A single engine plane has crashed into a 7 story office building in Austin, Tx.  Authories do not think it is terrorism but full details are not available.  There are people trapped in the building still.  Many people were able to get out, thank goodness. 

Structurally the building appears to be intact.  The windows are all out.  The impact was on the north side of the building.  Fire seemed to cover 2 floors.  The FBI building is right next door to this office complex, however they are saying this is not a terror attack.  The crash is about 15 miles from the airport.

photo compliments of myFox

UPDATE:  It is now thought that the crash was intentional.

18 Thoughts to “Small Plane Plows into Office Building in Austin, TX”

  1. The pilot’s name has been released as Joseph Andrew Stack. (released by DOJ)

    He supposedly set fire to his own house before this happened and he might have had a beef with the IRS.

  2. The news is reporting that this incident is not terrorism. If someone slams a plane into a building with people in it over political reasons, then what is it?

    It is terrorism to me.

  3. Red Dawn

    That looks like a lot of damage for a small plane.Wow.

  4. marinm

    Becareful calling it terrorism. Pundits will jump on that proclimation to attack (by word) the President and his inability to keep us safe.

  5. RingDangDoo


    It was a suicide. He had posted his suicide note/manifesto on the web but the FBI got it pulled. You can view it at the Smoking Gun though….


  6. Punchak

    You’ve got to at least skim the “manifest” this man wrote before crashing his (it WAS his own plane) into the IRS office. A very, very angry and disturbed man. Terrorist? Maybe.”

    Worse – evidently he set fire to his house knowing that there was a woman and a girls (his daughter) inside. Terrorism and insanity combined, it seems to me.

  7. Rez

    I am not sure I really understood his manifesto but then maybe I am glad that I wasn’t enough of the same mind to understand it.

  8. I agree with everything you all have said. but I still think it is terrorism. He had a point to prove.

    I am not sure how his distrust/dislike/hatred of all things government is any different than some of our more illustrious terrorists like McVey. How is it different from 9-11 in implementation. He wanted to take out the IRS.

  9. Last Best Hope

    These are the kinds of episodes that make me “fear for the republic,” to quote a wise old man. There are enough fundamentalist extremists driving their disciples to panic and paranoia WITHOUT American news corporations (owned by an Australian) turning the American people against one another, all for what? Ratings? Or do they truly believe this insanity is the best way to subvert the world’s greatest democracy?

  10. Red Dawn

    There must have been explosives or something in that little plane. That is alot of damage. I am also very suprised that there were not many more injuries. Thank goodness for that.

  11. RingDangDoo


    Just picking nits really, but I’d call it more of a vengeful murder-suicide along the lines of “You want me? You can HAVE me!”. This wasn’t, as far as I can tell, not planned like 9-11 or McVay. He was at his wits end. But, we can call it whatever we want. I don’t care. 😉

    Other (non-verified) reports I’ve read elsewhere said that his home was foreclosed on. He had fights with his wife last night on two occasions. After the first, she and their daughter went to stay at a hotel. But, or whatever reason, she went back to the house. They fought again. He was pissed and torched the house. Then he went after the IRS.

    Obviously more details will be coming out in the constant news cycle. 😉

  12. And I see your point, Ring. But I see mine too. Wasn’t the sniper tried for terrorism? He certainly terrified people.

    I actually rather like your version far better than the drivel I heard ALL day long. Let’s just say there are similarities to past acts of terrorism.

    Thank goodness there were not horrible casualties. Not sure how those people lucked out.

  13. RingDangDoo


    >>> Wasn’t the sniper tried for terrorism? He certainly terrified people.

    Good call MH! You’re correct! I thought it was just for capital murder, but (from wikipedia) …

    “On November 17, 2003, by verdict of his jury, Muhammad was convicted in Virginia of all four counts in the indictment against him: capital murder for the shooting of Dean H. Meyers; a second charge of capital murder under Virginia’s antiterrorism statute, for homicide committed with an intent to terrorize the government or the public at large; conspiracy to commit murder; and the illegal use of a firearm.”

  14. Wolverine

    I live near the Dulles flight path. Last night I was reading about that small plane which hit a power grid in East Palo Alto, CA, and crashed into houses down below. Today, just as I was listening to reports out of Austin, TX, about the IRS building hit, a small plane flew in low right over my house. Wow, did my head shoot up on that one!!

  15. Witness Too

    How frightening, Wolverine. It’s a tragedy that we live in a time when we don’t feel safe even in our homes. I think Ring is right, that the aim is to not only destroy the lives of the victims, but also to affect the lives of the non-victims. Or, maybe we are all victims when people resort to terrorism.

  16. Wolverine

    So true, Witness Too, so true.

  17. That would have had me diving under the bed, for sure!

    Ring, I couldn’t remember. I knew he had been charged under the terrorism act but I didn’t know if he was actually tried and convicted under it. Thanks for checking.

    I guess it really is a moot point as far as prosecuting goes. This guy did suicide by IRS quite literally. I am just glad his family and workers in that building weren’t killed.

  18. starryflights

    This was an act of domestic terrorism. Unfortunately we won’t rid ourselves of domestic terrorists by bombing Afghanistan. They live in our own middle class neighborhoods. I fear for the future of our country.

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