Laura Bush Claims She and the President Poisoned in Germany

Former First Lady Laura Bush claims that she, the president, and other members of their entourage were poisoned in 2007 in Germany during a G8 summit meeting.   Mrs. Bush’s assertions open up a diplomatic can of worms in her new book, Spoken From the Heart. Members of their entourage also lost hearing, had difficulty walking, and other issues that seem more indicative of poisoning than a virus. The Secret Service went in to overdrive but came to no definitive conclusions. According to CNN:

“Nearly a dozen members of our delegation were stricken, even George, who started to feel sick during an early morning staff briefing,” Mrs. Bush writes. “[O]ne of our military aides had difficulty walking and a White House staffer lost all hearing in one ear. Exceedingly alarmed, the Secret Service went on full alert, combing the resort for potential poisons.”

“George felt so ill that he met with [French President Nicolas] Sarkozy and did not even stand up to greet him,” she continues, adding later, “We never learned if any other delegations became ill, or if ours, mysteriously, was the only one.”

Excerpts of the book were first published by The New York Times on Tuesday.

The 432-page memoir is both a recount of the rare experience of being a first lady and a reflection of the eight years she spent in the White House as her husband’s popularity gradually declined.


One has to ask themselves what makes a family choose politics.  Is anyone thick skinned enough to have a loved one attacked like George Bush was attacked?  Can you imagine being his parents or his wife and children?  Perhaps politics are just too cruel for the average person to participate.  Perhaps the Ukrainians throwing eggs at each other are ultimately more civilized than the American people and their politicians. 

I suppose we will never know if the Bushes were poisoned.  Wasn’t a shoe bad enough?   Perhaps now Mrs. Bush has gone public, we will find out the truth.

9-Year Old Saves Little Brother from Abductor

Photo by Uriah Kiser/News and Messenger
Photo by Uriah Kiser/News and Messenger

A would-be abduction was thwarted by a 9 year old boy who pushed his little brother to the ground to keep him from being kidnapped.  The incident happened in an upscale neighborhood in Bristow.  PWC police are urging parents to warn their children and to be on the lookout for  :

The 9-year-old told police the attacker was white, between 40 and 50 years old, about 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall, with a small silver hoop earring in his right ear and a goatee. He wore a yellow polo shirt with a pocket on the left chest and light blue jeans.

The little brother who is aged 5 is fortunately he has a quick thinking older brother.  This incident in a reminder to all parents that abduction doesn’t just happen in bad neighborhoods.  Abduction can happen anywhere.  According to the News and Messenger:

MANASSAS, Va.—As police searched for a would-be kidnapper Wednesday, a 9-year-old Bristow boy was hailed a hero for saving his 5-year-old brother from the abduction attempt.

Walking home from a friend’s house about 5:30 p.m. Monday, the two boys decided to cut between two homes near the intersection of Noltland Castle Drive and Lennice Way.
A man then approached the two from behind and grabbed the 5-year-old, said Prince William police spokeswoman Erika Hernandez.

The 9-year-old rushed to his brother’s aid and pushed the younger boy to the ground, effectively freeing him of the would-be abductor’s grasp, said police.

The attacker ran from the scene, and the children ran home.

Parents’ reactions can be read at

AZ Sheriff calls New Legislation Stupid

Not everyone in Arizona likes the new Illegal Immigration law in Arizona. One sheriff refuses to enforce the law. He further states that it is some of the worst legislation he has seen in all his years in law enforcement.

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik feels the law will make racial profiling almost mandetory. According to

PHOENIX — An Arizona sheriff is the latest person to speak out about the state’s new immigration legislation, saying he does not plan to enforce the divisive law.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik calls Senate Bill 1070 a “stupid law” that will force officers to start profiling. He is one of the first local law enforcement officials to rebel against the law.

“We don’t need to enforce it. It would be irresponsible in my opinion to put people in the Pima County Jail at the taxpayers expense when i can give them to the Border Patrol,” Dupnik said.

The Sheriff admits he could get sued for failing to obey the law, but says that’s a risk he’s willing to take.

The sheriff who is from around the Tucson area sure isn’t the only official who doesn’t like this legislation. The mayor of Phoenix is also suing the state of Arizona over its constitutionality. The mayor does not have the full support of the city council with his lawsuit.