An 8,8 earthquake hit Chile early this morning.  Areas are decimated.  So far, the death count is fairly low, but officials really haven’t fully assessed the area. 

Tsunami warnings are all over the Pacific region, including all the islands.  Hawaiian hotels are being evacuated.  My friends in Ocean Park, Washington are packing up essentials in the event that they are giving the word to ‘get out of there.’   They are at ground level on a peninsula near where the Columbia empties into the Pacific.  She was a young woman in the Alaskan earthquake of 1964 so she knows not to mess with Mother Nature when she rumbles.

This thread will be our earthquake and Tsunami thread.  CNN is providing excellent coverage on a human, scientific, and municipal level.

5 Thoughts to “8.8 Quake Hits Chile”

  1. Captain Idiot-Face

    8.8……that’s pretty strong. The 2004 Indian Ocean one was 9.2, and that puppy knocked the whole planet around. I heard there were some 30+ aftershocks in an hour or two. Wowser.

  2. CNN showed how to determine that magnitude. This one was 1000 times stronger than Haiti.

    9.2 should have awakened Kracatowa.

  3. It appears that Hawaii did not get hit by a tsunami. That is good news. Did any other locality get a tsunami?

  4. Wolverine

    When aid was offered by us and others to Chile, the Chileans answered: Thanks much for your concern and your offer of help, but we can handle it ourselves. That’s awfully nice to hear every once in awhile from south of our border. Impressive. Good for Chile!

  5. That was music to my ears also. I just heard tonight that they changed their mind and said that help from others would be greatly appreciated. Most nations love for us to help them.

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