Our weekly update on sewing the seeds of intolerance. I guess Corey is going to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to promoting war over  peace in PWC.

The video recording of the Stafford TEA party rally shows  Corey announcing that on May 4th, he will call for a resolution directing county staff NOT to implement the new Medicaid requirements under the new FEDERAL law. He concededs this directive “may be illegal” but he feels quite confident  that that the “Cooch” will have his back.

Can the “Cooch” send up the National Guard to ensure PWC can withstand the new Federal Law just as  some localites tried to do in the 60’s to avoid desegregation?

Will the rest of the Board “have his back” too, or are some Supervisors prepared to represent ALL the people in PWC, even those that are poor and vulnerable.

88 Thoughts to “Chairman Corey Stewart, Creating Economic Development or Hostile Communities?”

  1. Elena

    “NACo has long supported the expansion of Medicaid provided there is no cost-shifting to counties. Specifically, NACo is pleased with the provision in section 10201(c)(6) of the legislation that prohibits states from requiring counties to contribute a higher percentage of the non-federal share of Medicaid than they did in 2009.”


  2. marinm

    A lobbying group for government agrees with a government program? Outstanding. Sign me up.

    On the upside, since the government already collects every babies DNA at birth maybe the government can selectively breed us to get rid of all those irksome genetic diseases we humans have. Now thats a great way to decrease healthcare costs!

    1. And its kept in the side of a mountain over in West Virginia? How so Marin? This is beginning to sound like xfiles to me.

  3. Wolverine

    This is quite interesting. Corey Stewart is a politician. It seems that, whenever, he says anything in public, many of my blogging buddies here jump all over his ass with some mighty unkind and cutting remarks. O.K. He’s a politician. It’s your absolute right. Stewart by seeking and winning office bought into the whole package. Criticism is part of that package, virulent or not. Now, just remember that when conservatives raise some equally virulent voices against the politician currently occupying the Oval House. You guys have set a standard here. If you can take potshots at Stewart, then the Tea Party can take equal potshots at Obama. Fair is fair, don’t you think? No complaining now…..

    1. Stewart has been fair game for a long time. (and he knows why) He feels being reelected in more important than keeping his word, apparently.

      I look for good things to say about him. Odd, the last time I crawled over him was over??? Calling veterans fruitcakes and nuts? How unfair of me. No no no…it was for contradicting his own employee and saying he didn’t want too much peace mixed in with the Civil War rememberance. Now he wants a resolution to order county workers not to sign up people declared eligible for medicaid?

      It is HOW he does these things.

      The Tea Party is going to take shots at Obama and Democrats regardless of what we do here at ‘Howlings. Hopefully I explain why I am displeased with his latest antic. And I will continue to insist on better governance here in Prince William County. I can get irritated at all of them but I see only 2 who need to be replaced. I could support the other 6 in an election, both with a vote and with a campaign donation.

  4. Wolverine

    Dang, make that the “Oval Office”

  5. marinm

    Which part? Collecting DNA http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/02/04/baby.dna.government/index.html or using the commerce clause as justification to screen people for genetic disease and force breeding to create a master class of taxpayers… Ok, that part MIGHT be a little x-fileish but with the individual mandate – whats the new limit for the commerce clause?

  6. Tom Andrews

    What gets lost in all of the rhetoric and the obvious dislike for the Chairman that many hold, is that he also stated that while the medicaid program is funded by a combination of Federal/State funds, localities carry the burden of administering the program. Current numbers suggest that PWC’s costs to administer the new health care provisions will rise from approx. 10 million a year to 15 million a year as I understand it. This is another unfunded mandate pushed down from the federal level to the local level. This, among others, is a major reason the Chairman opposes the imposition of this program on the county budget and while a resolution will most likely ultimately fail it will shed light on the fact that localities can no longer carry the burden for federal politician’s financial boondoggles.

  7. @marinm

    I don’t like it because it isn’t common knowledge and it is done without permission. When did this practice start?

  8. @Tom Andrews

    My first impulse is to say SOOO? So your order employees to break the law? That is sure what he said. There are better ways of handling a problem.

    I thought Corey was a Rule of Law man. You can’t just decide that you aren’t going to obey a federal law, for crying out loud. I don’t care how obnoxious the law seems.

    I bet you wouldn’t let John Jenkins or Frank Principi get by with any such crap as this. Funny how that works.

    I think he needs to settle down and look at the numbers in a non emotional way. This grand-standing behavior must stop.

  9. And while we are discussing the chairman, has it ever occurred to his buddies that he draws our wrath because of his rudeness and the insulting way he talks about his constituents. Something to think about.

