Ex-Congressman Eric Massa’s behavior, rhetoric, and constantly changing story today on Glenn Beck had Arianna Huffington, Anderson Cooper, and David Gergen so amused/disgusted/incredulous that Huffington said she actually sympathized with Glenn Beck for having to interview Massa for an hour. 

According to Huffington Post:

Gergen used a similar analogy. “People say that Washington politics is a freak show,” he observed. “And Eric Massa is writing a whole new chapter.

Whenever the chapter is complete, it may contain a memorable quote form Gergen about his time in the Navy.

“I don’t remember any tickle fights.”


Perhaps Massa’s story about the shower is purely a figure of his imagination. No one seems to be buying into his line of bull these days, from either camp. I doubt if anyone cares that he is gone.  Glenn Beck protected his audience from having to observe the book of tickle fights that Massa brought with him.  Beck looked simply dumbfounded that anyone would be showing a book like that.  (Something from Massa’s Navy days)

31 Thoughts to “An Unlikely Band of Sympathizers”

  1. Wolverine

    That old chameleon Gergen was in the Navy? Which navy?

  2. anona

    I watched it and it was just weird. Tickle fights in the Navy that look like orgies? I wonder if Glen Beck had to take a shower after the interview.

    Last night when he explained the story, it was more confusing. Why would a married man make a pass at a man as a joke, drunk or not? Why would a married man get on top of another man and tickle them until they couldn’t breathe? Why would a 50 year old man tickle anyone until they couldn’t breathe, male or female?

    The whole tickle thing is a method that pedophiles often use to gain physical contact with their victims that, if seen by others, could be written off innocently as play . Yuck, he is totally creepy. Good riddance. I see Larry Craig written all over this story.

  3. Rick Bentley

    Of course Huffinton sympathized. She probably had similar conversations of length with her ex-husband.

  4. Elena

    I have to agree with Anona. I have NEVER EVER been “tickled” by anyone in a professional setting. I don’t want to prejudge, but I find his explanation too “incredible” to believe.

  5. It was a very creepy interview. I won’t go so far as to say I felt sorry for Glenn Beck. I am sure he was gathering info from the interview to use against everything and everyone mainstream. I actually sat up and watched it.

    I am not sure where the tickling took place. I think he lived with some of his staff for a while. Very confusing and very much bizarro world. He had spent time in the Navy which I am sure they are regretting now.

  6. Starryflights

    All I can say is, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Nice going there Glenn Beck. I don’t know what you were thinking having this creep who can’t keep his hands off young boys on your show – for the full hour! Perhaps Rush Limbaugh should have Massa on for two hours. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…!

  7. Massa told Glenn Beck that Bill O’Reilly hadn’t called him. ho ho ho

    I didn’t realize Massa had been accused of fondling boys. I thought his misbehavior was with staffers who were adult?

    Most people feel totally different about inappropriate behavior with adults than children. Throwing in children to the mix makes one’s revulsion factor go up exponetially.

  8. Wolverine, I like David Gergen, probably for the same reasons you don’t. I like someone who can work across both sides of the aisle, so to speak. I didn’t pay much attention to your question until I started thinking about it. Darn if I can find any reference to his time in the navy. If you find a reference, please post it.

  9. Juturna

    According to his Harvard bio Gergen served three years in the Navy.

    I just watched the clips from the Huffington Post. I don’t think I could ever feel for Glenn Beck no matter what happens to him professionally but that was painful to watch and I think he’s wasted my time on plenty of occasions… 🙂

    I suspect there is a good deal of truth to the arm twisting going on supported by this Administration – too much is being said for there not to be.

  10. Thanks Juturna!

    I also agree that watching Glenn Beck is wasting my time nearly 100% of the time. So that makes the Massa interview no different.

    Here is the scoop from the Harvard bio:


    David R. Gergen is a Professor of Public Service and Director of the Center for Public Leadership. Over the past three decades, he has served as a White House advisor to four presidents: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton. In the mid-1980s, he began a career in journalism, becoming editor of U.S. News & World Report. He joined the Kennedy School faculty in January 1999, while remaining editor at large for U.S. News and a frequent television analyst. In the fall of 2000 he published a best-seller, Eyewitness to Power: The Essence of Leadership, Nixon to Clinton. He also chairs the National Selection Committee for the Innovations in American Government program. He is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School and holds 13 honorary degrees. He served three and one-half years in the Navy and is a member of the Washington, DC, Bar. His wife, Anne, is a family therapist in Cambridge.

  11. Rez

    Completely off topic, but did anyone see the front page of the Washington Post this morning? Regardless of how one feels about same sex marriage, I never would have thought of it as an economic stimulus program that will create 700 jobs. 🙂


  12. Me either…will check it out. 🙄

  13. Elena

    I will have to read it, thanks Rez.

  14. Gainesville Resident

    All I’ll say about this is I never heard of Massa before a few days ago. I then saw an interview with him about this – and instantly I disliked him. He just doesn’t even look or act like someone that I’d want to be my representative! I’m kind of glad he resigned. I can’t speak to the rest of it (the various TV personalities mentioned above in connection with interviewing him). I just think he never belonged in Congress in the first place from the looks of things, and wonder how someone like that got elected.

