Today is our birthday…I mean our REAL birthday! Moonhowlings was born today. Anti was fun but our name really bothered us and other people. We didn’t want to be seen as a reaction. So, here we are, all spanking new and welcoming our family over from our old home.

So who are we? Elena and I are the same moderate chix you knew over on Anti. We will be the blog admins/moderators and Alanna has kindly agreed to be our technical support when we ski into trees and stuff like that. And you all are the same folks you have always been. Note the new address however:

You will not have to link from Anti.

The web ‘clothes’ will remain the same and hopefully you will not find things changed around too much. Let us know if something is broken and we will try to fix it or holler for Alanna. And so we continue…and howl at the moon.

38 Thoughts to “Welcome to Moonhowlings”

  1. Red Dawn

    Happy Birthday and good idea on the name change 🙂

  2. Opinion

    I love it! Great name!

  3. I’ve added you to my favorites already! Good luck!

  4. Thank you, thank you. And welcome. I am glad the blog family is here!

  5. IVAN

    Don’t let this go to your head. Your still on my favorites list.

  6. Censored bybvbl

    Happy Birthday!

    Good idea on the name change – it served its purpose at the time but has become so much more than that.

  7. Rising Moon

    Nice to see a new blog name in town. Good luck.

  8. WOW! Congrats! I like the name, too. It suits the blog and you and sometimes…us!

  9. Red Dawn

    Full moon on Sunday…lol

  10. We can all have a group howl if you like, Red Dawn.

    Talking to politicians might just be like howling in the wind.

  11. Rez

    Let’s see, I think I took a left at the light or was it a right? Hmmm, well I guess I had just better stay in the middle of the road in order to contribute.

    Hope I find my way back here again, folks. I am getting too old for this picking up stakes and just moving on.

  12. Rez, you don’t have to do anything different other than do instead of

    Trust me, I am far to lazy to change much of anything. I am glad you are here. It was time for change and we procrastinated ourselves.

  13. Too all, we are getting ready to put up a new post. It will have a familiar ring to it, so you don’t feel like you have strayed too far–sort of the reason started in the first place.

    Comments are being cut off on anti. Right now, it is just a link.

    Change is difficult, especially for those of us who are…older.

  14. Emma

    @Rez I’m not sure if I took a left or a right either, but I’m here. Too much fun to miss out.

    @Moon-howler Good move– no longer the “not the other” blog, but your own identity.

  15. Welcome Emma, I am glad you are here. Elena is here too and Alanna is our technical support (and Lord knows, I need it!)

  16. Lafayette

    Love the new name!
    I’m with Emma. Glad this new blog will have it’s own identity.
    If you think this blog is too fun to miss out on. Do you think the “fun” will continue this week south of the border on Big Love? 😉

  17. Rez

    Hey, Emma, that last sentence reminded me of that old tv show The Dinosaurs. The baby dinosaur used to call his mother, “Momma”, and called his dad, “Not the Momma.”

  18. Emma

    @Lafayette loved Hollis’s kangaroo court, and Lois’ and Frank’s too-little-too-late confessions. And then when Bill comes to the rescue and Frank can’t walk, she tells Bill to just leave Frank there because “someone” will come back to get him. Classic! Fun facebook fan site at:!/biglove?v=wall

  19. Bill redeemed himself a tiny bit. He went back for his father, even though his father had thrown him away. That shows character of some sort. And other than that, Bill is a POS.

    How many more episodes?

  20. Gainesville Resident

    I like the new name as well! I guess I’m just echoing what Emma and Lafayette said. I always thought it a bad idea to be the anti-something, even though I understood the rationale at the time, that time has long past so it’s good to sort of let that part go. Anyway, congrats on the new name, it’s long overdue!

  21. Gainesville Resident

    I’ve been busy the last few weeks – I watch Big Love too but have to catch up on the last few episodes. I’ve had a hard enough time keeping up on Lost, which is my favorite show – and just watched Tuesday’s episode this evening. I’m way behind on my TV watching, just been way too busy the past few weeks. Big Love I find an interesting show, but I’ve only caught the first 2 or 3 shows this season so far, so I’m way behind. Maybe this weekend I’ll get a little caught up, but might not.

  22. GR, you can catch it on on demand. It is good this season.

    Alanna, Elena and I discussed this change almost a year ago. It was a matter of 3 women making up their minds. You know how that goes. The more women involved, the more exponential the problem becomes. At any rate, a big Thank You to Alanna for the technical work. We only have one or two more touches to add.

  23. clueless

    Great move, just don’t tell slowpoke:)

  24. Slow was in a good mood today.

  25. Lafayette

    Only two more episodes left. This season has flown by.

    I thought Frank’s arsenal was a hoot too. The Kagaroo Court was absolutely insane.

  26. It was beyond nasty when that arm came off. ewwwwwww Gross me out!!!!

  27. Are you going to have a Twitter and Facebook presence, too? I hope so. It’s like a 3D river of communication.

  28. Emma

    Why does Selma dress like a man? I never really got her story.

  29. Lafayette

    I thought about putting the link on my FB page.

    I love those FB Big Love updates. Selma is a mystery at the Lafayette home too.

  30. Juturna

    Good deal. Looks like a fun place.

  31. Do we know Selma is really a woman? Maybe she is a transgendered male or female.

    Are people that interested in linking to facebook or twitter?

  32. Firedancer

    FABULOUS new name!! Thanks for keeping this up. And congrats to Elena and Anabel for the Post article. I’m out of town but saw it online. You are all incredible 🙂

  33. kelly3406

    Congratulations for establishing a blog that draws widespread interest from the local community. I support your name change — it did sound reactionary. The new name self-describes your web site as eclectic, which better fits the evolution and the overall theme of your blog.

  34. Rick Bentley


  35. Emma

    @Moon-howler Facebook sounds great, but then “Emma” would want to create an alias Facebook identity. I don’t know if I could keep up with all that 😉

  36. Thanks everyone. Elena and I are especially glad everyone made it over across the big cyber pond.

    Hopefully we can continue on discussing local, state, national and international events and happenings, whether they are horribly important or sometimes just plain silly.

    The important thing, I feel, about this blog is that we all don’t all think alike but we talk and we are civil. Maybe not always genteel and sweet, but civil. Sometimes civil is as good a it gets.

    I feel like Al does, if I learn from someone else, and my own beliefs are nudged a bit…then I am a better person for it. So thanks everyone for being here.

  37. Emma, identity balancing sounds like way too much work for me. I thought the same thing.

    In general, I will see what transpires down the way. I need to get a little more on my feet here and a little less reliant on outside tech support. (she says, grabbing both left hands and feet.) I am not a tech expert which should be painfully obvious by now.

  38. NoVA Scout

    Congratulations. You folks have built a very balanced, polite and interesting blog that merited being labeled as something more than a reaction to another site. One of the things I very much admire is the sincere spirit of curiosity that often is exhibited both by the hosts and commenters. Every once in a while you even see someone say that they might change their mind about something based on a comment or a post from someone else. Now that’s good civics.

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