Cucinnelli Must Think He is Still Running for Office…

Does this offend anyone else? Does Cuccinelli think he is still running for office?

Does this behavior seem unseemly for a sitting attorney general?

Challenging ‘Obamacare?’ I guess the good AG won’t mind if I call him ‘Moochinelli?’

I am glad he is saving the American people if they send money. It just sounds like a cheap campaign stunt to me.

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Papers Please Legislation: FAIR’s Influence In AZ

Rachel Maddow takes a look at founder John Taunton and the organization FAIR. John Taunton still sits on the board of FAIR. Maddow interviews a rather hostile Stein who is the president of FAIR.

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Dan Stein is most defensive about some of the views associated with FAIR.

FAIR: The organization

John Taunton write up at SPLC

Drill Baby Drill?



How is that off shore drilly thing working out for everyone? 

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has called out the National Guard and declared a state of emergency a few hours ago to protect the State of Louisiana’s natural resources.  Yesterday the wind blew the oil away from shore.  Today, just the opposite was happening.

Last month, President Obama discussed the possibility of off shore drilling.  Will people be so willing to go along with this plan after BP’s oil rig explosion?  4 gulf states stand in harm’s way as 5000 gallons of oil leak daily.

Are the environmental hazards just too great? How far off our coastlines are other countries drilling? If other countries are reaping the benefits, shouldn’t we? Who knows what causes these kinds of disasters. Can they even be avoided? Meanwhile, 11 people are missing, presumed dead. There is also the human element, which has not gotten the amount of attention that the environmental elements have gotten. This much oil can ruin the fishing economy. Will BP be under the same oil albatross as Exxon was?

Laura Bush Claims She and the President Poisoned in Germany

Former First Lady Laura Bush claims that she, the president, and other members of their entourage were poisoned in 2007 in Germany during a G8 summit meeting.   Mrs. Bush’s assertions open up a diplomatic can of worms in her new book, Spoken From the Heart. Members of their entourage also lost hearing, had difficulty walking, and other issues that seem more indicative of poisoning than a virus. The Secret Service went in to overdrive but came to no definitive conclusions. According to CNN:

“Nearly a dozen members of our delegation were stricken, even George, who started to feel sick during an early morning staff briefing,” Mrs. Bush writes. “[O]ne of our military aides had difficulty walking and a White House staffer lost all hearing in one ear. Exceedingly alarmed, the Secret Service went on full alert, combing the resort for potential poisons.”

“George felt so ill that he met with [French President Nicolas] Sarkozy and did not even stand up to greet him,” she continues, adding later, “We never learned if any other delegations became ill, or if ours, mysteriously, was the only one.”

Excerpts of the book were first published by The New York Times on Tuesday.

The 432-page memoir is both a recount of the rare experience of being a first lady and a reflection of the eight years she spent in the White House as her husband’s popularity gradually declined.


One has to ask themselves what makes a family choose politics.  Is anyone thick skinned enough to have a loved one attacked like George Bush was attacked?  Can you imagine being his parents or his wife and children?  Perhaps politics are just too cruel for the average person to participate.  Perhaps the Ukrainians throwing eggs at each other are ultimately more civilized than the American people and their politicians. 

I suppose we will never know if the Bushes were poisoned.  Wasn’t a shoe bad enough?   Perhaps now Mrs. Bush has gone public, we will find out the truth.

9-Year Old Saves Little Brother from Abductor

Photo by Uriah Kiser/News and Messenger
Photo by Uriah Kiser/News and Messenger

A would-be abduction was thwarted by a 9 year old boy who pushed his little brother to the ground to keep him from being kidnapped.  The incident happened in an upscale neighborhood in Bristow.  PWC police are urging parents to warn their children and to be on the lookout for  :

The 9-year-old told police the attacker was white, between 40 and 50 years old, about 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall, with a small silver hoop earring in his right ear and a goatee. He wore a yellow polo shirt with a pocket on the left chest and light blue jeans.

