57 Thoughts to “The Aftermath: Digging out and other war stories (Sunday)”

  1. Lafayette

    Emma, this is just for you. 🙂
    I just saw the City schools are now closed on Wednesday too.

  2. Emma

    Lafayette, I was out and about today seeing where the City’s priorities lie. City workers were scraping sidewalks clean in front of Old Town businesses yesterday and today, but Metz Middle School (the ONLY middle school in the City, for those unfamiliar) is almost completely untouched. And yes, for the doubters, they were City workers, accompanied by City trucks.

  3. NokesvilleNeighbor

    Thank you to the NOVEC workers. In my small neighborhood, they were here this evening. We have been out of power since early Sat. morning, have a generator, but really did not expect to see them before Thursday. Kudo’s, with as many trees down as there were, you guys did a great job!

  4. Please don’t judge the city without looking at the big picture. The city manager just reported at the council meeting tonight that they have spent $1 million for snow removal so far.

    Here’s another good reason to play it safe with schools during this historic snow event:


  5. Wouldn’t Manassas School board employees be responsible for Metz rather than City employees?

  6. Emma

    I think what bothers me the most is the obvious lack of real preparedness for almost anything large scale, both on the federal and local level. Two feet of snow have nearly paralyzed our region and shut down our government. The idea that there could be any real organized coordination of a large-scale event, such as a terrorist attack or an incident requiring mass evacuation, seems even more remote nine years after September 11, and 5 years after Katrina.

    The emperor still has no clothes.

  7. Moon, according to the City web site, the City public works dept plows all the roads, plus parking lots for 7 schools & all city-owned buildings & sidewalks.

    Nature has a way of walloping us humans, and the only way you can respond is one shovel full of snow at a time. I never would have dreamed up this disaster scenario when I was helping with the city’s “Ready Manassas” neighborhood conference last November. But what I learned there, was, that emergency preparedness starts with each one of us. If you’re expecting some well-oiled machine to activate for our benefit — and I don’t believe it can, not without the help of every citizen. The skeleton gets activated – but it takes all of us to flesh it out. Kind of like the 14 guys armed with shovels who plowed their own cul-de-sac. Yeah, they probably complained the whole time, but they got it out by doing something to make things better.

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