Elizabeth Hasselbeck seems to think we should all go around in mourning because of the economy or maybe its over the 2 wars.  She wasn’t quite clear during her rant.  She needs to read some history.  Americans got through the Great Depression  listening to FDR’s Fireside Chats.  He tried to cheer people up, keep them informed, give them hope.  Yes, he told a joke or two.  Americans have always maintained their cheerfulness in the face of adversity.

Some background, Sarah Palin, like her or not, mocked President Obama by writing on her hand as her ‘teleprompter.’ Now everyone knows that all presidents since JFK have used the teleprompter.  They have other things to do rather than sit around memorizing speeches.  However, laughing at President Obama over his use of the teleprompter is something his opponents have latched on to, and so be it.  He is a gifted speaker.


This humor seems rather harmless to me.  Palin mocks Obama,  Gibbs mocks Palin.  No one is a sacred cow.  There is nothing much vicious being said.  So why does Elizabeth Hasselbeck get close to hysterical over the issue?  I don’t watch The View.  I don’t enjoy watching and listening to people attempt to scream over each other.   But isn’t Hasselbeck really a little over the top or is she just politically naive? 

Did Hasselbeck think Palin was serious?  Didn’t she realize that Palin was spoofing the President?  I thought it was silly but also harmless.  And she got it back at her.  Hopefully she is woman enough to take it.  I imagine she is.

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  1. Many voters also look past the glitz and the campaign promises and look to the supreme court. There are some fairly old folks on that court. I would sure hate to see them replaced with another Alito, Thomas, Roberts or Scalia. That weighed heavily on my choices.

  2. Juturna


    Agree – same could be said of some radio talk shows. Haven’t we all had enough of ‘ranting’.

  3. Gainesville, I can’t deal with more than about 10 minutes of the View, so I cannot speak to it. I do think they do a good job of selecting contemporary topics and at least they have several points of view, unlike Fox and Friends that imitates a news show and only has one set of side-snipers.

  4. Juturna

    I watch Fox & Friends daily. I have for almost exactly two years. Wanted to collect some facts. I consider myself fiscally conservative and socially moderate – just for background. What I monitor are positive news stories about any politician. Try it for a week.

    Fox & Friends was doing a pretty good job up through mid October 2008 when it appeared Obama would win. Since then, count the number of times the word ‘they’ is used on the show. I’m still watching faithfully every day to see how it goes. It’s not. No mention of Glen Beck’s attack on Scott Brown. Plenty of other attacks were prominantly highlighted a few times. The gang appeared to get a real hoot out of keeping the Conan O’Brian and Jay Leno spat front and center on Fox & Friends for a week.

    I’m just tired of ranters. That is just soooo easy to do. Plueeze. Someone try the hard stuff like working, resolving and shrugging things off…. and most importantly care for the American people – all of them.

  5. Elena

    I do not believe that Sara Palins cheat sheet was a slam at Obama. She is either not very bright for two reason:

    1)it was NOT a premeditated slam but a “cheat”sheet OR
    2)it was the MOST obtuse satire meant to remain a secret I have EVER seen

    In order to make the satire angel believeable, she would have announced her “cheat sheet” DURING her speech! Why wait for the stephen colberts and john stewarts to FRY her and THEN let the world in on the joke?!

  6. Elena

    Hope and change ,is not, and should not be seen as empty rhetoric for such a great country. America IS the place where people believe that anything is possible, there are many amazing stories to prove just that.

  7. hello

    Interesting poll number for Obama and the 2012 elections… he leads by 2 points, against… nobody: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0210/32837.html

  8. Emma

    Moon-howler :
    The more nastiness I hear, the more I will support Obama.

    Will that nastiness include the lefty fav term “teabaggers” that is so often seen on these pages?

  9. hello

    Don’t forget I’ve been called a Anti-Obama-ite, Tea Party person (which I know the other word wanted to be said) and Hell-boy… all in just this one thread by the same person.

    I wonder just where the natiness is coming from…?

  10. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Moon-howler :
    And the bottom line is, Obama won.

    If only that were the bottom line. I’m afraid the bottom line is being felt in unemployment lines, in Iran, in China, in inflation, and in a lot of other things.

  11. Hello, stop being such a cry-baby. Rez crying about being called Rez? Do you hear Wolverine laughing about his pelt being hung up on the wall? If you are going to dish it out, learn how to take it. Add cry baby to the list.

    What is so insulting about anti-obama-ite? You all of a sudden like the guy? Are you anti-Obama or pro-Obama? How about I call you a Pro-Obama-ite? yes, that’s the ticket.

    in general, as for tea bagger….perhaps you might want to stop whining about that also and try talking to the powers that be in your movement who have tea bags as party symbols swinging from hats, being made as party favors, etc. Yup, I sure saw some of them on TV last weekend. They were made into stainless steel pins or something. You can’t have it both ways.

    Stop insulting, start discussing ideas. Make some points that support your point of view or disprove my hypothesis.

    Slow, Obama won. Do you deny that? How do you get him to do what you want? What would make you happy. You can’t keep grousing that he won. He did. Same as Bush won in 2004. Its up to you to make the best out of both situations.

  12. There you go, Hell-boy. You have been renamed.

    Elena, nah, she couldn’t have really meant it. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt. I hope both are adult enough to be able to poke fun without getting in a twist over it.

  13. Gainesville Resident

    Moon-howler :
    There you go, Hell-boy. You have been renamed.
    Elena, nah, she couldn’t have really meant it. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt. I hope both are adult enough to be able to poke fun without getting in a twist over it.

    Some people don’t get the fact that people really can poke fun at themselves. Kind of sad that they are so biased they can’t see the “joke”.

