Not to be upstaged by Virginia, the cultural warriors of Indiana, embarrassed by a bare butted, pantsless buffalo on its state seal, made plans to correct this graphic depiction of animal  indecency. 

Here is the current State Seal of Indiana.  As you can see, this fine fellow is not wearing pants, thus exposing his buffalo “parts.” 

Indiana State Seal

Considered way too personal and graphic, some of the Indiana cultural warriors met in committee to fix this embarrassment. After all, Virginia had covered the exposed breast of that Amazon woman, Goddess Virtue who had been slaying tyrants for Virginia for over 200 years. All sorts of Virginia tight-asses had averted their eyes for years until they were rescued by the new Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a transplant from NJ, who changed the attire of Goddess Virtue from exposed breast to neck-high breast plate.

Here is the proposal to keep Indiana’s buffalo in a more modest pose:

Indiana State Seapantsl

Good job, Cultural Warriors of Indiana. Your honor has been restored.

(Your state seal now looks like Sponge Buffalo Square Pants but that’s ok!)

Satire and sarcasm button off now. Thanks to a mysterious Ray for his art work.

11 Thoughts to “Indiana Protects Buffalo Modesty on State Seal”

  1. Wolverine

    Man, what you guys don’t find to chatter about!!! One boob gets covered up, and the whole Commonwealth of Virginia is now put to shame. We suddenly lose our distinction of being the only state which has an official seal featuring nudity. I’m willing to bet that the Cooch is just deliberately baiting you all — just like Rush Limbaugh does practically every day of the week.

  2. Oh I expect he might be. Jon Stewart already sent his team out.

    I got sent the Sponge Bob Buffalo. Ideal hands are the Devil’s tools.

    Too much bad going on out there….might as well act silly.

    Oil spills still spilling, Arizona exploding and a car bomb in Times Square. ugh!

  3. bubberella

    There are mountains in Indiana? About as scarce as buffalo from my recollection.

  4. Second-Alamo

    That’s ridiculous, why would a buffalo wear white pants. I would think black or brown would make him less a target!

  5. Wolverine

    Sadly, I have to agree with #2, Moon. That seems to have become the way of our world. You can try to laugh; but much too often the laughter stops abruptly.

  6. Yes, these seem like times that could well have consequences that last years, decades, centuries…..

  7. SA, maybe those are buffalo pantaloons…in keeping with the times…1816.

    pan·ta·loon   /ˌpæntlˈun/ Show Spelled[pan-tl-oon] Show IPA
    1. pantaloons, a man’s close-fitting garment for the hips and legs, worn esp. in the 19th century, but varying in form from period to period; trousers.

  8. hello

    What ever they are it looks as if he needs to get them altered, they don’t seem to fit quite right. Or, he could just have a George Costanza size wallet in his back pocket. At least he has a hole for his tale to stick out of.

  9. That tail hole is an important part of the garment.

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