Rep. Perriello from the Charlottesville  area voted for the Health Care Reform bill.  Today officials and the FBI are looking in to how the propane gas line at his brother’s house got cut.  Political opponents had posted his brother’s address on a website, thinking the address was the congressman’s.   According to

From NBC’s Pete Williams
Virginia officials, aided by the FBI, are looking into how a residential propane feeder line was cut at the home of the brother of a Virginia congressman.

Investigators have reached no conclusions about how or why it happened. But the line was cut after the home’s address was posted on a blog and a Facebook page, both maintained by members of a local Tea Party group who thought it was the home of Rep. Tom Perriello, a Virginia Democrat who voted in favor of the health-care bill.

One said, “This is Rep. Thomas Stuart Price Perriello’s home address,” and added, “I ain’t holding back anymore!!” The other urged readers to “drop by” the home and “express their thanks” for the vote. 

The cut in the gas line, which runs from a propane tank to a gas grill on a screened-in porch, was discovered Tuesday, the day after the address was posted. When they realized that it was incorrect, the operators of the blog and Faceboook page took the address off.

The chairman of the Lynchburg, VA, Tea Party, Mark Lloyd, told NBC News, “I learned what happened after the fact. We made an official statement on our Web site,” saying that that his group “did not request, sanction, or endorse” posting the address, which appeared on a different Web site.

Tea Party member Nigel Coleman, who wrote one of the Internet posts, told the Charlottesville Daily Progress that he was shocked when he heard about the incident.

Rep. Steny Hoyer reports that threats have been made to around ten Congressmen and women who voted yes to HCR legislation.  Shepherd Smith reports that he is waiting for an update from Capitol Police. 

Please note that the material for this post comes from both MSNBC and from Fox News.   Unfortunately incendiary rhetoric meant to gather the troops sometimes sends some of them off the deep end.  All of us, regardless of party affiliation or ideology must be mindful of our audience and what we say.  Civil debate becomes increasingly more important.  Shepherd Smith gave one of his fierce admonitions about settling political unhappiness and discontent at the ballot box.  I feel certain there will be footage of his remarks.  I will post them.  One bad apple can give many black eyes. 

It goes without saying that any  remarks like that would be removed from this blog.  However, no one here would post like that either.  The blogosphere does have the responsibility to maintain civil discussion.

Daily  Progress Story

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  1. Pinko, I think you just got drafted. Rut Rooooooo

    Thanks Cargo and Wolverine.

    More later.

    Wolverine, don’t be gone too long!

  2. Elena

    I am so jealous of your skills here, I sooo want to do my geneology, I just wouldn’t know where to start!

  3. Elena,

    Try the free version of I put mine up there and then just started talking to relatives.

  4. @marinm
    LOL! Lapband. Shut up, Marin!

    Anyway, Wolverine is, as always, the voice of reason. Perhaps I can change the word “terrorist” to “thug” or “criminals.”

    I tend to lump all violence, hatred and threats into larger violent, hating groups because those are the comparisons that spring into my mind. Part of it is that I just don’t get it. You can get po’d and spout off (lord knows, I do my share) but when it goes beyond that, I don’t understand. It’s like mass hysteria which scares me, especially because I”ve never been a proponent of group behavior. (My friends used to laugh at me when I talked about group behavior and how I dislike it so.)

    Yesterday, I was listening to a radio show run by right-wing lawyers. Their message was, sign up to join a mass lawsuit against the healthcare bill. Do NOT get violent. Go through the right channels. And even though the widened the rift between Dems and Repubs through their other rhetoric, at least they were trying.

    The funny thing was they were talking out of both sides of their mouths. They maintain there are liberals and moderates against this bill, but they blame the Dems and call them things like “pro-abortion” which doesn’t help. Then, an African American Dem. called in and indicated he was sorry he voted for Obama and wanted to join the lawsuit. He put in a fair amount of “God bless you all for what you are doings.”

    Now, this caller could be sincere. But he could also be a plant. We see this all the time–people pretending to be what they are not for the sake of forwarding a cause, people stirring things up, all the while pretending to be from the “other side.” All that does is create a feeling of mistrust, and so the chasm widens. People who do this are manipulative and dishonest, IMO.

    Please people–be what you are, but don’t be what these thugs are. Like the lawyers said, go through the right channels.

    Wolverine, I really do try to behave. I have some issues that impede my good intentions sometime, which is no excuse, but is a reality. I suspect people who lash out also have issues, which is why the Socialist, fat chick, etc. names don’t get to me as much. But I will tell you–hate speech, threats (especially barely veiled ones which comes from law-savvy people), DO get to me. I don’t appreciate wondering if I’m the next one to get a brick through my window.

  5. Censored bybvbl

    Off topic – be leery of putting too much info out there on or similar sites. Identity thieves love those places.

