Cuccinelli Ready to file Third Lawsuit–EPA is New Target

Now the AG Ken Cuccinelli is ready to file his third lawsuit against the United States of America.  This time his is suing the EPA because they have said greenhouse gases and  carbon emissions are harmful.  According to Lychburg’s News and Advance:

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli stands ready to take more legal action against the federal government if the Environmental Protection Agency announces new fuel economy standards for vehicles Wednesday, he said in Lynchburg on Tuesday.

Cuccinelli has sued the EPA over its finding that greenhouse gases harm people, and if it issues regulations Wednesday that are based on that finding, “We will sue them again,” he told the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Virginia’s Democratic Party renewed its accusations Tuesday that two Cuccinelli lawsuits against the federal government over global warming and health care are wasting the state’s resources “to wage a personal, political fight.”

Apparently the AG missed seeing our atheletes disembark from the plane in Bejing 2 summers ago.  Some of them were wearing gas masks because of the horrible air quality in that city.  Where does the AG think that smog comes from?  Could it be the millions of cars in that city? 

What stance will out BOCS take on his new lawsuit?  Will they be sending him atta-boy letters on Prince William County Board of Supervisors letterhead?  At least one supervisors feels he was looking out for the people of Prince William County during the last letter of praise that went out to the AG.  Will they be willing to look out for us now, since we live in one of the most impacted emissions areas?  Will there be a directive for the AG, Cuccinelli to knock it off on our behalf?

The AG says these lawsuits only cost the $385 filing fee.  Yea.  Right.  Is he also ignoring that we are all Americans and what the cost is double?  We will pay the Virginia fees and the United States fees.  Perhaps the AG forgot we are Americans.  Meanwhile, I am not unconvinced that the AG ran for office just to advance his personal agenda and that we have given him the platform to do it.  I have to get used to this new idea that carbon emissions and green house gas emissions are good for me.  Why don’t I just go back to smoking?

Phoebe Prince Story Finally Brings Bullying Into the Light of Day (plus a few other unspoken details)

Characters from the Stop Bullying Now website
Characters from the Stop Bullying Now website

Hopefully Phoebe Prince’s life was not in vain. Bullying has been around since the caveman. However, never has the emphasis been so keen as now. It seems that the death of Phoebe Prince has become the Columbine of school bullying.

As more is being told about this tragic event, we find out that that the root of the problem was  because Phoebe caught the eye of one of the star football players. The statutory rape charge resulted from the fact that he was 18 and she was 15. He was also one of her harassers. His girlfriend and her buddies then got into the act of persecuting Phoebe for going out with her boyfriend. You know, that all too familiar case where it is all the girl’s fault and the boy is off the hook for any wrong doing.  At any rate, on the last day of her life, Phoebe was hit with an energy drink can thrown from a car when she was walking home from school.  She went into her house and hanged herself with a scarf given to her on her birthday. 

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Tea Party Blogger CargoSquid Gives a Different Perspective and Condemns the Browning Signs

Elena and I have jumped all over the tea party movement. However, 2 of our contributors are avowed tea party people. Today’s guest feature is from Cargosquid, one of our regulars. He discusses what conservatives blogs are doing to monitor their own, so to speak. Many people, both conservative, liberal and moderate were naturally upset by the Browning signs. Without further ado, here’s Cargosquid: (The guest post does not necessarily represent the views of administration.)

In earlier threads, concern was raised over two different incidents, one alleged and one obvious, at the recent rally in DC. I do not call this a Tea Party Protest or Rally because it was not organized by the various Tea Parties but by a Congressman that called for Americans concerned with the legislation to rally at the Capitol.

I thought that I would present some follow up to both.

The first was the alleged chant of a racial epithet shouted at the Black Caucus as they walked through the crowd. Evidence shows that the walk was recorded by them, looking for evidence that they could use. Apparently, the Black Caucus feels that they appearance would cause racists to come out of the woodwork. Various videos that recorded the walk have been uploaded to You Tube, show that the alleged incident never happened, and that the claimers were lying. In fact, as I stated, those videos show that the Black Caucus, themselves, recorded the march. And nothing has come from their recordings.

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