Jon Stewart: Conservative Libertarian

Warning: some adult subject matter.

Jon Stewart does a real good Glenn Beck. You have to watch out for that social justice!

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Is it just me or does Jon Stewart’s spoof make more sense than Glenn Beck?
I have decided Beck is just dangerous. His audience is too wide and there are just too many people who buy into this crap. Is this a cult?

Life: The Discovery Channel Begins the Sequence to Planet Earth Sunday Night @ 8

Life.  This series is an 11 part event that follows the facinating Planet Earth Series. It is best watched in Hi Def. It begins at 8 pm Sunday night. 

Following the first installment of Life, we can settle in to the second night of The Pacific

New Moon is in the mail now.  If you purchased it from Amazon, you can download it to watch while you are waiting for the mail to deliver it.  My kind of service:  instant need gratification.  I saw up to watch it at midnight but decided I would never make it through the entire movie.  For those of you who are mentally an adult, New Moon is part of the vampire Twilight Series.  While written as a book for young people, many adults also enjoy the Twilight Series.  (Sort of like how many like Harry Potter.)  I like Vampires and I like Forks, Washington, the setting.

Michael Moore: My Congressman, Bart Stupak, Has Neither a Uterus Nor a Brain

Michael Moore is a strange person. I have never seen one of his films. I have always assumed that he was far too liberal for my taste. Yet he is an interesting, thought-provoking man at times, in the interviews with him that I have seen. He has a middle class background with middle class values. He also seems to think capitalism is evil. Perhaps I misunderstood him though. He is not what people sometimes call ‘the Hollywood elite.’ I found his letter in the Huffington Post and almost didn’t read it.

I am going to ask you to read his letter. Please do not comment on Michael Moore. Our like or dislike of him is not the issue. Please respond to what he says. Any part of it. There are many layers in what he has to say.



I live in Michigan, in one of the 31 counties represented in the U.S. House of Representatives by none other than Mr. Bart Stupak, a Democrat. You’ve probably never heard of him. He’s a pretty quiet guy, a former Michigan State Police trooper who boldly decided to run some 18 years ago as a Democrat in a rural part of Michigan that votes almost exclusively for Republicans (yes, I know — what am I doing here? I’ll save that story for a future letter).

His voting record is pretty conservative for a Democrat, but he’s had a few shining moments. In the wake of the Columbine shootings, he voted for some gun control, a not-too-popular position to take here in northern Michigan. The NRA came after him with all they had in 2000.

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