GOP Worried that Az Legislation Might Hurt both Fall and Future Elections

Republicans got that dead cat bounce from the new law in AZ.  However, now they might be going back to the old adage about being careful what you wish for.  Now the movers and the shakers in the GOP are worried that there might be a negative impact from this law and that some new potential base might be lost.

According to

Arizona’s immigration law has been an immediate hit with the Republican base, but some of the party’s top strategists and rising stars worry that the harsh crackdown may do long-term damage to the GOP in the eyes of America’s Hispanic population.

 From Marco Rubio to Jeb Bush to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Republicans who represent heavily Hispanic states have been vocal in their criticism of the Arizona law, saying it overreaches. Even Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia, a conservative hero for his win last fall, has questioned the law.

 And the party’s long-term thinkers worry that the Arizona law is merely a quick political fix which may create a permanent rift with the fastest growing segment of the U.S. electorate.

Most of us were unaware the Governor McDonnell had weighed in on the AZ  issue. 
The question people need to be asking themselves is will the new legislation help alleviate AZ’s violence.  If the answer is no, then they need another strategy.  They are making a bad mistake if they are curbing lawn care workers entering the United States.  Meanwhile, London burns. 
Specifically, Rove, Jeb Bush, and Governor Perry had the following to say:
“I think there is going to be some constitutional problems with the bill,” top Bush strategist Karl Rove said during a stop on his book tour. “I wished they hadn’t passed it, in a way.”

Jeb Bush was also blunt: “I don’t think this is the proper approach.”

Regardless of what GOP heavy-weights say, the many folks in AZ are pleased with their legislation. It must be that RINO Karl Rove who just doesn’t have what it takes to be a conservative Republican. [Sarcasm key pressed.]

Open Thread: Week of 5/3/10

Nothing new around these parts. I hear the bus loads are coming in to protest something. Must be a joke. Surely Corey isn’t passing another Resolution.

And to all those who seem to think that has something going on with AZ, we are NOT the news. It seems to be that on-going reading comprehension problem that is causing rumors.

Enjoy the week.