I am going to suggest a blog for Conservatives.  It belongs to a friend of mine, Bill.  The name of the blog is:

                                 Bill 4 Dog Catcher       (See Bill’s logo)


 and it’s on our blogroll.  Now why would I want to introduce people to another blog?  Bill 4 Dog Catcher  isn’t your average blog. It is honestly a conservative blog the way I remember conservatives used to be.  The extremists haven’t hi-jacked Bill or his conservative values.   Bill has a section( page) on his blog, If I were Dog Catcher.  I would be hard pressed to find much to disagree with in the abstract.  If I were a plagiarizer, I could go lift his words, and plant them here on a page as my own, quite comfortably.  In reality, in talking with Bill, he and I aren’t too far apart either. 

I know some of you all are not happy with the tone here.  Some people have complained that I am favoring the left leaners and other people have complained that the conservatives or right leaners are running them off.  Trust me, I am getting it from both sides.  I think that Cargo Squid laid down a great line he got off one of the blogs somewhere: 

“Provocation is perceived by the viewer within the lens of their own world views.”

I would also be less than honest if I didn’t say I have leaned somewhat more left, or what I consider more left since the town hall uprisings last summer.   I still consider myself a moderate.  I don’t think I have changed my political beliefs.  I think the line has moved between left and right. 

We are also a new blog  as far as  direction and admins are concerned.  Alanna is not part of day to day operations and most will remember she is a Republican, or at least she was until the latest uprising started.  I haven’t tried to pin her down to ideology lately. 

Several contributors  want to cling to the past and old fights.  I don’t.  It serves no purpose.  I don’t want to forget our roots and why we started up.  It is important to Alanna, Elena, and to me.  However, we also cannot be creatures rooted or mired in our past.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to take down the archives prior to February 2010.  That is something to discuss.   We don’t want to start an endless stream of censorship or placing people in moderation.  There has to be some of that but we both hate it. 

I urge everyone to check out Bill 4 Dog Catcher.  Please come back to “howlings after you do.  With the current political  atmosphere,  tempers are flaring and our politics are probably on edge more so than usual.  I think the conservatives  here might be a little more comfortable for the time being.  If you are looking for fiery rhetoric and picking up pitchforks and shovels though, Bill is going to growl first, show his teeth, and maybe bite.

Say hi to Bill and that ‘Elena and Moon-howler sent you.

7 Thoughts to “Conservatives and then there are Conservatives”

  1. Al

    I’m a big fan of bill’s blog and recommend it highly! (this is an unpaid celebrity endorsement from an individual who actually uses the product or service in question).

  2. Awesome blog! Thanks for posting it, MH. I’ve added it to my own blogroll.

  3. marinm

    Some good nuggets but a tad too RINO for my tastes. If I have more spare cycles I may give it another pass.


  4. I still have a problem with the term RINO. No one calls themselves a RINO. Many people call themselves Blue Dog Democrats. Is there a name to use that people who you all consider RINO might call themselves?

    And actually, who says Bill is a Republican? I believe he is a conservative Independent. Perhaps he votes for the person who has the most integrity rather than some party ‘ho.

  5. marinm

    No one really calls themselves crazy but sometimes it fits for some people. 😉

    Ok, you are right. I have no source material saying that he’s a Republican. He calls himself a Libertarian (woohoo!! more people should be) and writes about some of those core beliefs but then takes a veer (you can call it left or right) towards collectivism and this idea that world governments should work together (maybe towards a common goal?). Yah, thats scary stuff for me and I’m no where close to being a neo-con.

  6. Marinm,

    I “veer (you can call it left or right) towards collectivism”? Would you like to borrow my reading glasses? They come in two strengths.

    Hardly am I a collectivist, a neo-con or … chances are you didn’t really spend any time looking around Bill4DogCatcher.com

    –>> I opposed the Health Care Reform bill, argue for a strict interpretation of the Constitution, support term limits, support a balanced budget amendment, want to secure the borders, and strongly (explicity!) support states rights and the 10th Amendment.

    BTW – my very specific positions are laid out on a whole host of issues: http://bill4dogcatcher.wordpress.com/if-i-were-dog-catcher/

    Best regards,

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