GOP Fliers left on House Dem Seats During Debate


According to Huffington Post:

House Democrats on Sunday were greeted with a particularly partisan, somewhat juvenile sight when they took their seats inside the chamber.

On several of their chairs were fliers warning them that if they happened to pass health care reform that night — which they did — it would result in a repeat of the 1994 midterm election, which became known as the Republican Revolution.

“IN 1993 THEY VOTED YES. A YOUNG PRESIDENT TOLD THEM ‘DON’T WORRY, IT’LL BE OKAY,'” the flier read, substituting in bold red font for individual words. “34 INCUMBENTS DEFEATED, 54 SEATS LOST.”

Pictured on the flier are the head shots of 25 of those members in a “wanted” style framing — the margin of electoral defeat they suffered in ’94 under their name.

A Democratic aide passed on the literature to the Huffington Post, relaying that Republicans had put them on some seats but “not all.”

This tactic seems to just be more bullying and threats.  Time will tell what happens in the mid-term elections.  If history repeats itself, there will be some majority party losses.  It’s expected.  Remember, those same Democrats would be facing the people who sent them there if they didn’t vote the way their base elected them to do.  

There is also a good chance that the Republicans will suffer backlash for for perceived hard ball tactics.  Time will tell.

Where were the Republicans during the past 8 years?  The need for health care reform was obvious to everyone who didn’t in a cave.  Our premiums kept going up and up as did our deductible and our services diminished.  Need for change was not a news flash.

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