The little brother who is aged 5 is fortunately he has a quick thinking older brother.  This incident in a reminder to all parents that abduction doesn’t just happen in bad neighborhoods.  Abduction can happen anywhere.  According to the News and Messenger:

MANASSAS, Va.—As police searched for a would-be kidnapper Wednesday, a 9-year-old Bristow boy was hailed a hero for saving his 5-year-old brother from the abduction attempt.

Walking home from a friend’s house about 5:30 p.m. Monday, the two boys decided to cut between two homes near the intersection of Noltland Castle Drive and Lennice Way.
A man then approached the two from behind and grabbed the 5-year-old, said Prince William police spokeswoman Erika Hernandez.

The 9-year-old rushed to his brother’s aid and pushed the younger boy to the ground, effectively freeing him of the would-be abductor’s grasp, said police.

The attacker ran from the scene, and the children ran home.

Parents’ reactions can be read at

AZ Sheriff calls New Legislation Stupid

Not everyone in Arizona likes the new Illegal Immigration law in Arizona. One sheriff refuses to enforce the law. He further states that it is some of the worst legislation he has seen in all his years in law enforcement.

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik feels the law will make racial profiling almost mandetory. According to

PHOENIX — An Arizona sheriff is the latest person to speak out about the state’s new immigration legislation, saying he does not plan to enforce the divisive law.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik calls Senate Bill 1070 a “stupid law” that will force officers to start profiling. He is one of the first local law enforcement officials to rebel against the law.

“We don’t need to enforce it. It would be irresponsible in my opinion to put people in the Pima County Jail at the taxpayers expense when i can give them to the Border Patrol,” Dupnik said.

The Sheriff admits he could get sued for failing to obey the law, but says that’s a risk he’s willing to take.

The sheriff who is from around the Tucson area sure isn’t the only official who doesn’t like this legislation. The mayor of Phoenix is also suing the state of Arizona over its constitutionality. The mayor does not have the full support of the city council with his lawsuit.

Elena and Alanna Thwart Corey Stewart’s Attempt to Rewrite PWC Immigration History

When Localities Take On Immigration
Click the above to listen to the show.

Elena and Alanna apparently had a good time calling Chairman Stewart out on his “inaccuracies” today on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on NPR (WAMU).   Corey Stewart is STILL trying to spin that the resolution, neutered of the “probable cause” mandate, is tougher than the original resolution.  

I believe I recall a certain Chairman saying “over his dead body” would he allow the probable cause mandate to be stricken from the immigration resolution.  Hmmmmm, well, it WAS stricken and he is clearly still walking around, alive and well.   Why on earth did he fight soooo hard if he didn’t mind the probable cause being taken out.  As I recall, Anti-BVBL, along with many other citizens who had spoken out against the resolution, celebrated when the probable cause mandate was stricken from the enforcement language.

PWC Crime Statistics 2009

Senate Word of the Day: One Sh!tty Deal

Financial reform is something we all agree upon, or do we? We all agree we need it, we just don’t know how we need it or agree on the fix. The Senate Republicans voted Monday night against moving forward with debate on the financial reform bill. I guess both sides of the aisle will have to go back to the drawing board.   Too bad they can’t kick the lobbyists out. 

Meanwhile. the Senate continues to grill Goldman Sachs executives over suspected wrongdoing on their part during the 2008 financial crisis. Some of the highlights may be seen below. The senators seemed to fixate on some verbage that boils down to ‘one sh!tty deal.’  Perhaps that really is the crux of the matter. 

There don’t seem to be many heroes out there but the big zero is one executive director Fabrice Tourre, who is the subject of a fraud lawsuit by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Fabrice nicknamed himself ‘fab Fab’. This ego driven maniac will not find U.S. Senators quite as taken by him as his girlfriends have been.

