15 Thoughts to “The Palin Network Starring Tina Fey”

  1. Rick Bentley

    Not the funniest of sketches. Not much zing to it. I’m sure it’s hard to make fun of Palin effectively when she’s already such an absurd figure. Actually I thought Obama clowned on her pretty well the other day, and that was funnier than this sketch. I tend to agree with some political analysts that he’s trying to keep her talking and in the news, because he wants to run against her. Dick Morris confessed after the 1996 election that he and Bill Clinton did conspire to keep Dole’s profile in the news and to make him look good, hoping against hope that they could run against this feeble opponent in 1996.

    On SNL, the Census opening was kind of funny, and Fey’s loose woman doing Masters commentary on Tiger Woods was kind of funny.

  2. Lafayette

    Rick, we really thought the Census skit with Fred Armisen was funny. SNL is not the same without Tina Fey & Amy Pohller(sp?).
    Betty White will be hosting Mother’s Day weekend, and many women cast members will be returning.

  3. Rick Bentley

    There have been so many funny women on that show in the last 10 years – moreso than the men. Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey (for her writing), Ana Gasteyer, Rachel Dratch are/were all very funny.

    I am an aficianado of this stuff and of Fey’s writing; I recognized her touch in that Masters golf sketch. It was aggressive in the masculine, aggressive, slightly angry way that some of her stuff is. I love it.

    I know that Fey wrote the Colonel Angus sketch, one of the all-time great SNL sketches – it’s not streaming at this moment but is normally up at http://www.hulu.com/watch/4109/saturday-night-live-colonel-angus-comes-home

  4. Lafayette

    Maya, Ana, Rachel and Molly Shannon will be on with Betty White. Should be a great show.
    I have the best of Christopher Walken and Col. Angus is on it. Definately one of the best ever in the 35 years of SNL. I sure wish he’d host again. He’s a all-time favorite host of ours at the Lafayette home.

    @Rick Bentley

  5. hello

    eh, this is just a new skit with the same old Plalin one-liners all thrown into a collage. Not sure how much longer this can go on, they get less and less funny as time goes on. It’s kind of hard to make new ‘you bettcha’ jokes after a while I suppose.

    Want some good local news… how about one on Gerry Connonlly and why he won’t say if he attended the terrorist linked Dar-Al-Hijrah fundraiser or not in Falls Church.


  6. Poor Richard

    “Of course in the South we talk about people too, but if you end your comments
    with ‘Bless her heart’, you’re off the hook.”
    Dixie Carter

    Now, I’m never sure if Fey is playing Palin or is it really vice versa.
    Spending a weekend with Sarah Palin would dive me nuts. Is her public
    persona really her or a sham? Shrill and dangerously uninformed.
    Fingernails on a chalkboard.

    Oh, and “Bless her heart”.

  7. Totally agree about shrill and dangerously uninformed. I cannot stand to hear her shriek.

  8. Linked seems to be the operative word there, in front of terrorists. Do we shut down churches because there might be one bad apple in them?

    It seems to me there is lot of listening to gossip going on. There is no reason Connolly can’t drop by that mosque.

    Lets see, Big Government? as in biggovernment.org? Isnt that the home of that little Okeefe pimp? Please don’t waste our time with kind of illegitimate trash.

    You also need to make some attempt to stay on topic and not attempt to hi-jakc threads (which you know I won’t let happen)

  9. PWC Taxpayer

    That graphic is illegal isn’t it and should be open to a lawasuit for image, if not patent infringement. It would be like using Tiger Woods face on a billboard for a Planned Parenthood add.

  10. NBC should have enough money. Why do you think it should be illegal? That is Tina Fey in the picture. Dopplegangers aren’t illegal last I heard.

  11. Emma

    The joke’s worn thin now, and Fey is straining for laughs. My, how Palin riles liberals!

    1. Perhaps you shouldn’t watch then. I still find her ability to mimic rather amazing.

      She riles many people, not just liberals. So does Michele Bachmann.

  12. bubberella

    I dearly hope that she’s the Republican candidate for president in 2012, she riles me so much.

  13. Emma

    Don’t hold your breath. She’s not running for anything in 2012. But she sure gets a lot of attention and buzz.

  14. Emma, are you sitting at the right hand of PaLin? How can you be so sure?

    Whats she buzzing about for then?

    Bubberella, why do you want her to run?

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