A call for anarchy?
A call for anarchy?

From the News & Messenger regarding the local Tea Party Rally yesterday:

Stewart, a Republican, said he will ask his colleagues to approve a resolution that would prevent county employees from implementing new Medicaid regulations when they take effect in 2014.

“That is a public option that increases Medicaid to beneficiaries by more than 40 percent,” Stewart said at a Prince William County TEA Party Patriots rally at the McCoart Administration Center on Thursday.

Stewart, who seemed confident that his resolution will pass, said the county would not provide the benefits until it is compelled to.

We will not implement those regulations until we are required to do so through injunction, which can only be initiated by the attorney general of the Commonwealth of Virginia,” he told the crowd of about 100.

Additionally, Stewart said he believes the regulations will not bear legal scrutiny.

I do not believe they are legal,” he said about 2 p.m., when the crowd had dwindled from a high of about 200 at noon when the rally started. “I do not believe they will serve anyone.”

He continued, “I do believe that they will hurt the current beneficiaries of Medicaid—the disabled, the poor children and others—who already have difficulty finding physicians who will treat them on the low reimbursement rate.”

Stewart said the regulations amount to “unfunded mandates” that will cost taxpayers money and divert resources from other areas.

I don’t think the county should be responsible for administering a federal program,” he said.

Still, Stewart said he didn’t know how thing would shake out legally.

STOP!  Stewart doesn’t know how things will ‘shake out legally?  That might be a real good question to ask before everyone jumps on the bandwagon trying to get re-elected.  Injunctions are orders by a court of law to do or not do something.  When the feds are involved, ‘an injunction’ can also come along with some enforcement  like the National Guard or US Marshalls.   Is that what we want?  Another University of Alamaba situation?


Stewart says he doesn’t believe expanding Medicaid is legal?  Why not?  Has all other Medicaid expansion been legal up to this point?  Why is this Medicaid expansion, not due to even start until 2014, any different than any other Medicaid expansion?  Captain Sound-byte is on a roll now.

Stewart also feels expanding Medicaid will hurt existing recipients?  Now how is expanding Medicaid to other uninsured people going to hurt them or anyone else?  The logic escapes me.  It might hurt ME because I have to pay taxes on it but it isn’t going to hurt the recipient.  Let’s be truthful here, Mr. Chairman.   Isn’t Mr. Stewart one of the main bashers of the Greater Prince William Community Health Center for low income people?  That would be the very health care center where Supervisor Frank Principi is the executive director.  We either care about health services for low income people or we don’t.  Which is it, Corey?

Mr. Stewart also thinks the only injunction that can be filed against Prince William County is through the AG’s office?  Interesting.  What is to keep a potential Medicaid recipient from filing a law suit?  I expect there are liberal do-good groups all over the United States just waiting for some chump to come along and run his mouth like Mr. Stewart just did.  Law suit time.

And who gets to pay for a local law suit?  Why the good people of Prince William County.  Perhaps Mr. Stewart thinks that his buddy, the AG will come write a check for that also.

Veteran Supervisor Jenkins seems to be on the right track and seems to remember  things correctly from 2007.  Mr. Jenkins appears to want to avoid duplicitous  resolutions  like this from the past.  From News & Messenger:

Jenkins said that because the health care bill has been signed into law, the county needs to obey and leave it to the courts to decide whether regulations should be implemented.

“The law of the land is in place,” said Jenkins, D-Neabsco. “Whatever happened to the rule of law he talks about? You can’t advocate anarchy, and that’s what that is if he wants to go against the law of the land.”

Additionally, Jenkins said local money would be wasted in defense of the resolution if it passes.

Mr. Jenkins probably  remembers another ill-fated ‘resolution’ that costs the county some pretty big bucks and didn’t really accomplish much.

 Supervisors Nohe and May echo  his reservations, probably for the same reasons.  They might not want to get hung out to dry on an ill-conceived plan just because Stewart wants to stir up his base to get re-elected like he did in 2007.

Supervisor Martin “Marty” E. Nohe, R-Coles, said he is cautious about supporting the resolu-tion until he’s seen the gist of it.

“I can’t support any policy that would tell county staff to not obey the law,” Nohe said. “If we have a federal mandate, we need to comply with that mandate. To do otherwise would put county employees in a dangerous position.”

Similarly, Supervisor Michael C. May said he would hold off on giving his opinion until he’s seen the resolution.

He wants to know the fiscal impact of the resolution and if it could be implemented.

But May said everyone on the board is interested in the financial impact the health care bill will have on the county’s government.

