No, Butler didn’twin the NCAA Championship, but they didn ‘t lose either.  The final score was Duke 61, Butler 59.  Butler  played their hearts and souls and guts  out and to miss the mark by only 2 points is heartbreaking.    Somehow, despite the 2 point loss, Butler emerges victorious. 

The fact that the Butler Bulldogs came this far is simply amazing.

So Duke gets to be King of the Dance once again.  Coach Mike Krzyzewski was magnanimous in accepting the trophy.  But Butler gets to be America’s best Dark Horse.  And dark horses sometimes trump kings. 


3 Thoughts to “Congratulations Butler University!”

  1. Starryflights

    I was pulling for Butler the underdog.

  2. Starry, I was pulling for Butler also. I don’t even hate Duke like certain people in my house do. Butler was totally amazing. Those young men should be so proud of themselves.

  3. Poor Richard

    With all the problems of the world, what happens in a college basketball game
    is of small import – it is illiogical, uncivil and lacking in sportsmanship to loath
    one of the teams and their coach and consequently – errgh – I’m trying – errgh.
    System failure. … I HATE DUKE!

    Butler was the team of talent and grace – the one an old b-baller would have
    been proud to hand out towels for, even after than sad ending.

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