The Prince William Coffee Party Chapter has been formed and we will have our first coffee talk on March 13th, click here for details.   We will be serving coffee, donuts, and free Coffee Party buttons to the first 50 people!  Now Slowpoke, the buttons are to wear, not to throw!  Seriously though, I really am hoping that people will take this opportunity to start having a civil dialogue.   This is one of my favorite quotes that was posted on the Coffee Party Page:

“We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone…, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.” Lincoln, March 4, 1861


Al Alborn is being interviewed, via phone, by CNN/KSRO Radio, at 10:48 this morning. Al and I don’t agree on everything, but we can disagree and still honor our different points of view. Vigorous debate has been at the very birth of our nation and there is no reason to stop now. But vigorous debate is not accusing the other person of not being a true American  because they don’t agree with you.  It isn’t about yelling the loudest so others are too afraid to participate.  I believe we all love our country, we just don’t necessarily agree on how to solve our problems.  I believe THOSE differences, and our ability to express them,  is what makes us a Democracy.

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  1. Thanks Emma, cleaning the coffee off the computer screen on that one. 🙄

  2. Al

    Res, good post. Government IS complicated.

    Over the history of our Country, change has been affected by Groups with a stake in that change. There are usually two groups, or polar opposites, for any issue. Think slavery (the North vs the South), equal rights (The Civil Rights Movement vs the KKK and other Raciest Groups); the Woman’s right to vote, etc., etc., etc. In fact, most (if not all) of the Amendments of the Constitution were the result of a clash of cultures with two sides. Our very Country is the result of a clash between those loyal to Britain and those… not so much. Change tends to crystallize into something specific, like the “change” from a British Colony to an Independent Country. It may big or small, grand or modest. It will be whatever it decides to be.

    It usually boils down to folks who like things they way they are and folks who don’t. Right now, most folks don’t like things the way they are (as evidenced by both the Coffee Party and the Tea Party, albeit for different reasons).

    In a Democracy, it’s about who shows up. In a world of retail politics, the currency is votes. The group with the votes necessary to influence elected bodies at all levels will get the change they want. The leaders that emerge from these groups might just end up as a member of those elected bodies. The next couple of elections should be interesting.

  3. Emma

    @Moon-howler hopefully you’re drinking your coffee black, like I am right now. A lot less sticky when it hits the keys.

  4. Al

    In the Army, we didn’t often have Cream and Sugar… so I learned to drink it black.

  5. You are right…re less sticky and no, I always drink coffee with the works. cry!!! heading for the windex right now.

  6. Al

    You know, reflecting on my earlier post regarding “change”, I came to realize that in the United States (by my value system) “Good” tends to triumph over “Evil”. Examples are ending slavery (13th amendment), woman’s right to vote (19th amendment), or everyone’s right to vote (the 24th amendment). Personally, I think anything that supports the Preamble of the Constitution (the document’s “reason to be”) is “Good”. When pondering any issue, that’s a good place to start.

  7. Elena

    That was a very thoughtful post, thank you Rez. I completely agree with your premise, start at the desired end result and work backwords! I really hope you can make march 13. @Rez

  8. Rez

    Well, I am not one for parties but I actually have a conflict. I am hosting a wine-based birthday party. I know it isn’t coffee or tea, but it is my satisfying alternative.

    Didn’t particularly want this party since it represents a fairly large birthday for myself but the family has insisted (that day is not actually my birthday but the only time that everyone could get together.)

  9. Is it YOUR birthday Rez?

    Tell when your real birthday is please. And happy birthday!!! I would prefer wine also.

  10. Elena

    Now we’re talkin’ ! I am a red wine person myself! Happy to be birthday at some point in the future 🙂

  11. Gainesville Resident

    Rez :
    I am sorry but let’s not have revisionist history. Bush was criticized immensely for an economy that was tanking at the end of the previous administration, after the collapse of the house of cards era, and was blamed for its demise right after he was elected. that was within months of his election and what could he have done to have caused it?
    It happens all the time in American politics but the democrats were not without their own share of blaming a newcomer.

    Agreed, there was plenty of pushback regarding Bush. And I remember all kinds of stuff about the Supreme Court decision – in fact his innauguration was a shameful event in which people were demonstrating rather violently – someone threw an egg at the presidential limo, and there were many people shouting things like “dictator”, “thief”, etc. etc. I don’t think he was criticized any less than Obama in the early days of his presidency.

  12. Gainesville Resident

    And I remember the criticism about the economy too. Just like Obama inherited a bad economy, Bush also inherited an economy that was on the way to collapsing, and you can’t make the economy turn around on a dime. The bust was well underway and there was little anyone could have done to stop it at the time Bush got into office.

    I suspect you can go back to many incumbents who were heavily criticized at the beginning of their presidency. Any attempt to make it sound like Obama is suffering more than any other president in terms of criticism – that just isn’t true. Both parties are equally guilty, and I’m sure future presidents of both parties will suffer undeserved criticism for things they aren’t really responsible for at the beginning of their presidential terms. Right now, the Democrats make it sound like Obama is being criticized far above what any other president has been criticized, and that is just plain false.

  13. Rez

    Thanks Wolfie and Elena–the dark day is Monday, March 8. Another decade of my life is down. Of course tomorrow is what is called my second birthday. Bypass 14 years ago tomorrow. How do you like that–to wake up in ICU with a basket that said, “Happy Birthday” and “Get Well soon” 😉

  14. Elena

    I don’t recall Bush getting blamed for the dot bomb collapse. Nor do I recall any organized group coming out against Bush and preventing rational discussion about how to turn the economy around. If there was, i certainly don’t remember their “grassroots” name like I do the TEA party. Bush and the Republicans had 6 years of rule and what did that accomplish for moving this country towards long term growth? Two wars, one I supported and one I did not, and a country dependent on the real estate business to keep a recession at bay.

  15. Elena

    Sounds like you have lots of reasons to celebrate each birthday.

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