  6. And that’s why only our names are up there. No other info that cannot be found in the phone book. Less than that. No addresses.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Wolverine

    Pinko — Maybe we can get a group rate on those tummy tucks. Sitting so long at this computer has definitely had some adverse effects.

    Elena — Censored and Cargo are right about the identity thieves. is very good, although there are other sites out there which can be helpful. You can do a free trial on; but you will have to pay varying levels of membership to do some real serious work. will even do some of the work for you if you provide the opening lead. Best thing to do is make your inquiries about those in your family who have passed on. That personal data is of less use to identity thieves. You may find that someone else out there is already working on your family tree. When you look at on living people (usually their addresses in the 1980’s through circa 2000 and once in a while old school yearbooks, newspaper clippings, and the like), you may find only limited birth data like month and year on display as a protective security measure. In the available family trees and the like, anyone who is still alive will usually be listed only as “Living Jones” or something similar without further data. is pretty serious about that kind of protection. It’s become sort of an unwritten rule for genealogists who put their trees on the web for others to use as a research tool.

    I have succeeded in finding some good data on that 17th century relative using old European church records which were transcribed by some beautiful person who placed them on the web. Even was able to locate the exact site of his farm. Those records are in the handwriting of the local minister in a very small town. Believe I may even have identifed the guy’s parents, which takes me back earlier into the 17th century.

    Doesn’t beat out Mrs. Wolverine, however. With the help of Belgian experts we identified an ancestor alive in 1340 when Flanders was still a free nation and only some decades after that great “Battle of the Golden Spurs” between the Flemish and the French which took place only about 10 clicks from the ancestral home (meaning it is likely that Mrs. Wolverine’s ancesters may have been in the Flemish citizen militia battleline facing twice their number in French armored knights and foot soldiers. Beat the pants off those French, too. More than 700 French nobles and knights slain on that field. The rest ran back to France. The date is still an official holiday in Belgium.) . Now, unless you are royalty or nobility, that is, indeed, a find!!

  8. Wolverine, That is SO AWESOME! I’m an unemployed Title abstractor so I’ve looked at deed and land records going back….earliest was 1843. Just trying to read the handwriting in english is hard….One searcher had to search a building that had been in the city of Richmond’s possession for almost 300 years….oof.

    I was lucky that one cousin had done his family tree and that took care of my father. I was able to find my mother’s in a book. My sister has a more comprehensive book of the tree: The Moutons. I’ll be looking at that this summer. Now, I’m trying to link in my wife’s family tree. Her family are Jewish. Her grandfather came over through Ellis. His name went from (unspellable) russian name to Cohen. However, when his brothers came over, they ended up with Katz, Levi, and….can’t remember. Double oof. Instead of a straight tree, I’m tryng for a family shrub. I want all of my sister in laws and bro in law to be in there.

    How does one become a genealogist? Sounds fascinating.

  9. I lucked out. I shot off my mouth in a national newspaper a few years ago and the husband of a distant relative found me. He had the best family history I have ever seen. He puts my mother’s to shame. But anyway, Dan rules!

    I have been told that the Mormon genealogy records cannot be beat. My former next door neighbor worked for one of the local Mormon genealogical centers.

    i am lucky that other people have taken an interest. I wish I knew more about my father’s family. I fear that is almost untraceable. I am not even sure of one of the countries.

  10. And Pinko, I still vote for you giving yourself a more flattering name. You have definitely had your share of dealing with very unkind, nasty people. Treat yourself to a new name. Make it Queen something. You have earned it. 😉

  11. Red Dawn

    I second that! 🙂 How about Queen Revelry? She writes about the batttlefield, and find the peace in it. She also stand her ground! 🙂 I just remember my dad being a sailor, would come in our room when as kids, we didn’t wake up….he would flip the light switch on and call revelry…PISSED us off, but got our attention!!! LOL!! That’s it! I crown her Queen Revelry! 🙂 Not to be mistaken that she pissed me off… 🙂 Luv her! 🙂

  12. Red Dawn

    OHHHH…I see that I like my smiley faces 😉 lol

  13. LOL! You guys are great.

    Red Dawn, I kind of like your idea. Yeah, I pissed people off for sure. Sometimes I did it not even knowing I was doing it! Sometimes I didn’t care. Sometimes I was ranting. Sometimes I felt bad but believed I should speak my mind.

    I will think long and hard about my name. 🙂

  14. Wolverine

    Pinko, with all due apologies to Red Dawn from another old sailor like dad, bless his seafaring heart, I would suggest that assuming the title of “Queen Revelry” might cause people to think you are a “party girl.” You might want to try “Queen Reveille” instead.

    Good call, Red Dawn. Dad would be proud that you remembered! Fair seas and following winds.

  15. Red Dawn

    Thanks, Wolverine!! That’s the one I was looking for. I knew it didn’t sound right! ( too funny)

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