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Discussion begins tomorrow, Monday, March 15.

Elena and I recommend movies to each other off of Netflix.  We have both enjoyed the fact that we can just drag them down from cyberspace and watch on the computer when we want to. 

We have decided to try out a new idea on the blog,  We will announce a movie and dedicate a thread to it a week later.  Those who want to watch and discuss, great.  Those who don’t, no problem.  We will suggest the first film and hopefully contributors will suggest additional films that they have enjoyed.  The only rules right now are that it has to be a film that you can watch instantly on Netflix. 

This week’s film:  Constantine’s Sword

The thread will go up next Monday for discussion. 


Let us know by comment what you all think of this new blog twist.

57 Thoughts to “Movie Speak at Moonhowlings”

  1. Do you think that other netflix boxes other than roku can hook up to Amazon? I didnt know they rented movies.

  2. Gainesville Resident

    I don’t know about that. I know there are other boxes that can hook to Netflix (I believe even maybe the latest greatest Tivo boxes, for example). Whether they can hook to Amazon, I just don’t know. Seems to me if Amazon was smart, they would. So my bet is they probably do, but I just have no idea. When I bought the Roku – it was kind of the first box that had the ability to hook to Netflix, so that’s why I bought it. I still think it’s a good deal at $100 roughly. I’m not sure how the other boxes compare from a price point of view. The Roku is a very small device actually so that’s one thing that’s nice about it, and it works very well and is easy to set up with your wireless internet connection. Again, I can’t speak to the other boxes. I am however very happy with the Roku device, and the HD picture it presents on HD content from Netflix Instant View is very good (as long as you have a high speed broadband internet connection, that is).

  3. Rick Bentley

    I’m halfway through Constantine’s Sword, didn’t expect to like it, but am finding it very interesting. I’m pretty ignorant of these historical matters so it is quite interesting to me.

  4. Gainesville Resident

    I’m really uninformed for the most part on the historical matters that it appears Constantine’s Sword is about (from the synopsis I read of it) – so it will definitely be interesting to me. I’m sure I’ll find time to watch it over the weekend (although the weekend is an hour shorter than normal thanks to Eastern Daylight Time coming – which i like for the most part except for losing an hour of the weekend and having to get up an hour earlier Monday morning…).

  5. Rick and GR, I sure found out a lot I didn’t know in there also. I sat there with my mouth open.

  6. Gainesville Resident

    OK, I look forward to watching it this weekend. Given that Saturday looks like a miserable day outside, I’m sure I’ll be able to make time for watching it. Now if the weekend was nice weather – it might have been harder for me to make the time. This weekend kind of looks like a washout – at least for tomorrow (Saturday).

  7. Monday the post will go up.

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