We are the World: Visited, Revisited, and Revisited Again on SNL

The Original (For Africa)

The Remake: We are the World for Haiti

And the SNL Version

That original song was wonderful. It crossed all generations. Sadly, the for Haiti version just made me sad.  I hate hate hated the ending.  I got depressed seeing Michael Jackson, who had done so much with the original.  I knew who all the artists in the original were.  I only recognized a few in the Haiti version. 

But to be fair, I was a lot better 20 some years ago than I am today, so perhaps I should be kinder.  I was very disappointed in the much awaited We are the World for Haiti.  SNL brings it all home.  Don’t ya just love Willie Nelson?

PWCS Budget Timeline 2010-2011 update

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Thanks to our hosts to the North: O Canada

The torch was extinguished last night.  The athletes are headed home.  Some achieved  their life’s dream. Others only came close.  Some, like Nodar Kumaritashvili of Georgia, will not go home like the others.  Nodar Kumaritashvili was killed while practicing a luge run.  He pursued his passion.   To their credit, his teammate stayed and pushed on.

The United States of America owned the podium.  We are bringing home 37 Olympic medals  9 are gold.  Germany takes home 30 medals and Canada 26.  The Gold Medal winner is Canada.  They won 14 gold medals.  Amazing. 

The hockey game was the perfect ending.  Well, almost perfect.  In a last minute sudden death in overtime, Canada slammed the puck home for a  3-2 win.  Team Canada owned the day and Sidney Crosby was Canada’s national hero.

I didn’t resent that win at all.  The Canadians had been wonderful hosts.  Their pageantry was spectacular Canadians are wonderfully friendly, kind people.  I have to admit to tearing up over that final O Canada.  The pride on their faces as they sung the words to their national anthem made me willing enough to say I rooted for Team USA but in the end, when it wasn’t to be, I was happy for our neighbors to the north. 

The athletes  for the 2010 Olympics were decent to one and other.  The usual rancor and egos seemed to be softened in Vancouver. We all had a favorite competitor and game.  Who were your favorites and what were the highlights of the 2010 Olympics?  Do we expect things to go as well in 2014 when the Olympics are held in Sochi, Russia?