Key Note Speaker: Glenn Beck

Remember Chris Farley in the SNL skit In a Van Down By the River?

How soon before regular Republicans will be jumping up and locking their doors? Most people don’t like being insulted. Is it possible to be too conservative? I am not exactly sure what too conservative America would look like. It does not seem very realistic.

Right now, it appears President Obama’s best friend is this group. The Republicans all get together and their key note speaker disavows their party?

CPAC Comes to Town

The CPAC has come to town. It arrived on Thursday. For those who aren’t card carrying conservatives, CPAC stands for the Conservative Political Action Conference and it has come to town full throttle. The list of key note speakers is enough to make moderates and liberals break out in a sweat:

Hon. Dick Armey
Hon. John Ashcroft
Rep. Michele Bachmann
Glenn Beck
Amb. John Bolton
Andrew Breitbart
Herman Cain
Tucker Carlson
Liz Cheney
Ann Coulter
Sen. Jim DeMint

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