One of his emails to one of the 2 women he was dangling contained the following from the New York Daily News:

Six months later, Tourre joked about finding new suckers. “I have managed to sell a few Abacus bonds to widows and orphans that I ran into at the airport,” he writes, adding, “Not feeling too guilty about this.”


In case you didn’t understand the Washington Post’s video from ABC News, I have included Jon Stewart’s take on these Senate Hearings. Jon Stewart made a lot more sense to me. He cut to the chase. The Timberwolf really does seem to be ‘one sh!tty deal.’ Then there is that real sleaze bag, the Fabulous Fab, making his fortune off the backs of widows and orphans.  Stewart mourns the death of the elephonkey.

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The GS  people truly are playing with us. According to the Washington Post:

Goldman hired lawyers who formerly worked on the committee to prepare the executives; one of those lawyers once told a trade journal that the best strategy is “long, thoughtful pauses followed by rambling non-responsive answers.” The executives practiced the technique.

At one point, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) asked Tourre about an e-mail he wrote that suggested he was looking to sell mortgage-backed investments only to unsophisticated investors. But, taking his time, he asked her three times to identify which e-mail she meant and to repeat her question.

“I cannot help but get the feeling that a strategy of the witnesses is to try to burn through the time of each questioner,” Collins responded in an exasperated tone.

These people seem to think they are above the law and far above the rest of us. They sicken me. So many people lost so much; people who trusted banks and financial institutions to do the right thing. Were we all duped? How close to financial ruin were we all? We were on the precipice while these bastards played the system. It wasn’t just Goldman Sachs. Apparently the problem was ubiquitous.

To Diane’s uncle, and all the other uncles out there…

One of our regulars was very offended by the video from the president (see below). I am not. However, I am going to tell the story of my hair stylist’s uncle. Her name is Diane (changed for privacy reasons). Diane is a late 30-something black woman who was raised in Prince William County. She has been my hair person since she was a youngster, right out of high school.

Diane’s uncle had never voted in his life. He had never had reason to, in his mind. In 2008, as an old man in his 80’s, suffering from 2 different serious cancers, he got up, got dressed and registered to vote. He said it had never seemed important to him. He said he never thought in his life he would ever have the chance to vote for a black man for president. And vote he did. Shortly after President Obama took office, Diane’s uncle passed away, but as she told me with tears in her eyes, her uncle got to vote for a black man for president.

That’s not something I will ever be able to feel. It sure made my eyeballs sweat a little when she told me about it though. On the other hand, how often have I gotten to vote for a woman for president, and is it really the same thing? I am thinking probably not. Somehow its just a little bit different. 

Should people be offended when the president wants to make certain that certain demographics stay involved in the election process?  How about other politicians?  Isn’t that what goes on anyway?  What makes young people, Blacks, Hispanics and women worthy of being specially cited?

Maybe I am missing something. I am just not offended.

Jon Stewart: Law and Border in Arizona

Jon Stewart tries to educate himself on just what is going on in Arizona. He postulates that Arizona is the meth lab of democracy. Social commentary gets into Jon’s space.

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Sheriff Corey? Those Quotable Anecdotal Crime Records

Prince William County set the trend for Arizona?  That would be us, real trend setters.  On the news tonight on channel 5 news at 6 pm and again at 11 pm , it was announced that all eyes would be on Prince William County because three years ago they enacted a Resolution similar to that which Arizona recently signed into law.  Well, sort of. 

Channel 5 next interviewed chairman of the board of supervisors, Corey Stewart.  Corey told the viewers that it saved lives when illegal immigrants were identified and deported.  He further explained that enforcing immigration laws in PWC has had a very large impact on reducing crime in the county.   He elaborated that our overall crime rate is at a 19 year low. 

