Who says leopards can’t change their spots. Dick Cheney stepped up to the plate and rebuked Sarah Palin’s idea of Obama declaring war against Iran to show the world and others that he is tough. To Cheney’s credit, he told ‘This Week’ on ABC News that Palin’s logic was faulty:

“I don’t think a president can make a judgment like that on the basis of politics,” Cheney said. “The stakes are too high, the consequences too significant to be treating those as simple political calculations.”

For perhaps the first time ever, I agree with Dick Cheney. He obviously has some concerns over the direction our country is going also.

Is going to war with any country a show of strength? What would be the impact of declaring war on Iran? Is it dangerous for a figure such as Palin to go around making war noises at foreign countries? How would someone even describe Palin? A future presidential candidate? An ex- VP candidate? An ex-governor? i would like her to declare her intentions before she makes such wreckless remarks publically.

17 Thoughts to “Dick Cheney Nixes Palin’s Suggestion of War Against Iran”

  1. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    She’s a private citizen, and she’s perfectly entitled to make those comments anywhere and anytime she wishes. God I dig that she upsets the left so! It’s really awesome to observe! She knows what her purpose is and she does such a great job at it. I don’t think we’re going to declare war with Iran any time soon. Could someone give me a link to the specific remarks Palin made about this? I could be wrong, but I feel as though someone’s putting words in Palin’s mouth here (a favorite greaseball tactic). I’m not even convinced Iran is even that close to having the bomb. I picture some rocket strapped to a camel’s back. Anyway, the bottom line is that Cheney and Palin are not President of the United States, and that’s where the real show is at. Every single day it becomes more and more painfully obvious that Obama is in over his head…..that’s where the real danger is, not in two private citizens. But I forget (as is so often pointed out to me) that making villians out of ordinary citizens is a favorite tactic of the left.

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    OK, I watched the video. She made a mistake on several levels. Obama first doesn’t declare war, congress does, and second is not capable being deliberate enough to make a decision of that magnitude, even if he had made the appropriate deliberations. Cheney’s right in his answer (as usual), of course it’s funny that left would pick the one thing he’s tricked into saying against Palin as the thing to “agree with”. Oh, and Palin’s right, too. This is Israel’s to deal with. All we have to do is let them handle it.

  3. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    By the way, Biden vs. Cheney is funny as hell. Biden’s the funniest man on Earth who doesn’t mean to be funny. The fact that anyone takes Biden seriously is an absolute hoot.

  4. Rick Bentley

    Dick Cheney opinion plus 50 cents will get you a cup of coffee.

    When he engages with the sitting Vice President he looks like the control freak anti-patriot egocentric neoncon that he is.

    History’s going to judge you harshly, Dick, regardless of how much whining and self-justification you engage in at this point rather than becoming a private citizen and leaving government to those elected. Sit down and drink a cup of STFU.

  5. I rather liked it that he finally said something I agreed with. Big first., I believe.

    Slow, somehow Palin has cast herself as an uber-citizen to the delight and joy of many people. So to say that she is simply a private citizen is a somewhat disingenuous, don’t you think? She often makes ridiculous remarks that she cannot be held accountable for because she is the uber-citizen. That’s a problem. She can be cheered on by the masses who don’t know any better.

    War with Iran? I certainly hope nothing leads to that. Why would anyone be happy over another middle east war.

    Slow, we all know who declares war. I remember that well from the Vietnam era. {cough-choke-sputter}

  6. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Moon-howler :
    She can be cheered on by the masses who don’t know any better.


  7. 🙄

    You actually have more sense than that. You aren’t even jerking my chain.

  8. Hell-boy

    Talking about the masses who don’t know any better….

    Obama is going to put gas in my car and pay my mortgage:

    Obama voters who think Sarah Palin is his VP:

  9. And your point? Did I ever say there weren’t lots of stupid people floating around?

    They just shouldn’t be the engine driving the train. I like the stupid people as outliers, such as in video link.

  10. Hell-boy

    Just pointing it out, you seem to only want to show ONE point of view. Just showing a glimpse at the other side you ignore while harping on the other.

  11. Elena

    Sarah Palin could be running for president, she isn’t just some random youtube anonymous video….or is that basic fact lost on you?

  12. I think showing Dick Cheney’s point of view was very open minded of me. He certainly isn’t one of my fav’s.

    Furthermore, are you comparing Palin’s fan club to the folks to think Obama is going to pay the bills, gas and mortgage? They aren’t going to like that at all. All I see in the video is a still of Howard Stern anyway. You won’t be getting his opinion here either.

    I find it amazing that you would say we were one sided when we give so many different points of view here. Biden’s, Cheney’s, Jon Stewart, O’Reilly….the list goes on. There have been instances of where I have defended Palin. Just look back. The ‘declare war on Iran’ might have ended any good grace there.

    And finally, you have no point of view. You just want to see yourself type or something.

  13. Hell-boy

    When it comes to Palin, Fox New, etc… yeah, pretty one sided. Lighten up, I was just showing there are morons on each side. Your starting to sound like a cry baby, when ever I mention anything you just attack, geesh… have a sense of humor.

  14. Now Hell-boy, want to see cry-baby?

    Go to a different blog if you want to read support of Sarah Palin or Fox News in any of the posts. Its a pretty simple concept–neither will get support from me.

  15. PWC taxpayer

    I do not see the world taking even the possibility of Iran having the bomb as anything but serious. Making fun of Palin for suggesting that military action is – or may be – necessary is not out of line, deserves some conversation by the Administration and is being expressed by members of both parties. The fear here – and rightfully so – is that Iran’s leadership really is crazy enough to risk bombing Israel. Read Sec. Clinton’s recent comments. It would be helpful, IMHO, if Obama actually did set a clear bold line in the sand, to wit, we have the technology to establish the source of any WMD and if Iran becomes a party to such an attack – it will be seen as a direct attack on the United States for a response in kind. IMHO, we need to let the Iranian people understand the risk (as the Germans clearly did not) of having a lunitic in power.

  16. Taxpayer, no one here made fun of Palin for saying Obama could show he was tough by declaring war on Iran. I think most people were horrified. Declaring war on any country is a serious matter. We might very well have to do that. I hope not. If we do, it will be after all other recourse has been tried. Hopefully no president would ever take up arms to prove how tough he or she was.

    I think the Iranian people are aware that their government leaves much to be desired. Isn’t that why they are rioting in the streets? I feel Palin’s words were irresponsbible and further proof of her soft credentials to become president.

  17. PWC taxpayer

    Responsible people in and out of office have a long tradition firing shots over the bow of rogue nations like Iran. Palin has done the United states and Obama a favor by openly setting out the discourse without making it official US policy — yet. That is, of course, unless, you think its ok for Iran to have the bomb and the ability to make more that they can and will sell to others. In diplo speak Obama has said essentially the same thing by refusing to take any option off the table. I remember the liberal response to Reagan during his 1980 election – but boy Iran understood that they were not dealing with Carter anymore. This conversation has the same political ring to it.

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