When Localities Take On Immigration
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Elena and Alanna apparently had a good time calling Chairman Stewart out on his “inaccuracies” today on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on NPR (WAMU).   Corey Stewart is STILL trying to spin that the resolution, neutered of the “probable cause” mandate, is tougher than the original resolution.  

I believe I recall a certain Chairman saying “over his dead body” would he allow the probable cause mandate to be stricken from the immigration resolution.  Hmmmmm, well, it WAS stricken and he is clearly still walking around, alive and well.   Why on earth did he fight soooo hard if he didn’t mind the probable cause being taken out.  As I recall, Anti-BVBL, along with many other citizens who had spoken out against the resolution, celebrated when the probable cause mandate was stricken from the enforcement language.

PWC Crime Statistics 2009

43 Thoughts to “Elena and Alanna Thwart Corey Stewart’s Attempt to Rewrite PWC Immigration History”

  1. IVAN

    Even Public Radio isn’t safe any more. I wonder if Corey will be able to look at a microphone the as his “best friend” in the future. The rumors of Elena and Alanna’s retirement appear to be premature.

  2. They tag teamed that show!

    I was off at a financial seminar. I am so sorry I missed all the action.

  3. Starryflights

    And just how has that Rule of Law resolution been working out for y’a?

  4. Second-Alamo

    Just call us Little Arizona!

  5. Starryflights

    Let’s hope that Arizona looks at PWC after it passed a similar resolution. Violent crime is up, foreclosures are up, and home values are down. Aside from that, the Rule of Law has been a great success.


    Well done, ladies. I heard both of you, but I was on a conf call when Elena was on, I was trying to listen to two conversations and I don’t think I did so well!

  7. PWC Taxpayer

    Preaching to the choir is not exactly ministering to the angles or the needy.

  8. Corey Stewart needs to start being accurate about this issue or he needs to stop talking every time he sees a mic. He will be called out on it each and every time, at least on this blog, if he makes inaccurate statements.

    I wish that his fellow board members would stop letting him get by with making these sweeping, inaccurate generalizations. I wish they would step up to the plate and stop letting him act like he was the personal mentor for the State of Arizona.

    Just go back through the last 10 murders or serious woundings in the county. The only person of questionable status I could find is one of the victims. (assuming murder is a serious crime)

  9. TooFunny

    Well done ladies.

  10. PWC Taxpayer


    What is the inaccurate statement?

  11. Just about all of it is inaccurate. Let’s just take the basic premise Corey makes about deporting illegal immigrants saves lives. (did you listen to the recording?)

    Most illegal immigrants aren’t deported to start with, especially if they haven’t committed a major crime. Secondly, Stewart talks like our serious crimes were committed by immigrants. They weren’t.

    If the basic premise is faulty, there isn’t much hope for the rest of the argument.

  12. PWC Taxpayer


    Thats not how I read the PWCPD report and my guess is that Corey was briefed on this at a level we have not been. Deporting illegals is the right thing to do from every perspective. The the coorelation between crime, violent crime and domestic abuse rates are absolute. Are they the only problem in trhe community — nobody said that. Are the illegals a burden on our comunity, economically and in terms of crime – you bettcha.

    But wait – theres more. Read how Mexico treat illegals into Mexico. What is good for trhe Goose should be good for the Gander


  13. Rick Bentley

    I’m listening. This guy Torres is a joke. Only murderers and such should be deported! those who sell phony phone cards are making a contribution to society.

    It does not surprise me that anyone associated with CASA sounds like an idiot.

  14. Rick Bentley

    Elena, your animus for Stewart is too obvious.

    Alanna is talking about the crime rate now. I have to say, it seems obvious to me that the crime rate itself and the crime rate among illegal aliens would be much higher were it not for the resolution and/or the downturn in construction. I know my neighborhood feels MUCH safer.

  15. Rick Bentley

    I guess CASA can’t find a spokesperson who speaks better English than this guy?

  16. Rick Bentley

    Stewart’s telling gospel truth … God bless him.

  17. I am willing to bet Corey hasn’t been briefed at all. Furthermore, you have no idea who I talk to and who I don’t talk to.

    Violent crime in PWC has risen in the past year. Murder and rape are not trendable.

    Go back and read the crime report a little closer. You will not find what you are looking for.

    No Rick, Corey is not telling the truth. He is being opportunistic. There is no link to illegal aliens committing those crimes.

  18. Rick Bentley

    What did he say in this interview that wasn’t true?

  19. TooFunny

    everything that comes out of that fool’s mouth is a lie.

  20. Red Dawn

    Obama has been addressed for spreading the fear when he talked about the law leading to possible arrest when taking the family out for ice cream. That is irresponsible on his part as the prez. I figure that is grand standing on his part for political gain as well.

  21. Red Dawn

    has NOT been addressed.

  22. I have made the 2009 PWC Crime Stats available to download from the post. See PWC Crime Statistics 2009
    If you go through the statisitics you will see that Corey chose to cherry pick his statistics. 93% of crime is property crime. 7% is crime against persons. It breaks down further.

    There is no place Stewart can back up his assertions that running off ‘the illegals’ lowered crime.

    I don’t have the time to listen to an hour show and then go point by point with the statistics. People who want to believe in St. Corey will do so regardless of what I put in front of them. Just remember that when it comes election time, all of the information accumulated will go to Corey’s opponent.

    He needs to make sure he tells the truth from here on out. Meanwhile the State of Arizona continues to look to Corey for answers to their immigration problems. NOT.
    [sarcasm button on]

    9500Liberty is being shown in several theaters. Perhaps the record will be set straight out in AZ.

