Bristol Palin went clubbing Wednesday night, according to  So what’s the big deal, other than she was under-age? 

Oh Bristol, don’t you know by now that someone is always watching?

Miss Palin may have spent Wednesday morning celebrating the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy — but she spent Wednesday evening fretting that her cover would be blown at NYC hot spot 1Oak.

“Bristol was there around 1 a.m. with friends,” a partygoer says. “She was trying to have fun, but she looked like she was terrified that people would recognize her and start gawking. It seems like she couldn’t even relax.”  A second denizen of the club backed up the sighting.

We can’t blame Bristol for being nervous: After spending all day at events like “The Harsh Truth: Teen Moms Tell All” — and tirelessly promoting her new good-girl image — showing up at a 21-and-over venue may not have been the best idea.

The Palins are making a huge mistake trotting out Bristol to be the poster child for abstinence-only pregnancy prevention programs.  In the first place, its horribly hypocritical.  A classic case of closing the barn door after the horse is out of the barn.  Bristol Palin seems like a nice enough kid.  She has a year old child, she is continuing her education.  She was involved with a guy who should be the poster boy for who you want your daughter to stay away from.  Her mother is now a millionaire politician turned author ex-governor, if having a ghost writer counts. 

If we are to keep politicos kids as sacred cows, and I believe they are, then politico’s kids should not take public positions.  Bristol Palin has a job to do.  She needs to enjoy her youth at the same time she is raising her child.  That’s not an easy task.  She should not be expected to go out there and tell all the other kids to not have sex.  My mother’s Day wish for Young Ms. Palin is that she toss aside politics and get on with the difficult task ahead of her which would be being a kid while raising a kid.  It almost feels like she is having to serve penance because she had a kid.  Bristol Palin owes none of us any apologies if she will just be herself.

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40 Thoughts to “Bristol Palin Spotted Clubbing”

  1. Advice to Bristol: Don’t become your mother.

  2. Mine would be to follow pinko’s advice and use birth control and be herself, not the spokesperson for abstinence only.

  3. punchak

    Why not blame John McCain, if somebody needs to be blamed?
    He certainly changed the lives of all the Palins. And, except maybe for the money side, not for the better. I sure wouldn’t want to be in Bristol’s place. Imagine at that age, always being followed, photographed, gossiped about, etc. etc.

  4. McCain didn’t abduct Palin. He invited her to be on the ticket. I can’t blame him for her choices any more than I can blame Obama for Biden.

  5. I am a strong believer in keeping political kids as sacred cows. They shoujld not be condemned or ridiculed because of their parents. I was on Palin’s side over the Letterman squabble. He was wrong to make crude remarks about her daughter. I was furious at SNL nearly 20 years ago for making fun of Chelsey Clinton’s appearance. She was a gangley teenager at the most sensitive time of her life.

    And by the same token, politicians need to keep their kids out of the limelight and not have them doing trained seal acts about second chance virginity. How disgusting. Hate what Letterman did, then don’t parade your kid around over the most personal of personal choices.

  6. punchak

    Agreed, Moon, Palin could have said no. And she SHOULD have, IMHO.

    Remember little Amy Carter!

  7. Visitor

    Moon-howler :
    I am a strong believer in keeping political kids as sacred cows.

    Then why did you even create the thread in the first place? If it’s no big deal, then we don’t need to talk about it.

  8. The Palins are trotting their kid out rather than protecting her, then complaining when people talk about her.

    Visitor, have you anything nice to say about this blog or are you here simply to fight with people and take issue with our threads and posts?

  9. marinm

    By all means, lets lock women up and never allow them out in public.

    If she can find a sitter and wants to go out for some drinks and dancing.. Good on her. That she spends time either as a paid advocate or volunteering for whatever cause she wishes…is her business and maybe even to her financial advantage. Again, good on her.

    “[My parents] are there for support when I need it emotionally, but I’m on my own financially. I work an 8-to-5 job, five days a week,” Palin, 19, who’s raising 16-month-old Tripp, told PEOPLE. “My parents help out, but they’re not at my disposal. I think that’s a huge misconception.”

