There Were No Better Times or Good Old days

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As a response to Glenn Beck’s yearning for another time, perhaps John Oliver has the answer. 

Jon Stewart and John Oliver seek to find the good old days.  They are trying to go back to those simpler times when life was good in American.  Could it be that those days simply do not exist? 

Stewart and Oliver both discover that the reason Americans have such nostalgia over the good old days is because they were children.  Most children had much simpler lives.  They remember the good and don’t dwell on the bad.  Is this true for all children?  No.  But somehow most kids are resilient and seem to have good memories.

For those who thought the 50’s were happy days, they really weren’t in some respect.  Your parents scared the crap out of you over polio for a while. Then came the cure which meant getting stuck with horse needles.   Kids also had air raid drills still where you had to dive under a desk and duck and cover.  The films about the A bomb weren’t so swift.  But that stuff only took up a tiny sliver of your life as a kid.  The rest of the time you could put on your zorro cape, Davy Crockett coon skin cap and have the time of your life. 

America is still a good place.  It might have its issues, its days, its not so bright spots, but it is still home and beats the hell out of all the other places. 

Warning:  Offensive language.