“The question is: ‘What’s the best method to address that?'” he said.

And May said he doesn’t want the county to get into legal trouble.

It isn’t like 2014 is bearing down on us. No one would disagree that new laws and inclusions need to be examined for the best route of implementation. However, HCR legislation should not be used to re-elect Supervisor Stewart. All implementation of new laws should be thought through carefully and in a way that best utilizes our existing resources. Resolutions and ‘hell no–we won’t go mentality’ just postpones the inevitable, costs the county money and is political grand-standing at its worst. Even Corey’s handlers aren’t going to get him out of this one.  Hopefully other supervisors will join the ranks of Supervisors Jenkins, May and Nohe and take a long, hard look at the storm the chairman is again steering us into.  No more circuses for Prince William County. 

See the BOCS Tab at the top for addresses.

37 Thoughts to “Déjà Vu Anyone? A Call for Anarchy?”

  1. Dear Moon–

    I agree that Supervisor Jenkins is on the right track; however, I don’t agree that Supervisors Nohe and May are “on board”. May danced all around the issue like an ant on a hot rock and Nohe, as usual, has hedged his bet by saying he wants to see the “gist” of the resolution before deciding. Never once did anyone talk about the impact on PEOPLE, those who need the care–the poorest of the poor and the elderly who can ill afford care.

    If the BOCS was foolish enough to pass such a resolution I wonder if:

    – They understand they are voting to violate a federal law?

    – The BOCS members are prepared to indemnify county employees against possible law
    suits or do you intend to leave them twisting in the wind?

    – The BOCS is prepared to deny medical care to the poorest of the poor and the elderly
    who cannot afford care?

    – – This latter issue may be a moot point since the BOCS is already prepared to deny
    dental care to those who can ill afford dental care.

    Except for Supervisor Jenkins I amnot certain ther is a drop of the “milk of human kindness” that flow through the veins of the members of the BOCS.

  2. I hope that Supervisors May and Nohe will see that there is support for them doing the right thing. The county doesn’t need lawsuits and poor people who qualify using federal guidelines should not be kept from Medicaid because of political motive.

    I also think Frank Principi will do the right thing. I think other supervisors will see that this move is Stewart’s folly. I can only hope.

    Mr. Jenkins has called this movement by its right name: Anarchy.

  3. marinm

    Who knows? Maybe this act of civil disobedience will make Mr. Stewart the next Rosa Parks?

    At least it’s no Whiskey Rebellion. 🙂

  4. Need to Know

    Here’s a suggestion. On May 4, Chairman Stewart should also present a resolution opposing any and all comprehensive plan amendments and applications for residential rezonings in Prince William County. This resolution should state that the BOCS will vote against approval of any such applications.

    Corey says his concern is cost to Prince William County taxpayers. The Medicaid administration Corey’s current resolution addresses will not impose any costs on Prince William County taxpayers for two or three years, if ever (if the Supreme Court strikes it down). If or when it does, it will be Federal law about which we can do nothing legally.

    Residential development does not pay for the services it consumes even considering all the taxes it does generate. Residential development imposes much greater costs on Prince William County taxpayers than administration of Medicaid benefits ever will and it represents an immediate fiscal burden on our citizens. Moreover, the BOCS does have control and authority over approval or denial of comprehensive plan amendments and rezoning applications.

    Such a resolution would afford Corey an opportunity not only to demonstrate that his concern about tax burdens on Prince William County citizens is consistent throughout all aspects of the County Government, but also that he is able to stand up to the developers who have been contributing to his campaign committee since the last election when their interests are in opposition to the interests of County taxpayers.



  5. TRUE Republican

    Can someone tell me why a Republicans who proclaim to be for less government involvement continually feel the need to pass worthless Resolutions?

    Just do the People’s business and GO HOME.

  6. Lafayette

    I wonder if we will be getting post cards in our mailboxes on this matter? 😉
    Moon, I just had to! I know how much you loved that $$ for the post cards back in 2007.

  7. “Just do the People’s business and GO HOME”–when was the last time doing that got anyone’s name in the paper?

  8. @lafayette,

    He should have passed the hat at the rally. After firing everyone up maybe they would have ponied up for some invitations.

    Food for thought is on to something.

  9. Starryflights

    Mr Stewart is setting a very bad precedent. If counties can ignore federal laws, they can ignore federal immigration laws too. He would be wise to back off.

  10. I am just sitting here trying to figure out how Corey is going to come out swinging. He will have handlers. In fact, its already begun.