    “I’m doing it by myself,” Bristol said. “I live by myself, I’m working to provide for [my son]. It is difficult. Financially, it’s very difficult. I’d say the majority of any paycheck I ever receive is going to Tripp. Child care is very expensive, formula is expensive, diapers are expensive — and you don’t think about that as a kid, at all.”

    Go on and kick a single mother in the gut just because she goes out with some friends for a night on the town. I just never figured I’d see something like that on this blog.

  10. Why don’t you take the time to read the damn post. I was supportive of her.
    In advance I accept your apololgy.

    I am really disappointed that you couldn’t take the time to read the post before you attacked me.

  11. Starryflights

    It really is vile, repulsive and repugnant that Sarah Palin uses her children for her own personal political gain. All her kids have been used, not just Bristol. They are the Adams Family of politics.

  12. PWC Taxpayer

    Attacking and making fun of Palin is good natural sport for Democrats. It doesn’t need to make sense or be thought through. Is it hypocritical, you bettcha – sort of like arguing against economic development grants and for welfare. That the hate tends to come from educated and successful business women who see a successful women who articulates standard morals and family centered values is the odd part that needs to be explored. Is beauty really a handicapp for women in politics?

    1. Missed the point, eh?

      You are so far off the mark you have just zoomed past. Go back and read the post please, before commenting.

  13. Rick Bentley

    Very good points, Moon-howler. For once I have nothing to add.

  14. PWC Taxpayer


    Oh sure you’re right – again, of course, there was no attempt to take opportunist shots directly and indirectly at Palin through Bristol. Why the hate for this family?

  15. Elena

    Bristol should not be required to preach abstinence! Instead, she should feel free to talk about how abstinence only did NOT work for her and why. If she feels compelled to share her own story, I think that is great, but I wonder why she doesn’t use it as a REALISITC teaching tool about teen pregnancy and being prepared NOT to get get pregant, like having birth control available to use “just in case”.

    This post was about NOT following after her and every single thing she does, apparently, for those with comprehension issues, that point was not clear enough.

    “If we are to keep politicos kids as sacred cows, and I believe they are, then politico’s kids should not take public positions. Bristol Palin has a job to do. She needs to enjoy her youth at the same time she is raising her child. That’s not an easy task. She should not be expected to go out there and tell all the other kids to not have sex. My mother’s Day wish for Young Ms. Palin is that she toss aside politics and get on with the difficult task ahead of her which would be being a kid while raising a kid. It almost feels like she is having to serve penance because she had a kid. Bristol Palin owes none of us any apologies if she will just be herself.”

  16. Rick Bentley

    I guess probably Bristol is in a state of denial about how stupid her Mon’s position is and how stupid her Mom’s whole career and raison d’ete are. So it makes her feel good to go out and exhort others. After all her Mom (and Dad) do help to bear the burden that she is responsible for. Not a totally unhealthy response, trying to do something back for your Mother.

    Probably most people’s psyches factor into their support for the crazy positions advocated by the left and the right.

    On the illegal immigration issue, those on the “left” are quick to cast racial or “xenophobic” motivations to those who oppose illegal immigration.

    And, on the other side, I wonder how many supporters of illegal immigration are just trying to fit into a Latino community, or how many just dislike America and Americans.

    Me, I mostly just want a safe and less noisy neighborhood. But I also long for an era where personal responsibility exists and the law is not a joke to be twisted by the wealthy.

  17. marinm

    Is there any evidence that Sarah is FORCING Bristol to preach (nice symbolism btw) abstinence? What if it’s her own decision based on her own life experiences? What if it’s simply to get a paycheck so she can afford Tripp’s healthcare?

    To the bold part of the thread topic — What if she *is* being just herself?

    Let’s say she doesn’t believe in the message of abstinence (I don’t – I think you need to teach everything but thats a decision I would make for my kids not everyone elses) but she’s still a spokesperson for the cause and that she happens to collect a paycheck. Is there anything wrong with that?? Does anyone really believe that celebs use the products they pitch?

