The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, in recent years, has become a time for the President to become quite the comedian.

 Last night, The Empire Struck Back! President Obama was hilarious got rave reviews this morning. Poor Jay Leno. Not so much. As stated, the ‘Empire’ did strike back.

The President started off with lots of self-deprecation. I think he was every bit as good as Jon Stewart.

Update: Combined Obama routine with Jay Leno. Leno starts around minute 17. I thought Leno was just not funny.

What were your favorite lines? There were so many, it is hard to choose. I might have to listen more than once.

Car Bomb in Times Square

An SUV was loaded with explosive materials in Times Square yesterday evening. Around 6:30 and alert t-shirt salesman who also happened to be a Vietnam veteran noticed suspicioius smoke coming out of the car and he also smelled gun powder. He alerted a mounted policeman who called in reinforcements and a bomb squad. The mounted police got the passersby out of harms way. Critical areas were evacuated.

CNN covered this incident most of the night. Eye witnesses were interviewed and some officials have spoken. The car bomb did not totally detonate. It is unknown if this was domestic or international terrorism. The mounted police and the vendor are being called heroes. They were aware of their surroundings.

Further reading:

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Christiane Amanpour Signs Off for the Last Time on Friday

Christiane Amanpour has always been one of my favorites. She has been the eyes, ears, and mouthpiece for events and places around the world that I would never see for myself. I always trusted her to tell a story that perhaps no one else had the nerve to tell. I have no reason for that trust other than she seemed to go where other women feared to tread. She had just the international flair, or so it seemed, to be able to pull it off where the American-born somehow fell short.

Christiane Amanpour will be missed on CNN and I truly believe she is irreplaceable. I was not prepared for this loss. 27 years is a long time.

Indiana Protects Buffalo Modesty on State Seal

Not to be upstaged by Virginia, the cultural warriors of Indiana, embarrassed by a bare butted, pantsless buffalo on its state seal, made plans to correct this graphic depiction of animal  indecency. 

Here is the current State Seal of Indiana.  As you can see, this fine fellow is not wearing pants, thus exposing his buffalo “parts.” 

Indiana State Seal

Considered way too personal and graphic, some of the Indiana cultural warriors met in committee to fix this embarrassment. After all, Virginia had covered the exposed breast of that Amazon woman, Goddess Virtue who had been slaying tyrants for Virginia for over 200 years. All sorts of Virginia tight-asses had averted their eyes for years until they were rescued by the new Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a transplant from NJ, who changed the attire of Goddess Virtue from exposed breast to neck-high breast plate.

Here is the proposal to keep Indiana’s buffalo in a more modest pose:

Indiana State Seapantsl

Good job, Cultural Warriors of Indiana. Your honor has been restored.

(Your state seal now looks like Sponge Buffalo Square Pants but that’s ok!)

Satire and sarcasm button off now. Thanks to a mysterious Ray for his art work.