Monday, April 19, Jenna Bush Hager interviewed none other than Bill Clinton.  The 2 shared playful moments as Ms. Hager laughed about her grandfather talking more about Bill Clinton than he did the others.  He quipped back that every family has their ‘black sheep.’  They also discussed Chelsea’s upcoming wedding in a tender father moment.

According to Yahoo News:

Hager – a teacher by trade whom NBC hired last year as an occasional “Today” contributor – thanked Clinton for engaging in the “rarity” of “a Bush interviewing a Clinton.” Clinton joked in response: “I was thinking, you know, if your family fed in questions I’d be cooked.”

“No, no. They love you,” said Hager. “In fact, they joke that you’re my grandfather’s stepson … because he talks about you more than he talks about anyone else in the family.”

This, Clinton noted, would probably make him the “black sheep” in the Bush family.