    Can women be trusted to make up there own minds without automatically assuming that someone is telling them what to do?

    Why are people afraid of strong, opinionated women?

  18. PWC Taxpayer

    Seems to me that the Palins are to be looked up to. With all that they have going and are coping with — Downs, out of wedlock child, major AH/Jerk for a non-son-in-law, other young syblings, soldier in Iraq (?), business/accounting, the politics of hate/ridicule, and the constant public scrutiny. I think most of us would get sick or explode.

    For those who view Bristol as hypocritical, the fact is that she can and is credibily sending the right signal to large numbers of teens on a number of fronts – to include the idea that there is life after teenage birth. She deserves more than just a little credit for that. I think most of us would withdraw into our peronal hole and hide. Family values even when the mark is missed should be the standard we hold up – they are not an afront to individual liberty.

  19. Rick Bentley

    “strong opinionated women” who hold a deep-seated conviction for, say, a few months or weeks and then go around preaching it at others?

  20. Your second paragraph reinforces the point I was trying to make about Bristol. @ tp

    marin, parents have a strange way of setting expectations….so who knows if her parents are pressuring her or not. I strongly suspect she is probably trying to repay her mother for letting her down, at a particularly critical time. but who knows.

    Still waiting for that attack apology there, Marin.

  21. To anyone, Elena and I have both spoken on the subject of Sarah Palin many times.

    Perhaps we should turn the tables and ask why some of you all despise President Obama and why you fear a strong, educated black man. Think about that one next time you all ask us about Palin.

  22. Rick Bentley

    When did her mother let her down? I don’t get that.

    I don’t have a lot of respect for Sarah Palin but she was a good mother to her daughter when her daughter turned up pregnant.

  23. Rick Bentley

    The girl was in 100% rebellion stage before she got pregnant and if she didn’t love her parents I assume she could have remained so.

  24. Wolverine

    I don’t “fear a strong, educated black man.” I disagree with Obama a whole lot and will readily argue that his education lacks in the fields of economics, finance, business, and military affairs, among others. Yet, somehow, when I disagree with him, some people automatically assume that I fear (or even hate) a Black man in high political office. Why is that?

  25. marinm


    MH, none will be provided. I’m not wrong nor did I attack you.

    Alot of people are trying to attack Sarah through Bristol. Doesn’t make sense. If you have an issue with Bristol – attack her. If you have an issue with Sarah – attack her. Attacking Sarah to get to Bristol or Bristol to get to Sarah just does not compute.

    To the question about Obama. I don’t fear a strong, educated black man. I also don’t SEE Obama as a black man. I see him a our President. Race has nothing to do with anything as racism no longer exists – our electorate has proven that.

    Now, do I see a weak president? Yes. Do I see a President forging a path in the wrong direction? Yes. Do I see a Congress that has no clue of what it’s doing and tripping over the wrong answers and deciding to run with it? Yes.

    I think Congress is fortunate that mid-term elections are coming up because if it wasn’t I would wholeheartedly support erecting a gallows in front of the Capitol as a final warning.

  26. Captain Idiot-Face

    My advice to all liberals: keep focusing on the Palins. Never, EVER let up! Those who have moved on to real issues don’t know what they’re doing. You geniuses got it right, keep the focus on the Palins…any Palin!

  27. @Rick Bentley

    I meant daughters often feel like they let their parents down when they have unplanned pregnancies. It is a perception, not necessarily a reality. I don’t think anyone let anyone down. You know what happens.

  28. And I don’t see Sarah Palin as a strong, opinionated whatever else woman. You don’t see President Obama as a strong black man. Give a little, get a little.

    Perhaps if McCain had not shown the poor judgement of putting an unprepared candidate on the ticket, he might be president and you wouldn’t have to worry about President Obama. But he, McCain, made a serious error in judgement. And you will have to live with the result of that error in judgement until Jan. 2013 or perhaps Jan. 2017.

