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It looks like Virginians will have to stick with buying only one hand gun a month in the Old Dominion. 

The Senate Courts of Justice Committee killed House Bill 49 which would have lifted the 16 year old restriction on the number of handguns a person can buy.  The purpose of the law that was enacted in 1993 was to prevent gun running.  Crooks bought guns by the case in Virginia and resold them in the North East where gun pruchase was more restricted.  Tracing the guns used  felonies were traced back to Virginia in greater number than any other state.  Governor Douglas Wilder was a strong supporter of the one hand gun a month legislation.

Many moderates feel comfortable with things the way they are.  Others will not be happy with the fact that this bill got stalled in committee.  Our neighbors to the north, however, are probably very glad that we wont be back to being the gun running state.

Here’s Al’s interview on KSRO 3/4/10


UPDATE:  Al Alborn’s Radio interview

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This is Al’s first interview with KSRO.  He did a great job.

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And here is part 2 of the Al interview.  It took place Thursday night at 8:40

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Way to go Al!!!

“When Hate Comes to Town”








This as a great article  , from March 4th, that Cindy Brookshire sent me, Thanks Cindy!

Hate is meant to incapacitate righteousness; literally cut its head off. We witnessed hate this week in Virginia when the Westboro Baptist Church came to the Commonwealth. They’re the jewskilledjesus.com and godhatesfags.com crowd. While we rarely use protests to draw attention to an issue, the fact that the Kansas-based anti-Semites sought to protest the Virginia Holocaust Museum motivated us to turn out folks to that sacred space.

Last is the professional hater, those like the Westboro crowd who earlier this week looked at Holocaust survivor Jay Ipson and shouted that “Hitler was God’s answer to the Jews.” These are formalized family groups who work at the fringe of the fringe to develop a social or religious orthodoxy that uses untempered hate and extremism to generate a self-fulfilling paranoia suggesting the entire world is against “the family.” We have seen this with David Koresh and other cult leaders who are masters of pitting society against a faux-sacred that claims an orthodoxy so far out of the mainstream that the majority of society shakes its head and simply ignores the shouting as crazy background noise. Many who have commented on the news accounts of this group’s presence in Virginia had wished for just that: a broad ignoring of their visit; a roll of the eys, a brief verbal expression of disgust, and nothing more.

But there’s a monument in Richmond to what can happen when hate goes unchecked. It’s called the Holocaust Museum. And that’s where we stood – Jews, Christians, Muslims, Unitarians and none of the above — with a survivor, supporting him, and each other, so that together we might never forget that big hate can start small and needs to be met with compassion, love and strength.