    I am sure this blog will be the commie home of the anti-Christ despite the fact that I have voted for Ronald Reagan, Daddy Bush and a host of others. I have a granddaughter in California who got a baby birth card from Mrs. Nancy Reagan because the child’s middle name is Reagan. (friend of the family knew Mrs. Reagan….)

    But don’t disagree with the Uber-Patriot who is going to get the pants sued off of this county unless the power of 4 (or more) steps up to the plate. Most of our supervisors want responsible government, not grandstanding. People need to realize that we are in no imminent danger. 2014 isn’t just around the corner. People also need to be aware that this is just a lead up to a ploy so Corey can get re-elected next year.

    What Corey is saying at Tea Party rallies is not what he is saying to his fellow board members. Most of them are all smart enough to not want to drag the county into a symbolic lawsuit that it cannot possibly win. And his friend the AG isn’t going to bail him out. The Solicitor General and the ACLU can both swoop in and make things mighty unpleasant and mighty costly. The only good thing about your real estate tax doubling to pay for a lawsuit would be it is tax deductible.

  11. kelly3406

    I agree that Stewart is a little over the top, but this is symptomatic of a federal government that is losing its legitimacy. With 50% paying taxes for services provided for free to the other 50% and an unconstitutional mandate to purchase healthcare coverage jammed through, people have had enough.


  12. This situation didn’t just happen in the past year. Where were all the die hards prior to this? People actually paid less in taxes this year than last year. I know I sure paid less.

  13. Emma

    Jurisdictions are right to challenge what they believe are unconstitutional laws. If the laws are deemed to be constitutional, then so be it, they will have to comply.

    But what if the Supreme Court decides that elements of the HCR bill are unconstitutional? What if Corey and the AG are right? How many would still have preferred that the opposition had just shut up about it so that they could live under unconstitutional laws?

    Grandstanding or not, it is right to challenge an unfunded Federal mandate.

    1. What if the sky falls? You obey the law until it is declared unconstitutional. Cherry picking rule of law again isn’t the answer. Who says it is an unfunded mandate? (sound byte alert) You want to go after some unfunded mandates, to through Manassas City Schools and look at all the programs they have to have that aren’t funded.

      What is it exactly that isn’t being funded? How come City of Manassas isn’t up in arms? Could it be their elections will be over and there will be no need to grand-stand?

  14. Emma

    I accept that we will never agree on this issue. I think the HCR bill is an unconstitutional train wreck. I’m glad to see that Corey, Cuccinelli, and nine other states are standing up to it. Someone has to. I said my piece to my elected officials, and now all I have left is my one measly vote. Hopefully those with a little more influence than I have will be able to make a difference.

  15. Your vote is important, Emma. I know a candidate who once lost by 3 votes.

    In the City of Manassas, there will be a school board candidates’ forum at 7 p.m. this Monday, April 19 in the auditorium of Metz Middle School, sponsored by the Metz PTA.

    And on the same night at City Hall, there will be a public hearing on the FY2011 Manassas City Council proposed budget starting at 7:30 p.m. The budget is posted on the city website at http://www.manassascity.org

    Make your voice heard.

  16. Tom Andrews

    So if the Manassas school board spoke out against the programs they have that are unfunded they would be “grandstanding”? Or would they be dutifully pointing out situations in which other governmental agencies are making proclamations that they will have to find the funding for. Makes one wonder who is actually “grandstanding”.

  17. Emma

    Thanks, Cindy. I’ve also got my lawn sign in place for my favorite School Board candidate, Pat Linehan. Doing what I can…

  18. Tom, speaking out isn’t grandstanding. Saying you are going to direct your employees not to comply with a federal law is grandstanding.

    I don’t know how I feel about the health care reform. There are many ambiguities. I know we need reform. I just don’t necessarily think this legislation is in the best interest of the middle class, which I am part of.

    However, let’s take something loaded with unfunded mandates that no one has even winced at for a good 6 years, NCLB. It is costing a fortune. Still no one wincing. The only jusisdiction that has even flinched is Fairfax Co.

    Where was everyone when their schools were being stolen.

  19. Tom Andrews

    Agreed 100%. What has to stop is Congress ramming through programs that are unfunded at the federal level. If they dont have the nerve to do what is necessary to fund them, they don’t have the right to dump them on states and municipalities who then have to do the uncomfortable things that may be necessary to come up with the money. To constantly shift the burden down the river and then crow about all of the great things they’ve accomplished is what really gets me. There is not a nickels worth of difference between either party…….and I think that sometimes the local politicians have not only the right but the obligation to stand up and say enough is enough.