  15. PWC Taxpayer

    This just makes me want to puke. The Williams Institute is a LGBT (I actually had to look that up) advocacy group at the UCLA law school. Not exactly an independent source of such information and every time I tried to get to the underlying (no pun intended) assumptions and numbers it refers me to some other study (which is an old trick that should also raise red flags). I will say this though — The study declares that 87 percent of the projected economic stimulus comes from related “tourism” dollars from out of state same sex couples. It is also finding that each same sex couple will spend $3,615 in DC – in order to get to the projected $52 million over 3 years. By their estimates only 26,000 additional people come into DC and the DC government yeilds $5.4 million in additional tax revenue over the 3 years not counting the income tax from the 700 jobs.

    Almost makes me want to turn my head for the general good and cough in these hard times. Tourism, what a concept. Say, do we have anything to encourage / stimulate tourism in PWC?

  16. Wolverine

    I see that Larry King wasted our time as well.

  17. Wolverine, since when is that a new thing?

    Actually he won’t be wasting it any more because the video embedding will not stick. I am tired of replacing it. 1 more time and that’s it.

  18. Rez, thanks for posting that link. Actually, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to deny those people their happiness. It is no way hurts me and made their world. Good for DC and I hope their economy is stimulated.

  19. Captain Idiot-Face

    Conservatives were never very quick to cuddle up with Massa that I saw. With Eric Massa, I’m pretty sure it’s a case of “a broken clock is still right twice a day”. Hey Starryflights (mushrooms?), at least Beck apologized for wasting our time, something nobody at PMSNBC would ever have the stones to do. The one gay guy I knew in high school joined the Navy and used to relate stories back to his friends of all kinds of Caligula-style adventures in the Navy. Apparently, it’s pretty rampant.


    The Indian is STILL the shiznit!!

  20. Elena

    My sides hurt from laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like you so much more when you just make jokes@Captain Idiot-Face

  21. Captain Idiot-Face

    I shouldn’t admit this, but I had their LP! Loved it! Still love ’em today. Macho Man is a piece of musical artistry!

  22. I am smiling. I had forgotten that song. capt. when you say LP you do mean you have it on wax? Or maybe 8 track and you just don’t want to fess up.

    I think that is what Massa was doing yesterday for Glenn Beck…relating war stories…pictures and all.

    Actually it was one of Beck’s better shows. There were times he was speechless. Every cloud has a silver lining.

  23. Captain Idiot-Face


    I had it on 33 1/3 Long Playing Record!! I had my share of 8-tracks, too. I had this toy called 2XL, a “robot” that played 8-tracks. I LOVED that thing! It played music 8-tracks too. By far one of my fondest childhood memories was that 2XL. I almost get a tear in my eye thinking about it.

  24. Oh lord, find a picture of it and post it.

  25. Gainesville Resident

    Captain Idiot-Face :
    I shouldn’t admit this, but I had their LP! Loved it! Still love ‘em today. Macho Man is a piece of musical artistry!

    Every time I’ve seen that song done in any sort of setting it has made me laugh – but I never saw the “Navy” version of it! That was hilarious! It is a really great song though with a nice rhythm to it!

  26. Gainesville Resident

    Captain Idiot-Face :
    I had it on 33 1/3 Long Playing Record!! I had my share of 8-tracks, too. I had this toy called 2XL, a “robot” that played 8-tracks. I LOVED that thing! It played music 8-tracks too. By far one of my fondest childhood memories was that 2XL. I almost get a tear in my eye thinking about it.

    I remember well the 8-track player my parents had in one of their cars – and we used to listen to 8-track tapes all the time on road trips.

  27. Gainesville Resident

    Captain Idiot-Face – is this what you are talking about? http://www.2xlrobot.com/ – a google search turned that up – seems like there’s a whole website devoted to it – and it has a huge picture of it on the main page! I haven’t read it in detail – and I’m not sure if this is the same thing as you are talking about since I’m not sure I see anyplace to plug in an 8-track tape. However, maybe I do see this lighted area at the bottojm and maybe that’s actually a door that you push the tape in – it looks about the right size!

  28. Gainesville Resident

    Actually, it does look like it plays 8 track tapes – and some part of the website has images of all the 8-track tapes that were made specifically for it!

    That’s a pretty neat looking toy – I wish I had one of those when I was young! Although, it appears to have come out in 1978 or so – making me too old to have had that as a toy!

    Images of the 8-track tapes made for it are at http://www.2xlrobot.com/types/mego.html#programs

    Not only that, it apparently has MUSIC SAMPLES from those tapes at http://www.2xlrobot.com/moreinfo/music.html#PBS

    If you were not aware of this website – hope it brings back some happy memories for you!

  29. 25 years in the Navy and not one. single. tickle. fight. evah.

    And since there were women in my various commands, I feel left out…..

  30. Cargo, you crack me up. Who ever heard of a tickle party!

    I am putting up a Jon STewart about it in a few minutes. Hilarious. I can’t believe Massa.

    Maybe you should have stayed in 30 years…maybe THAT’s the magic number for a tickle fight.

  31. Wolverine

    Cargosquid — 25 years and you never served Shore Patrol in Olongapo at Subic Bay? The “tickle parties” were upstairs in the private rooms over the main bar. I shall say no more.

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