma

    Try double-shot espresso-chip cookies with your coffee–heavenly on a snowy day.

  12. Emma, that reminds me of that old song by the Swinging Medallions:

    Woke up this morning, my head was so bad
    The worst hangover that I ever had
    What happened to me last night ….

  13. Speaking of songs…That old country and western cross over…Help Me Make It Through the Night comes to mind.

    So far the blizzard hasn’t really beena blizzard…yet. It looks like I have 3 new inches of snow and it is still coming down. Not the heavy stuff like we got over the past weekend.

  14. Lafayette

    City schools are closed the rest of the week, and Monday will be a makeup day.

  15. County schools are closed Thursday and Friday also.

  16. Gotta love that Fox News….Megyn Kelly just announced the 50 car pile up in NOrthern Virginia on I-64, outside of Williamsburg. Northern Virginia was repeated several times.

    Thanks Fox News for making my point, AGAIN. Accuracy has never been a big issue with that ‘news’ channel. What’s 150 miles, anyway.

    Get a map Fox News. Learn to read it.

  17. Lafayette

    Williamsburg, No. Va.?? UFB!!

  18. Poor Richard

    “Such is a winter eve. Now for a merry fire, some old poet’s pages,
    or else serene philosophy, or even a healthy book of travels
    to last far into the night, eked out perhaps with the walnuts
    which we gathered in November.”
    Henry David Thoreau
    Journal, 1856

    Alas, poor Henry lived too early for Fox News and its generous portions
    of “serene philosophy”.

  19. Emma

    @Poor Richard thanks for the literary treats today.

  20. Poor Richard

    Well, at least no report of snow shark attacks in Manassas.
    Thank goodness for that.

  21. Red Dawn

    Williamsburg, No. Va.?? UFB!!

    Yeah, that’s right near Bristol, No. Va. Remember that? 😉

  22. Hahahaha I had forgotten all about that. Bristol, NOVA. Get a map, foxies!

  23. Lafayette

    Bravo, RedDawn….excellent point!!!

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