ss-100416-volcano-update-2_ss_fullJon Stewart thinks people are always trying to make others feel guilty. Mother Earth apparently is no different.
He is also very disappointed in the lack of truly good descriptors for the volcano and its unpronounceable name. He names it Kevin. He can say that name. He attempts to help out the lack-luster coverage of the Icelandic volcano.

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23 Thoughts to “Mother Earth–You Fickle Bitch!”

  1. Poor Richard

    There seems to a shortage of nubile young virgins ready to sacrifice
    themselves to appease Kevin. Women’s Lib has trumped the needs
    of air traffic!

  2. Poor Richard

    Also note that apparently Lt. Gov. Bolling is stuck in Florence, Italy at a trade
    show and will not be able to make it back to Richmond to preside at the
    General Assembly’s “veto session” which is slated to start tomorrow at noon.
    In which case the gavel passes to a Democrat.

  3. Well, its been a Navy tradition to tell new sailors about the women of Iceland. Yep, a virgin behind every tree………..

    I blame it on global warming. I mean, the glacier is melting, and the land in on fire. Looks warming to me…..

    I wonder why the state cannot use modern technology and get a video conference up where Bolling could participate…

  4. Poor Richard

    Not sure the rules of the Virginia General Assembly allow for a
    “video conference”, especially for the presiding official.

  5. Poor Richard

    According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, if Bolling doesn’t make it back,
    the president pro tempore, Senator Colgan (D-Manassas) will preside.

  6. Volcanic Winter is nothing to laugh at…if this volcano wakes up it’s historic neighbor, the winter of 2011 and 2012 could be like no other seen in the past 2 centuries.

    I really hope it will calm down, otherwise if you live in a house without a non-electric source of heat, you could be in serious danger this winter.

    It’s amazing how nature can turn the tables on humans in the blink of an eye no matter where they live rendering centuries worth of technological inovation completly useless.

    It’s eerie that so many tribal groups predict that in the year 2012, mankind’s technology will fail him and he will be forced to rely on his inner technology to survive.

    Hopefully this is all just random coincidence.

  7. Wolverine

    Cargosquid forgot the rest of that story. What the Navy did NOT tell you was that there are very few trees in Iceland.

  8. And THAT is why volcano god angry!

  9. marinm

    I’m actually not a fan of politician’s telecommuting in. The rules of our General Assembly set out who is in charge when there is an absence and how many persons constitute a quorum. Let the rules guide us.

    Because if the same thing happened with a -D in charge and he tried to telecommute we’d be screaming bloody murder that it ain’t right, correct?

    BTW, did anyone find out if the Volcano filed for a polluting permit or bought carbon offsets?

  10. Second-Alamo

    Marsh mallows anyone?

  11. The pictures from this thing are beautiful.

  12. Emma

    marinm :
    BTW, did anyone find out if the Volcano filed for a polluting permit or bought carbon offsets?

    No, but I heard that the EPA has declared northern Europe to be a Superfund site.

  13. marinm

    …wait. It wasn’t already? 😉

    MH, agreed. The images – especially showing lightning – are awesome.

  14. Emma

    @marinm Their caseload has been really backed up.

  15. anona

    I think this is all Greg Brady’s fault from when he took the tiki idol and started that ancient curse.

  16. punchak


    When I was on Iceland in the late 70s, there was ONE tree in Reykjavik, surrounded by a fence and called a PARK. The road from Keflavik airport to the city goes through a moon landscape. Was told that our astronauts trained there.

    As for pronunciation; one newscaster has decided to call it “E + 15”. Pretty clever!

  17. Wolverine

    Punchak — I was on TDY at the Keflavik Naval Air Station in 1968. I saw a couple of small trees in Reykavik at that time. Most of them must have given up the ghost between my visit and yours. I do understand that there used to be some stands of birch trees in Iceland, but the Vikings cut them all down during the Middle Ages. There may still be a few scattered around here and there. I have photos of Keflavik, Reykavik, and a couple of other places. Not a tree in sight. I know there are some scattered trees in other towns, but I have rarely seen a picture of an Icelandic tree which is higher than the roof of an average one-story house. The climate limits plant growth to a certain height, so in Iceland I guess you get to refer to a bush as a tree.

    I also remember those lava fields between Keflavik and Reykavik. You’re right. It was like being on another planet. I believe there are about 130 volcanic mountains in Iceland, almost 20 of which are potentially active or have been active in the past. It looks to me like a good part of Iceland plus a couple of islands off the coast may have been formed through volcanic activity. Sounds like a volcano lover might enjoy a visit there. (Moon? Are you listening?) Many Icelanders heat their homes by running underground thermal water through pipes in their houses. If that isn’t enough, Iceland sits right at the meeting point of two major tectonic plates, so earthquakes are also a part of life. The Icelanders appear to live very close to Mother Nature. They are probably taking all this right in stride. Worried more, I would think, about their national fiscal/economic situation, which has become very difficult of late.

  18. Wolverine

    Darn — I never could get used to spelling Reykjavik!!

  19. punchak

    Reykjavik> “vik” = bay – reykja = smoke; ergo: Bay of Smokes


  20. Very interesting. And the name comes from the volcanoes?

    What language is that officially? Is there an icelandic language?

  21. Wolverine

    Icelanders speak Icelandic. I believe the language is based largely on Old Norse, since the original settlers came from Norway. Also some Celtic mixed in because Irish were brought to Iceland as slaves by the Vikings. Also some Celts from the Scottish isles settled there.

    Interesting side note: There is a group of islands about 100 miles off the Icelandic coast called the Vestmann Islands or Westmann Islands. It is said that, when Irish slaves escaped from their Viking masters, they fled to these islands. “Vestmann” appears to be local lingo for “Irish.” Hard to keep a good Irishman down forever. Something more to remember on St. Pat’s Day!

    Another interesting note: When the first Viking settlers arrived, the only native mammal in Iceland was the Arctic Fox. I would guess the foxes ate birds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their diet became varied shortly thereafter because the Vikings brought rats and mice with them. One myth to be exploded: There have never, ever been any Eskimos in Iceland. However, some say that an occasional polar bear did come across the ice floes from Greenland in times long ago.

  22. Interesting info there Wolverine! Did they bring rats and mice intentionally or just as part of the cargo?

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