  10. Elena

    “NACo has long supported the expansion of Medicaid provided there is no cost-shifting to counties. Specifically, NACo is pleased with the provision in section 10201(c)(6) of the legislation that prohibits states from requiring counties to contribute a higher percentage of the non-federal share of Medicaid than they did in 2009.

  11. Starryflights

    Tell y’a what – if Mr. Stewart wants the county to ignore federal health care laws, then the county can ignore federal immigration laws too. In fact, county employees, including police, should be able to choose whether to enforce the county’s Rule of Law resolution.

    Goose, gander.

  12. Well, someone finally said it. Thanks Starry.

    Rule of Law, Rule of Law!

    Goose, gander squared.

  13. Tom Andrews

    I am not advocating any particular position, i was merely pointing out that there often is more to a story than is submitted by supporters or detractors. As one who takes the subject of governance seriously, my concern is that what passes today for thoughtful political debate has devolved into intellectual laziness in which a person is either categorized as a hero of the republic or a racist cracker facist when in fact, very few of us are either. As for enforcement of laws, we all seem to decide when we support full enforcement of a particular statute or not based upon our position regarding the law, and we all decide when our elected officials should be supported or derided based upon our own political beliefs. You are correct, it does cut both ways.

  14. Elena

    There really isn’t much more to this story. Corey espoused that he would introduce a resolution directing county staff to possibly break the law. I would say, that there are times in history when one is required morally to committ civil disobedience. THIS, in my opinion, is NOT one of those times. Does Corey have health care, does his staff, does his wife, do his children? Do probably ALL the people he knows have health care? My guess is yes. Our middle class struggles more and more, our working poor struggle more and more. In this deep recession, with so many losing their jobs, or companies not being able to afford health care benefits, WHAT are people suppose to do? Pray they don’t get sick? A sick population is NOT a productive population. People who wait to seek treatment have only gotten SICKER, requiring MORE medical attention that they cannot afford to begin with. Then WE pick up the cost of the unpaid bills, that had their been preventative care, would not be so overwhelming. Either way we PAY for the uninsured. Not only is it fiscally irresponsible it is morally corrupt.

  15. Tom Andrews

    There are two seperate, though intertwined topics in this discussion. I’m not concerned with the actual purpose of the resolution as it relates to this discussion, rather my topic of conversation was unfunded mandates and the possible negative affects they can have on localities that don’t have the ability as the federal government does to simply create more money out of thin air. Whether the impetus behind it is actually fiscal, or a philosophical opposition to the underlying concept of HCR, I’ll never know. What I do know is that as a member of the BOCS he has the right to bring forth a proposal as do any of the other supervisors and it will be voted on. If the board votes to support it, it goes forward. If not, it goes down. I understand those opposed to Corey on this will not support it and see it as not following the law. However, there were many that vociferously supported Chief Deane’s resistance to enforce the law as passed last year as being a heroic stance in the face of tyranny. My point being that we tend to see rightousness through our own prism, a right that every citizen has.

  16. Elena

    When did Chief Deane resist enforcing the resolution? He came forward, early on, with credible concerns about community safety, racial profiling, and other issues. That is not the same as not “enforcing” the law.

    I don’t disagree with your “prism” view, civil rights was seen through different prisms also, child labor through different prisms, the list goes on and on.

  17. Tom Andrews

    Maybe “resistance” is incorrect and reluctance or recalcitrance would have been a more suitable term. Again, this is completely off topic about what I was originally speaking about but as for the Chief having “credible” conerns, that’s completely understandable and part of his job but many felt that those concerns should not have been aired in any public forums as it implied a rift within the county government hierarchy. My original concern was that we as a society are trending towards an environment where we have zero tolerance for anyone’s ideas or opinions that may be contradictory to our own and immediately begin labeling people as good or evil based upon our own positions. The level of debate about serious issues has really degraded to mere schoolyard taunting and namecalling on all levels and it is non productive and disheartening to anyone who is serious about the business of good governance. This is why I don’t hide behind a phony internet persona on any blog that post on (which is not very often). I believe what I profess but also believe that others can feel otherwise and I don’t get into the childishness and pettiness that can often accompany anonymity.

  18. @Moon-howler
    Too true.

    I wish I could add more to this discussion, but Corey Stewart and PMS don’t mix well.

  19. But you are enjoying the irony….

  20. Tom, It is I who is hiding behind an internet moniker. I think it is just a good idea. Most who hang around know me by my given name. I just prefer not to use it in a blog type setting.

    The point with Corey now is that he said one thing at his rally and something else in front of his colleagues. Do you find that troubing? I do. At the rally he advocates breaking the law. (and the merits of adding new people to the medicaid rolls is certainly a fair topic) With his other supervisors, he speaks just a little differently and assures them he is not advocating anything illegal. Duplicitous.

