Wascally Wule of Law Revisited

The previous former thread by this name just met with an unfortunate accident. The short version is, I started the thread in the kitchen and finished it in the living room. I was in the kitchen, saw the half started thread and clicked delete, not realizing it would take the entire thread down since it was only one sentence.

Live and learn. It apparently is gone, never to come back.

Basically, it was the following, from the Richmond Times Dispatch:

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s office says records that would document the time, resources and meetings involved in its lawsuit against federal health-care legislation either don’t exist or are classified as confidential “working papers” of the agency.

Stephen R. McCullough, senior appellate counsel for Cuccinelli, was responding to a request under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act filed by Democratic Party officials and several media outlets, including the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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Governor McDonnell’s Favorite President

Geroge Washington is Governor Bob McDonnell’s favorite president.  He spoke of him in his acceptance speech and quoted him during his inagural  speech.  Strange that McDonnell would chose Washington who was a federalist.  Jeff Shapiro of the Richmond Times Dispatch has an interesting take on McDonnell’s hero.

How is McDonnell’s choice of Washington as a favorite president inconsistent with McDonnell’s own principles? Is it possible to admire someone who politically disagrees with us? Or can we evaluate a person in the times they lived, using those standards, rather than our own?