  29. Elena

    Can I make a friendly suggestion? Yes?……great. Moon howler is very grouchy this week, I might tread a little more gently 🙂

  30. Rick Bentley

    “Perhaps if McCain had not shown the poor judgement of putting an unprepared candidate on the ticket, he might be president ”


  31. PWC Taxpayer

    OK, McCain did not loose the election because of Palin, he prevented a blow-out loss by adding Palin to the ticket. (shivers & shakes).

    I don’t think people in the 2010s are “afraid of strong, opinionated women.” Both parties have them. I do wonder, however, why Democratic women have so much extra vile for strong opinionated conservative women? Why are they so threatened by the budget control, family values, national defense and America first message that Plain expresses? The hate for the Palins is really over the top.

    I do take offense to the suggestion that opposition to Obama is anything like the hate being expressed for Palin. Calling opposition to Obama racism is getting way too common and way to “from the script.” Republicans and tea baggers brought down Sen. Bennet this week– one of their own. That should sends a real shiver through the ranks of both parties. Uncontrolled spending, expanding government and entitlements and, yes, uncontrolled Illegal aliens, combined with the example of Greece are forming a whirlwind — and Obama keeps feeding it.

    1. Be offended all you want. Progressive and moderate women can dislike who they like politically. Actually I would say that my dislike of Palin’s politics is far less than your dislike of Obama. I am far more civil about her. However, I would never vote for her. She is far too conservative and she, in my opinion, lacks the knowledge and depth it takes to be a president. Hillary or Christy Todd Whitman would be far better choices for first women presidents.

      And I beg to differ that McCain didn’t ruin his chances of winning because of putting Palin on the ticket. All sorts of people immediately discarded him, the minute he did it.

  32. Rick Bentley

    Any dislike that I personally feel for Sarah Palin is because she is so vacuous. She is the dumbest person ever to be taken so seriously. She is an empty talking head who gives a good speech.

    It;s a question of degree, i’m not sure how different she is from Barack Obama or George W Bush in that regard. But she clearly trades on sex appeal and winking, so it’s going to rankle women even more than men.

    All that said, I don’t see any big wave of anti-Palin “hate”. A slighgt majority of Americans just think she’s a comedic bimbo. As evidenced by her ill-planned resignation of her governorship – no way to spin that one. She’s not particularly intelligent.

    1. @Rick, I agree with your analysis. I don’t hate her. I just think she represents everything that I feel is wrong with the far right. I would hope serious conservatives would be embarrassed by the winking sound bite.

  33. Rick Bentley

    to clarify, gives a good speech written by someone else, in the style of an actor. Her attacks on Obama during the campaign were well-reasoned and pretty great. But I don’t have the delusion that she wrote that stuff.

  34. Rick Bentley

    If she could actually win the Presidency and become the third charming novice in a row that we collectively elect, I will probably pewk my guts out if not emigrate.

  35. Rick Bentley

    Her daughter, since the story is here for comment, IS not being an especially great mother, out clubbing with a fake ID. When you look at this dispassionately, Bristol Palin lecturing or exhorting others on how to live is pretty ludicrous. It only deserves a small amount of national attention, but it is a valid point. Whether it reflects on her mom or not is in the eye of the beholder.

  36. marinm

    PWC, interesting WRT the media fallout over Bennet. Hard to claim that the TP is a wing of the GOP when they lead the effort to outster Bennet (the GOP establishment choice) from the Senate.

    I am digging how this political year is coming together. 🙂

    Incumbants should be afraid, very afraid. The infidels that voted for TARP and HCR should be crushed.

    I’d still vote for SP to be VP. I’d love to see a ticket with her and Paul.. One can have (hope and) a dream, eh?

  37. Rick Bentley

    Good riddance to Bennett!

    “Immigration played a role in his defeat as he had supported comprehensive immigration reform that included amnesty from identity theft and a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

    In addition, Bennett slipped an amendment into a 2005 Agriculture appropriations bill that exempts religious organizations from immigration law and allows them to harbor, transport and use the volunteer services of illegal aliens.”

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