Poll Pooch  2008
Poll Pooch 2008

The town of Herndon apparently takes its poll pooches seriously.  This great dane puts in an appearance at every Herndon election according to sources.  He was there bright and early this morning when the polls opened at 6:30. (above picture from 2008)

I also understand that one of the founders of Help Save Herndon is on the ballot for town council.  Hopefully our Herndon friends will keep us apprised of how election day is going over in Herndon. After viewing the town council meetings, it appears that peace and tranquility isn’t part of the main objective.

Is that a donkey lying down or a great dane running for office on the Jones’ sign?  Perhaps he will further explain this logo on the candidate website: 



54 Thoughts to “Poll Pooch Guards Polls on Election Day in Herndon”

  1. Interesting that only 2 incumbents kept their seat. It looks like 4 Democrats or at least not Republicans came on to the town council. The one video we saw of the meetings there, it looked like there needed to be some clean up.

    I hope it works out well for Herndon.

  2. There are plenty of people whose dog I like better than the person, Punchak. I expect I might feel the same about the Jones situation, from what I have read about Jones.

  3. punchak

    This is going to be interesting, to say the least. There’ll be 4 (FOUR) women on the TC. Tirrell, the senior member, and Jasbinder Singh, an India born Herndonite, will be the only males, plus the Mayor. “Things they are a-changin’.”

    Moon, I believe that the voters realized that the majority of the ‘Husch council’ had not been effective and not energetic enough when it came to the important business of downtown development and preparing for the arrival of the Metro. Instead, they kept spending money, a lot of money, on a lobbyist down in Richmond to try to pass laws about impounding vehicles driven by persons w/o licenses, costly signs on Elden St and the like.

    Seemed they couldn’t let go of the illegal alien business, which catapulted Mayor Steve etal onto the TC after some of the worst debacles ever seen in the Town of Herndon.

    The new TC will have a lot of work, but I feel that new members are fairly young, very energetic and intelligent so I have great hopes for Herndon. Maybe Mayor Steve has matured and learned during the past four years and will be able to take charge.

  4. Hopefully Mayor Steve has been handed his arse enough times and has also noticed that the winds of change blew through Herndon yesterday. I haven’t gotten over my shock at how rude the major and the TC were to 2 ladies who spoke before them. The very nerve! That would not have even happened in in PWC.

    I think you all have made some things possible and hat tip to everyone who went out and voted and made this change happen over in Herndon. The voters have spoken!

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