    And while I am at it, poor people are poor people. Do we deny those few who are now eligible for some sort of health care because the administrative costs hurt the county? How about just let those people go the the ER and then walk on their bills which all too often helps now. Poverty begets poverty.

    For want of a nail a shoe was lost. For want of a shoe a horse was lost…..

  21. Oh yeah. It’s fun when you see the ultimate hypocrisy in action. “It’s not okay for you, but it’s okay for me.”

    The funny part is, I agree that we need to look to history to help guide us in today’s decisions. And I don’t think referring to WWII is a bad thing (obviously because I’ve done it).

    However, pushing this “break the law” thing won’t get us where we want to be. Why? Because first, we can’t even agree as a nation where we want to be. Second, “rule of law” means “rule of law” if you want to be a rule of law kind of person. As a lawyer, shouldn’t Stewart recognize that? Among other things, he’s so inconsistent, we couldn’t even trust him to sharpen our pencils.

  22. Black Velvet Reporter

    Moonhowler is a real rouser. She sure has torqued someone over on the dark screen. She is a liberal hypocrite. M-H, slow down girl, you have pissed off a Corey supporter. They have even taken her name.

    Must be someone who had to get put in the time out sandbox over here. There is a real boo hoo fest going on over there.

    Maybe they have finally gotten it?

    Just reportin’ in over here.

  23. Black Velvet, that just means I am doing something right.

    Someone mailed me the rantings…..
    I enjoyed it.

  24. Rick Bentley

    “The leftists are absolutely aghast ”

    I have to laugh at that style of presumptive writing.

    “heads are exploding all over the internet as socialists scream in utter horror “

  25. Censored bybvbl

    Rick, that bombast is reminiscent of the “It was a dark and stormy night” contests.

  26. Rick Bentley

    Let me have a crack at this style …

    “The left-wing loons are groaning in pain as Corey Stewart strikes another blow for freedom and liberty. Like a strong kick to the testicles, his speech at the Stafford tea Party rally has caused more pain and naseua among Obama socialists than H1N1 ever did in it’s heyday … With one small speech Stewart has ignited what will prove to be the greatest conflict our region has seen since blue fought gray”.

    “Like the cad who peed in the punch bowl, or who ran an upper decker in a swanky upstairs toilet, Corey Stewart has horrified our County’s left wing beyond words. Think “The Scream” … The fake reality of one nation under Obama has been dealth a death blow by the honorable chairman of the PWC Board of Supervisors”.

    “History will show this as the speech that ignited the tinder that started the revolution that made our nation great again … leave it to Corey Stewart to shock the left beyond words. Liberals in our county are doubting the existence of God and picking their shattered psyches off the floor as Stewart rides high again”.

  27. Rick Bentley

    “Like Christ on the cross, Corey Stewart has sacrificed himself for our collective sins … and stands to liberate us, if we truly believe and follow. “

  28. Censored bybvbl

    Rick, well done but needs to be a bit more hysterical girly.

  29. Oh dear God, Rick, keep it flowing!!! I( agree, a little more girly.

    It seems that the entire thread is now about this blog. Should we be flattered? Does that mean that the puppeteer has come to rescue his puppet from those bad leftist commie broads?

    Go Rick go!

  30. Censored bybvbl

    More overwrought adjectives!!! Gotta throw in a few “socialists” or “Marxists” too.

    I have to say that I always have a good chuckle about the original author’s work – have a hard time accepting that it’s written by a guy and not a junior high girl who has just discovered adjectives and adverbs and uses them liberally. OMG – I said the “L” word!

  31. Rick Bentley

    (we’ll see if this one survives moderation – pretty esoteric too)

    “Like the God of Carl Jung’s dreams, Corey Stewart spread his cheeks and unloaded a gigantic chunk of fecal matter all over the hopes and dreams of Obama socialists all over the county. “No please God make it stop” came the chorus from the crusty halls of those whose hopes and dreams lie in tatters, shredded by the one honest man in Prince William County government.”

  32. Rick Bentley

    “The sound of a thousand liberals screaming in pain permeated the County as Stewart spoke. ”

    I have to hand it to him, I can’t come up with anything as concise and amusing as “heads are exploding all over the internet as socialists scream in utter horror”

  33. Censored bybvbl

    He should enter the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. He might win.


  34. ewww

    Rick, girls don’t talk like that. I guess this was a case of be careful what you wish for.

  35. Rick Bentley

    Yeah I’m out of funny rhetoric.

  36. Gabriel is still blowing his horn. See the first thread.

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