  20. Emma, if you speak to Pat, tell him to activate his static Facebook page. All the other school board candidates are on there talking to voters and exchanging information. I had to snail mail him an invitation that I was able to quickly extend to the others via social media.

  21. Need to Know

    News flash – I heard a report this morning that Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, one of Corey’s mentors, has created his campaign committee to run for governor in 2013. Gov. McDonnell has said already that he backs Bolling. This clears the way for Corey to run for Lt. Gov. That’s what this resolution and Corey’s developer money are all about. Corey wants to be reelected BOCS Chair in 2011, and then dump us to run in the state race in 2013. This is exactly the same thing Sean Connaughton did.

    Regarding Corey’s die-hard supporters, to quote the immortal Frank Drebin, Corey is “playing you like a violin at the annual saps convention.” Just like Moon, my background is solid Republican. I oppose much of the Obama health care bill, just like Corey. I share many (certainly not all) of the views of those who post on BVBL. I voted for Bolling and McDonnell last year and will likely vote for Bolling for Governor in 2013. However, I can figure out when I’m being played for a sap. I agree with Moon also that those who dare to point out that the emperor has on no new cloths will be belittled and attacked.

  22. Emma

    Sorry, the above link was for cindy b.

  23. Need, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am solid Republican but I have voted Republican in my day and still do on occassion. I pretty much got disgusted beyond hope by social issue ‘enthusiasts.’

    Corey will play everyone like a violin. It’s just what he does. It’s like asking a dog not to lift his leg on a fire hydrant.

    And absolutely those who point out the obvious about the emperor, will be attacked, vilified, ridiculed and every nasty trick known to politics. And his handlers will help.

  24. Cindy and Emma, when is the city election?

  25. Starryflights

    There was nothing unconstitutional about the health care bill. It was passed by majorities in both congressional chambers and signed by the President, as required by the Constitution. It is Mr. Stewart who does not respect the Constitution.

  26. George S. Harris

    Good morning Moon–

    I agree with “Need To Know” regarding the implementation of the the changes in Medicaid. It doesn’t go into effect until 2014 and from then until 2016, the feds pick up 100% of the cost of the increase in the numbers of folks eligible for Medicaid. Right now, the federal poverty level is $22,050 a year for a family of four–that about half of the BOCS salary for Chairman Stewart. The generous income for a family of four at 133% of the federal poverty level is $29,327–still about $16,000 less that Stewart’s BOCS salary.

    I think it is amazing that the 14th richest county in the nation would contemplate such a resolution. Before we ran the “undesireables” off, a little over 5% of our county’s population were at or below the federal poverty level–including the young, elderly and disabled as best as I am able to figure out. The Commonwealth’s overall figure is 10%. I suspect that county figure is probably still valid.

    I don’t know how many more people the increase will add, but if things are not better by 2016 when the Commonwealth is supposed to start paying its 50% share of the Medicaid increase, we are all in deep dodo.

  27. George, you made some excellent points.

    The 14th richest county in the United States can do better than this. It is a trumped up exercise in getting re-elected. Unfortunately, Stweart’s folly will end up costing us big bucks, I fear. Law suit here, law suit there.

  28. Election Day is Tuesday, May 4 for cities and towns. Lots of good information on the Virginia State Board of Elections website.


  29. Poor Richard

    On May 4th, the City of Manassas will hold school board and city council
    elections and all the towns in Prince William County will also hold council elections.
    (The City of Manassas Park recently moved their municipal election to November).

  30. Elena

    you ROCK!!!! Yes, who cares about those working poor, why should we help them? Especially in a severe recession. major sarcasm!

  31. Tom Andrews

    “I don’t know how many more people the increase will add, but if things are not better by 2016 when the Commonwealth is supposed to start paying its 50% share of the Medicaid increase, we are all in deep dodo.”

    This is exactly what many opposed to the bill (or it’s method of implementation and funding) are so afraid of; the backloaded pain that’s coming down the road. many of us simply do not believe the claims that it will actually reduce the deficit and save money no matter how noble the intent.

    1. I have not seen those figures in print. Is there a reference, Tom?

  32. Tom Andrews

    One of the main talking points during the HC debate was how the bill was going to actually reduce the deficit. It may well reduce the deficit when all of the hidden tax increases emerge after the 2012 election. It’s no mistake that most of the provisions in the bill dont take affect until 2014. If it’s so critical to the health of poor people everywhere who supposedly cant see a doctor today why wait for 4 years? Because, it isnt and never was about getting poor people health coverage.

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