  14. Gainesville Resident

    I was referring to the stuff about Palin, in my last post. She was poking fun, clearly. I don’t know how it could be more obvious.

  15. Hell-boy

    Just testing out the new name… Hell-boy!

    Never fear my fellow conservative independents, when Obama lies to Americans Hell-boy will be there, when union crooks are appointed by Obama and corrupt Washington Hell-boy will be there, when lobbyist after lobbyist enter the Obama administration Hell-boy will be there, when liberals/progressives just respond with ‘well Bush did ____’ Hell-boy will be there, when special interest groups get BILLIONS in tax breaks from direct talks with Obama Hell-boy will be there!

    I like it, thanks Moon! 🙂

  16. RingDangDoo


    >>> Just testing out the new name… Hell-boy!

    It’s a good name for you. 😉

  17. Hell-boy

    Thank you honorable and distinguished Sir RingDangDo. Hell-boy would like to just say if your a conservative and are tired of the standard run of the mill liberal trash talking I’m here for you!

    What’s that? My Hell-boy sense is picking up something… Al Gore coming out of his icy cold cave (one of many mansions in a tropical location he got to by his own private jet) to tell us all how this winter is a direct result of global warming!!! Hell-boy! AWAYYYYYY…. yyy…yyyyy..yyyyyyy…..

  18. Hell-boy

    F U Al Whore! What’s that, you want to fight? BAM… POOF… SLAM… BIF…. SPLAT! There, fellow conservatives, the self indulgent liar who is only out to cash in on global warming Al Gore has been beaten back into and sealed into an ice tomb. Your welcome….

    Hell-boy… AWAYYYYYY….yyyy…yyyyyy……yyyyyyyyyyy……..

  19. hell-boy, no abusive language directed at individuals real or imaginary or its the time out room for you and you will be given a cyber wedgie. Besides, I like Al Gore. Always have. Always will. Doesn’t mean I agree with his every word, but I like the dude and I like Tipper.

    Hell-boy needs to get over his exuberance over his new identity.

  20. Gainesville Resident

    Wow, I didn’t realize Hell-boy would adopt that name! It seems to have made him “hellish” for lack of a better word!!! Do the conservatives have a new mascot? I’m a conservative too, but I consider myself a moderate one.

  21. Gainesville Resident

    I’m enjoying watching this “debate” on this thread. Again, I self-identify with the the more moderate Republicans but most of the time vote Republican and have done so in the past few Presidential elections. At the same time, I find the extreme elements of both parties distasteful. I’m speaking of people like Pelosi, Reid, Palin, etc. Although, Palin is at least easy on the eyes, and she puts herself out there and defends herself from attacks. I could list other Republicans I find too extreme, but hopefully my point is made.

    Anyway, this thread has been highly entertaining to me – that’s the main point I wanted to make!

  22. Beware of those easy on the eyes. Look what happened with John Edwards. All politicians have feet of clay. In the case of Edwards, we just didn’t expect his to be quite so muddly. He makes Newt Gingrich look sainted.

  23. GainesvilleResident

    Moon-howler :
    Beware of those easy on the eyes. Look what happened with John Edwards. All politicians have feet of clay. In the case of Edwards, we just didn’t expect his to be quite so muddly. He makes Newt Gingrich look sainted.

    I will admit – you have a valid point. No doubt Edwards is a handsome guy. He’s also highly immoral – he even went to great lengths to hide the fact that he was the father of his mistress’ child. Now he and his wife are getting divorce, what a “shock”!

  24. GainesvilleResident

    Now, I don’t know about Gore and global warming – he maybe has some valid points. But I watched his film an “Inconvenient Truth” and thought it would be interesting even though I didn’t agree with a lot of what he says and think it’s hilarious he has that house with $10K electricity bills. Anyway, you know what? I call his film an “Inconvenient Bore” – it was tough for me to stay awake watching it – I found it very boring and it didn’t hold my interest. Give me a Michael Moore film any day – I don’t agree with him at all, but at least his films are entertaining. Gore’s film for me works as a sleep aid…

  25. We don’t know what his electric bill is really. That might be urban legend. People who live in bigger houses pay higher electric bills. I was very bored with Inconvenient Truth. Perhaps its my short attention span. He might be on to something. I simply do not know.

  26. GainesvilleResident

    Don’t know how accurate this article is – I take everything with a grain of salt. However, his bill seem disproportionally large for the size house he has, however the statistics may be flawed here – I don’t know:


    Setting that aside, I just found his film boring, as I thought it would really hold my interest whether I agreed with what he said or not. Some things made sense, but really – the film bored me. I don’t dispute there’s a problem, and that countries like china can’t keep polluting the atmosphere.

    I dispute some of the more crazy claims, i’ve seen claims of huge climate shifts by 2050, that palm trees will be growing here in Virginia, etc. etc. Some of that sounds like hyperbole. But, I don’t dispute it isn’t good to keep polluting the atmosphere.

    I do my part, my Toyota Prius puts out almost zero emissions. It far far exceeds even the strictest California requirements. One thing some people don’t know about it, besides the faact it saves huge amounts of gas. It has some designation like “VLEV” or “Very Low Emission Vehicle” – I forget the exact term. Good luck getting it to fail the Virginia emissions test – something would have to be really broke with it, for it not to pass.

  27. GainesvilleResident

    Actually, my car is 4 years old, and Virginia has not yet required an emissions inspection. Could be they know it will pass so they haven’t required me to get one, YET! Maybe though new cars don’t need one for 4 years or more? I don’t know, it had been awhile since my last new car and maybe the rules changed. I thought though my last car needed one after it was 2 years old.

  28. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Moon-howler :
    hell-boy, no abusive language directed at individuals real or imaginary

    What about Man-Caused Climate Change, real or imaginary?

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