  23. Why do you feel it is irresponsible, Red Dawn? Those of us who have been profiled know that it could happen if you don’t have the right paper work. Any woman who has ever been stopped late at night knows that ‘probable cause’ is a very fluid legality.

    We had the same problem with probable cause here. You know, the one that would be recinded over Corey Stewart’s dead body? The one that was recinded at the urging of many people on anti-bvbl?

  24. Red Dawn

    The SPIN alone of getting arrested for taking your kids out for ice cream is over the top fear bait.

  25. But do you think it is possible that it could happen? Could it have happened here?

    I don’t necessarily think it is spin if it could happen. Every been stopped for being out too late or maybe in the wrong spot? You don’t have to go real far from home for that to happen.

    I understand if you are driving a car you need your license. But what if you aren’t the driver and either choose not to turn your license over to the cops or simply don’t have it. Should this be a reason to be arrested? You might be ok if you have blonde hair. If you have darker skin and black hair, your arse might be in a heap of trouble.

    How about being out ‘after hours’ and have to do the drunken dog and pony show if you haven’t been drinking? ‘Going a little too fast’ is probably cause. ‘Broken tail light’ is probably cause for stopping someone.

  26. Red Dawn

    I agree that it could happen. There is always room for ABUSE and that is why I was/am a supporter of why we needed to be careful about probable cause from what happened here in PWC. I just think that Obama is still playing on the fear/race card by saying that going out for ice cream without papers will land you in jail.That is powerful fear fuel for a person in his postion when It could happen but far fetched.
    FEAR politics for either side is a no win situation and only makes things worse. I may be alone here in my opinion and that’s fine 😉

  27. Red Dawn

    I just found out that I am not alone. I just read Second Alamo’s comment under the Diane’s Uncle thread…… April 28th, 2010 at 18:42 | #23 Reply | Quote

    Good to see 🙂

  28. You can always count on SA to be critical of the Prez. There are others also. You will not be alone, RD.

    My feeling is that he is welcome to be critical of what is going on there.

    Having lived through the Prince William wars, I will sit back and watch and listen. I am finding it amusing that those in favor of Immigration laws are really using the same old arguments we heard over and over again here in this county. Funny how the scenery never changes.

    On the other hand, it’s their state, they can sort it all out, whoever ‘they’ is.

    My main concern was Prince William County.

    I am curious how that statesy rightsy thing is going to work out for them out there in AZ. I still think that concept was over in 1865, in all practicality.

  29. Rick Bentley

    Obama, you scumbag, SECURE THE BORDER and the only way to make headway on that is to ENFORCE US LAW and DEPORT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHEN FOUND and to MAKE SURE THEY CAN’T LEGALLY WORK HERE. You SWORE A F***ING OATH to uphold our laws so DO IT before yoiu have the unmitigated balls to play politics and soft-shoe around as if you can pick and choose laws to uphold.


  30. Rick Bentley

    I don’t know how else to express it. People have been genteel about this issue for too long.

  31. Rick Bentley

    Because if I were made Presdient somehow I’d open a commission to consider treason charges against Bush and Obama on this issue. Someone should subpoena all meeting notes relevant to immigration issues and pursue charges against these men.

  32. Per usual, Stewart doesn’t want to help those who are here even if WE are the ones who let them one.

    He wants all illegal aliens to be deported.

    Yeah. There’s a solution.

    Hope he’s ready to have everyone pay for it via taxes.

  33. Rick, you had better go back a lot further than Bush and Obama. Eisenhower? Truman? FDR?

    How on earth do you secure a border without becoming East Berlin?

  34. NotTooFunny

    Red Dawn,
    Everyone should be fine taking their kids out for ice cream. That is, unless you make a sharp right turn or your license plate looks bent then we;; good luck.

  35. Rick Bentley

    Eisenhower oversaw Operation Wetback – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Wetback

    No President up until the last 2 inept buffoons sat and watched anything like this without moving to preserve our sovereignty. Those two, Bush and Obama, oversaw a political climate where illegal doesn’t mean illegal any more.

  36. Rick Bentley

    “How on earth do you secure a border without becoming East Berlin?”

    In most nations, people are expected to carry papers. Now you are expected to in Arizona. Eventually, most states probably. The onus, at the level of arrest, is not on the state to prove that you DON’T belong.

    This is a logical extension of the America we all grew up in. The police have always had the right to ask people to show identification, so they know who they are dealing with or talking to. Is there some point at which it became acceptable to give them fake identities? No.

  37. Have they? I expect you will have Marin showing up to say that as an American, we don’t have to identify ourselves. Therein lies the problem.

    I don’t think we do have to identify ourselves if we aren’t driving a car and if we haven’t been arrested or detained.

  38. Who are the non ID people? Libertarians? I can’t keep all of it straight.

  39. Rick Bentley

    But there’s the kicker. The police can detain you at will. And insist on seeing an ID.

    Ask Henry Louis Gates about this.

  40. And that is the kicker and where the abuse can come from. I guess he could have refused to show his ID, but where would that have gotten him?

  41. Censored bybvbl

    Papers can be faked. They’re no guarantee.

  42. TWINAD


    That stuck out at me too…that he could not acknowledge a single instance where he would think it appropriate that an illegal alien be allowed to gain legal status. Does he not realize he has constituents such as myself that could use the help in getting our spouses legal status? For Pete’s sake, last year my son was on a soccer team of 8 kids and two of the 8 mom’s had this situation. So the situation we are in is not rare. I find it insulting that we live in the “land of the free”, yet I am not allowed to marry whom I choose with the reasonable expectation that my family will not be torn apart. People can go to a website and choose a spouse and attain legal status for that person they barely know in a few years, but other citizens can be married for 9 years and still have zero hope that their spouse will ever become a legal resident? SOMETHING is screwed up with that.

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