Paul Powell Meets Old Sparky Tonight

The electric chair (for death penalty) at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt,
The electric chair (for death penalty) at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt,

Today is the end of the line for rapist and killer Paul Powell.  It’s over.  He will have his last meal.  He is dead man walking.  All the cliches.  He dies tonight in the electric chair.  It has been a long 11 year process to bring justice for this heinous crime. 

Powell was convicted for raping and killing Yorkshire teen  Stacie Reed.  He also raped her sister and slit her throat.  Her mother will attend the execution. 

Powell will  ‘ride the lightning.’    And after it is over, a mother is still left without a child, and a young woman  is left without her sister.  And all the riding of the lightning in the world really won’t right the wrong that has been done to this family. 

link to the history on this horrific crime.

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UPDATE:  Paul Powell was pronounced dead at  9:09 pm  tonight.

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The Chairman Speaks ….Open Mouth…Insert Foot


By now, everyone knows about the Coffee Party.  There were meet-ups all over the United States last Saturday.  People got together to discuss the direction they wanted their local, state and national governments to go. 

A reporter with the Gainesville Times,   Dan Roem, covered the meet-up out in Haymarket last Saturday.  He reported that our BOCS chairman had the following to say about his constituents who gathered to discuss a more productive government:

Despite its call for civility in political discourse, not everyone is buying into the movement, particularly Stewart.

“The Coffee Partiers are a bunch of fruitcakes,” Stewart told the Times on Sunday. “Yeah, they’re a bunch of nuts. If they’re going to be a coffee party, they’ll be a hazelnut party.”

Stewart elaborated, saying the Coffee Party is “just a phase; it’ll disappear.”

He derided Byler, whose 2007 films portrayed Stewart as being a right-wing ideologue, asking at one point, “Does (Byler) have a job?”

Byler said he does not have a full-time job but has earned income from college speaking engagements during the last couple years after striking it rich in Los Angeles making romantic dramas from 2002 to 2006.

Stewart described the Tea Partiers as patriots “concerned about the direction of the country and about the vast amount of spending that happening.” He called the Tea Party a “legitimate movement” while saying the Coffee Party is “just a load of crap.”

When asked to respond to the inevitable accusation that his comments are the type of discourse Coffee Party participants are fighting against, Stewart replied, “It’s more important to be honest than polite.”

Corey must be looking for this year’s scare tactic so he can get elected. More ‘honest than polite?’ Not really. Some people would say or do anything to get elected, or re-elected.

Nothing else needs to be said. Corey has said it all. Is he speaking for the entire BOCS?

No Exorcisms Performed on Pedophile Priests

The Rev. Gabriele Amorth, age 85, has an unusual job to do at the Vatican.  He is the chief Exorcist.    While this subject might seem strange for a blog, it is another sign of change that has gone on within the Roman Catholic Church.  Back in the day, exorcisms weren’t discussed.  The Church barely admitted to performing them.  According to


“The devil tempts everyone — people in politics, in economics, in sport. And naturally, he tempts, above all, the religious leaders, so you shouldn’t be surprised if the devil tempts those in the Vatican. That’s his job.”

The Rev. Gabriele Amorth isn’t speaking metaphorically when he says that. The 85-year-old priest means people can be tempted and literally possessed by Satan.

“It’s not my opinion: I’m saying that if you believe in the Gospels, you believe in the existence of the devil, in the devil’s power to possess people,” he said in an interview with CNN.

The faithful believe “that there are people possessed by the devil, and … in the power of exorcism to liberate from the devil,” he said.

And as the Vatican’s chief exorcist, it’s his job to expel the devil when someone is possessed. He’s performed more than 70,000 exorcisms in his career, he estimates.

But there is a difference between possession — where the devil takes hold of someone’s body and actions — and temptation, where Satan lures a person into doing evil, he said.

Father Amorth believes the pedophile priests have been tempted by the devil, not possessed by the devil.   He has never performed an exorcism on a pedophile priest.  Now the pedophile priest scandal is spreading in Europe in countries like Ireland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, Father Amorth feels that is important to note the difference.  He does admit that he has done exorcisms on priests who have been molested by the devil but he does not elaborate on that. 

Father Amorth says he sees only good people in the Vatican.  Speaking of pedophile priests, he says:  

“They don’t need exorcism, they need to be converted, to be converted to God, that’s what they need. They need to confess, they need true penitence, true repentance, that’s what they need. They’re not possessed.”

But no one is too strong a believer to be possessed, Amorth said.

Good for the Catholic Church for finally talking publicly about the ritual of exorcism.  Back in the early 70s when William Peter Blatty first wrote The Exorcist,  the ritual was shrouded in mystery.  The novel was written on an actual case of a possessed boy who lived in Mt. Rainer, Md.  Blatty spoke at the time of the difficulty he had doing the research.  The Church simply did not release information on this subject. 

It seems that now the Church has been forced to discuss the pedophilia that has gone on and exorcisms.  Sunlight is probably a good thing.  Darn that was a terrifying movie!