Life.  This series is an 11 part event that follows the facinating Planet Earth Series. It is best watched in Hi Def. It begins at 8 pm Sunday night. 

Following the first installment of Life, we can settle in to the second night of The Pacific

New Moon is in the mail now.  If you purchased it from Amazon, you can download it to watch while you are waiting for the mail to deliver it.  My kind of service:  instant need gratification.  I saw up to watch it at midnight but decided I would never make it through the entire movie.  For those of you who are mentally an adult, New Moon is part of the vampire Twilight Series.  While written as a book for young people, many adults also enjoy the Twilight Series.  (Sort of like how many like Harry Potter.)  I like Vampires and I like Forks, Washington, the setting.

13 Thoughts to “Life: The Discovery Channel Begins the Sequence to Planet Earth Sunday Night @ 8”

  1. I can’t remember where I saw it, but there was a premise put forth for a new story. Dracula wakes up from sleeping for over 100 years, sees what prima donnas the “new” vampires have become and kills them all for being wimps….

  2. Find out the name of it and let me know, please. there certainly are a lot of Vampire series going around. I liked Moonlighting. That went off the air though. I didnt like the HBO vampires and I do like the CW ones, Vampire diaries. Liking vamps is genetic. My phd brother likes vampires also. We didnt know that about each other until we were both middle aged.

    This Discovery thing should be wonderful. The lead ups are gorgeous.

    Did you watch episode 1 of the Pacific? I actually liked it but had a lot of interruptions during it.

  3. I don’t think it was an actual series, just a premise put forth in comments about the Twilight series and the recent development of the vampire as a sexy romantic lead as a opposed to, you know, an undead, blood sucking corpse. I actually like vampire stories too. The “Anita Blake, Vampire Executioner” series, by Laurell K. Hamilton, is pretty good. I think her earlier books are better. She’s been working out some issues through her writing and went overboard, I think, on the sex in the later books. Not that there is anything wrong with that….

    On the Pacific, I don’t get the premium channels. Will have to wait for the dvds.

  4. Gainesville Resident

    I’m very much looking forward to that series. I have the “Planet Earth’ series on Blue Ray DVD – and it is just fantastic to watch it that way. Of course, I saw it when it was on originally – and at that time had DirecTV in my old house – and it looked fantastic there. DirecTV seemed to run the HD version of the Discovery channel almost uncompressed. Sadly, Comcast does too much compression so there are noticeable compression artificacst. My new neighborhood has Comcast bundled into the HOA fees (something a bunch of us are trying to get changed and we probably have the votes to do it). So, until they drop the Comcast bundle from the HOA fees, I’m unable to really be able to justify going back to DirecTV – which I actually have my DirecTV service “on hold” since I still have time left in the contract. I just can’t see paying $85 a month roughly out of my HOA dues for Comcast, and then also having to pay for DirecTV.

    I got off track here actually – but my main point is I’m really looking forward to this new series. Planet Earth was fantastic, and I still enjoy rewatching it on Blu Ray – in fact that’s one of the best demos you can find of Blu Ray, in my opinion.

    I really think I’ll have to wait for Blu Ray version of the new series to come out – to be able to fully enjoy it. Actually, even DirecTV’s broadcast of the original series – didn’t do it justice compared to the Blu Ray version. And, the Blu Ray version has better narration – it is the original narration from the British version – much better narration than the actress who did the American version (I think Sigourney Weaver). Her narration wasn’t bad, but the original narration was just much better, in my own opinion.

  5. How does FIOS HD compare to /blu ray, GR? I dislike how much space the HD recordings take up on the DVR.

    Cargo, it is awfully good. It might be worth picking up HBO for a couple months while this thing is on.

  6. It is a very beautiful show but it is brutally honest about the savagry of nature. The 4 year old got to see the ostrich get killed right after I handed her a beanie baby one. Much screaming. As far as artistry is concerned, this show is it.

    I like the octopus the best.

  7. Rick Bentley

    Yeah, good stuff, but you can see that life on the whole is all about things mauling and eating each other in complex ways. The kimono? dragon segment was the most brutal one to me.

    To me, who can watch this and believe a God designed all this? It rather obviously all evolved.

    My favorite was the monkeys using the rocks to open nuts. And their children imitating them for as long as 8 years before they can do it as well.

  8. Rick Bentley

    The Octopus – 100,000 eggs? 1% survive and the mother starves while nurturing the eggs? Some people believe a God designed this?

    And designed wolves and foxes that eat (and fornicate with) their young? And created birth defects by design? And so on and so forth …

  9. Gainesville Resident

    I didn’t get a chance to watch it yet (I recorded it on the dvr). Glad to hear that it sounds good – I’ll get to watch it some evening this week hopefully, so I don’t start falling behind on it.

  10. Gainesville Resident

    Rick Bentley :
    The Octopus – 100,000 eggs? 1% survive and the mother starves while nurturing the eggs? Some people believe a God designed this?

    I would never have guessed that’s how many eggs the Octopus lays. Wow! I guess with a 1% survival rate it has to lay a lot. But that’s still 1000 octopuses (octopi??). That’s still amazing the number of baby octopus a mother has.

  11. Gainesville Resident

    Moon-howler :
    How does FIOS HD compare to /blu ray, GR? I dislike how much space the HD recordings take up on the DVR.

    It can’t be the bandwidth of blu ray – as you would really find your dvr filling up fast if it did!

    How many hours of HD does the FIOS DVR hold? I hate the Comcast DVR – it only holds about 20 hours. The DirecTV DVR had a much bigger drive, so even though there was higher quality video – it held 50 hours of HD video (200 hours of SD video).

    However, DirecTV uses the new MPEG4 standard, which is able to make smaller files but be higher video quality. I think they are the only ones who use MPEG4, everyone else I think uses the older MPEG2 which doesn’t compress as much.

    Actually, DirecTV launched a bunch of new satellites for MPEG4, the older ones didn’t have the equipment to broadcast that. Not only that, DirecTV had to change out everyone’s boxes, as the older satellite boxes didn’t receive MPEG4 – or more correctly couldn’t decode it, since the decoding is done by hardware, not software. You can decode it in software, but that takes longer to do, so is slower, and for viewing live video it really won’t work. You need a hardware decoder.

  12. Gainesville Resident

    All that being said – I think FIOS is the best solution. But, I might revise that opinion if their DVR doesn’t have much storage capacity in terms of numbers of hours of HD video. That’s one of my big beefs with Comcast – their DVR only holds about 20 hours of HD video. Again, DirecTV’s held 50 hours of HD video in MPEG4 format. IT only held 30 hours of MPEG2 format HD video. For awhile DirecTV was broadcasting both – some channels hadn’t converted to MPEG4. But now, all DirecTV channels are broadcasting MPEG4, so you will definitely be able to fit 50 hours of HD video onto their DVR.

    Finally, I’m sure nothing is as good as Blu Ray. But FIOS HD may be close. I do believe it is higher bandwidth than DirecTV, so even if still in MPEG2, probably looks better. It’s just that it can’t have the bandwidth Blu Ray does – but maybe comes fairly close.

  13. Gainesville Resident

    Speaking of a good nature Blu Ray DVD – has anyone ever seen “Winged Migration”? It is a 1 1/2 hour movie of migration of all kinds of birds, filmed all over the world. They often flew along in very quiet aircraft to film it. Really beautiful, plus a lot of amazing facts of how birds migrate as the seasons change. Definitely recommend renting it (I’m sure it’s available for rental from Netflix) if you haven’t seen it. Right up there with Planet Earth in my opinion.

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