53 Thoughts to “Open Thread 3/5/10”

  1. Lafayette

    clueless :@Lafayette Thanks Lafayette, I think we all need to reread the 150th posts. The Manassas Museum cut all of its program staff and is adding a Sesquicentennial coordinator. I am not sure what they will be coordinating but I have a feeling it will be a Blue and Grey Ball. PR, do you have any more to share?

    I decided to check for any updates from the VCWE. Checkout this link. I think once you read it we will have plenty to blog about just on the words of this update. There are some classic quotes in there. The word PENDING is sure to get your attention. Enjoy!! 🙂

  2. clueless

    Bringing in a large group of people is very positive for the local economy, and they did not need any County money to do it.

  3. Lafayette

    Let’s see how many will actually come to the convention and stay in PWC. I am all for bringing money into the county. I don’t spend one red cent outside of PWC.

    I want to know if the VCWE plans to go back before our BoS and ask for money again. I think the CVB and other county agencies, along with the NPS will do a fine job attracting visitors. I don’t think the county needs to give money to a new entity that had no real plan to support their request. At least not for public review.

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