The reporter added that of the 2000 arrests for serious crime, 121 of those arrested were illegal aliens.  Those figures certainly don’t seem to support what Corey just said on the news.  In fact, I am curious about where this all time low in 19 years comes from.  What was happening 19 years ago that we had such a huge crime rate?  Corey seems to be cherry picking his crime statistic once again. Just thinking back on the horrific crimes committed in the past year or so in Prince William County, I don’t see how anyone can say that our crime rate is lower for serious crime. Prince William has seen an increase in urban type crimes. I expect Corey will continue his anecdotal account of how things are here in Prince William rather than relying on empirical data gathered from crime statistics.

His fellow supervisors need to call him out on his shoddy reporting. I wish one of them could call channel 5 and repudiate Corey Stewart’s loose and slippery statistics.  On the other hand, perhaps Corey wants to be the next Sheriff Joe.  meanwhile, I wish he would just stick to accurate facts.

The Washington Post has more details.  While Corey is technically correct about the new low in crime, he fails to tell the entire story and he fails to mention the rise in violent crime.   This report can hardly be correlated to illegal immigration.  To do so is a stretch.

Prince William County Crime Reports

Don’t Drink Coffee in Your Kitchen Naked

Eric Williamson was aquitted of an indecent exposure charge made against him last October. Williamson was in his own kitchen drinking coffee, sans clothing one morning. A woman, cutting through his yard with her kid, saw him through the screen door and said he made eye contact with her. She called the police who entered Williamson’s home without a warrant and swore that the glass was broken on one of the entrance doors.

Channel 5 news states:

SPRINGFIELD, Va. – One key piece of evidence that prosecutors were hoping to send a Springfield man to jail for being naked in his home ended up being the crucial clue that swayed the jury to find him not guilty of indecent exposure.

Williamson says the photos convinced a jury that he had no idea that two women saw him drinking coffee naked in his kitchen that October morning.

One of those women was taking a shortcut with her daughter through Williamson’s yard when she says she made eye contact with the 29-year-old as he stood naked inside his house in front of his screen door.

Police introduced this photo saying her vantage point was about 25 feet away. But the defense says they proved she was actually 83 feet from his door.

Now Williamson says he wants people to realize how easy it is to be charged with a crime like this and how difficult it is to rebuild your life, even after a jury says you have done nothing wrong.

“It’s great to be not guilty but I still have a lot of wreckage to deal with. A lot of things that were torn apart because of what happened,” said Williamson.

By the time the jury found him not guilty, six months had passed and Williamson had been laid off, lost visitation rights with his young daughter and racked up $15,000 in legal bills.

The commercial diver and his lawyer say this case shows you are not always safe inside your own home. They want to draw attention to the “community caretaker exception” which lets police search a home or car without a warrant based on concerns for public safety or suspicion that a crime has or is about to happen.

Why can’t you be in the buff in your own house? Didn’t we read earlier that the peeking Thomasina was the wife of a Fairfax County policeman? This is just a horrible story. To quote Elena, it sounds more like a peeping Thomasina than a coffee drinking perv. Who says a man’s home is his castle? Are any of us safe?
Full Story at

It Shouldn’t Come to This is AZ

U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva closed his offices in Yuma and Tucson at noon on Friday because of the threatening phone calls. The Congressman says he opposed the legislation that has just been signed into law by Governor Brewer. He specifically says he opposes making it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that Grijalva spokesman Adam Sarvana released a statement Friday saying that the congressman’s office received “some pretty scary calls,” including one from a man “who threatened to go down there and blow everyone’s brains out then go to the border to shoot Mexicans.”

According to the Daily Star:

Grijalva staffer Ruben Reyes said the office has been flooded with calls all week about Senate Bill 1070. About 25 percent are “very racist” in nature, Reyes said, characterizing some as “telling that tortilla-eating wetback to go back to Mexico.”

Has it really come to this? PWC sure dodged the bullet if this is the case. Again, there are just other ways to handle problems. I saw people out throwing stuff, not sure what at cops on TV. People doing that might want to do a little reseach about Kent State….it really isn’t a smart thing to do. I love Arizona. I would not go there now. The Grand Canyon State will have to be grand without me.