Greg Letiecq interviews with ‘Sarge’ on the Jeff Fargas Show. Sarge is out in Arizona.

The show takes callers and Elena calls to throw in the other side of the story.

The podcast will appear. It takes about a minute. You will want to chose the May 8 if it isn’t chosen for you.

Sorry folks, it isn’t pretty but I got it here…sort of.


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  1. if you can’t get it through the link provided here is one that should work

  2. Win, lose or draw? Both Elena and Greg presented their viewpoints well. Both were polite. I believe this was the first time Elena and Greg have actually done the point/counter point thing. They had not planned on such a ‘meeting,’ especially so far from home.

    Leave it to those 2 to travel to Phoenix, via the airwaves, to engage. I was peacefully at ‘cat dinner,’ minding my own business when all this was going on.

    If you missed the past 3 years of the PW immigration debate, you now have an opportunity to catch up on what’s been happening around here.

    Here is the link if you are more comfortable listening this way. It is a long show.
    Greg doesn’t enter until about 15 minutes into the show. It is a while before Elena comes on.

  3. That was surreal. Glad to see Elena standing up to hate, no matter how courteously it holds open a door and gestures her through.

  4. Censored bybvbl

    Bless you, Elena. You always take the high road and stick to the facts. I’m glad Greg decided to do the show though one wouldn’t know the depth of his blog’s nastiness (except for one poster’s comment). He has distanced himself from his culpability both in allowing the negativity to fester on BVBL and not owning up to the censorship method that you mentioned. If that happens to be a purposeful choice, good for him. (I’m not holding my breath.)

    Herb Sarge Phelps, as another person who grew up in the Civil Rights Era South I fully understand the desire not to see racism, discrimination, or ethnic-charged anger rise again. We apparently can never become complacent in this country – the hate just moves onto to another region, ethnicity, race. I wish a more thorough study could be done to determine why. I keep thinking of the phrase “follow the money”.

  5. first thanks for listening to the show. Let me say I didn’t challenge Greg when I saw Elena was on hold because I felt she was more qualified and so I just decided to to moderate. I was not impressed with Greg so much and from feedback I got so far, few found him credible. Elena was a very well respected by my listeners and the statement most used about her, factual and believable. I wanted to challenge Greg more on Arpaio because I have a huge amount of facts on Arpaio I could have used, but I didn’t have him on to talk about Arpaio (I do enough shows on that fascist) so I didn’t bother too much. I do plan to invite Elena on as a guest in the next few weeks. She really was impressive.

  6. Elena does a wonderful job and she knows this subject backwards and forwards. Particularly impressive is the fact she was not working from notes.

    Pretty impressive thinking on your feet if you ask me.

  7. Elena

    First, I want to thank you for the opportunity to debate Greg, it was an unexpected Mother Day weekend gift! I was very nervous, not having a chance to prepare, but I guess, having lived through it, the events and subsequent consequences are burned into my memory banks.

    I would love to be a guest again on your show Sarge. You did a great job mediating, allowing both Greg and I to talk and share our viewpoints.

  8. Elena

    To M-H, Cindy, and Censored,

    Thank you for the kind feedback, I was very nervous, so to know my friends think I did well is truly appreciated!

  9. Elena, you are a heroine!! Thank you for making our county look like we have kind, reasonable people in it. We aren’t all…GL’s, thank goodness!

  10. Pat.Herve

    GL has mellowed over time – maybe he is learning something.

    Elena seemed very professional, and above the personal attack mantra.

  11. Pinko Elena did a great job and did show the side of your county that we at the Jeff Farias Network are trying to show about Arizona. Sadly people want to make all of us like Greg or Arpaio and it just isn’t true. I think Eric is also a treasure for your community and I am so glad I got the chance to meet and work with him. All you there in Va. are people we look to as inspiration after defeating this crazy idea enough to restore some sanity.

  12. I hope any of us are learning that a lot of neighborhood issues can be solved with communication and people working together to clean up the trash, etc. Or speaking calmly at citizen’s time, partnering with the police in Neighborhood Watch, Fire Corps and CERT, volunteering time at schools.

    You don’t have to strong arm, threaten, photograph, blog about or do a hate campaign against people based on ethnicity.

  13. Elena

    Amen Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. @Herb Sarge Phelps
    Eric IS indeed a treasure, as are Annabel and Alanna and Cindy B! Where we would be without their hard work isn’t something I would like to think about extensively.

    I am concerned that the true nature of Greg’s blog has not been exposed to the public. I am also concerned that he and Corey Stewart are misrepresenting the crime statistics to the public who may or may not have looked at or understood them.

  15. Incidentally, Greg has a huge amount of control over his blog, and he exercised that when he blocked people like Alanna and Elena who posted opinions he did not like. His form of “moderation” is questionable at best.

  16. @Pat.Herve
    Pat, what has discouraged me throughout this entire episode is that if we criticized HSM, we were “attacking” them. If we criticized only Greg, we were “attacking” him. If we criticized Corey Stewart, we were “attacking” him. See the pattern here?

  17. Starryflights

    I remember when Greg Letiecq accused a manager of a Mexican restaurant in PWC of being a gang member. Ever since then, I have despised him for a liar and a coward.

  18. Most of the people originally on this blog are bvbl rejects. We talked back–politely I might add. Elena talked about people thinking they were making comments…and they weren’t because their comments were going in to moderation without a moderation notice coming up.

    @ starry

    He also accused a manager of a restaurant of being an illegal immigrant. I believe that chain sent their lawyers to town. The story was never corrected.

  19. Starryflights

    Yes, I remember. My opinion of him will never be corrected either.

  20. @Moon-howler
    And he posted a letter by an anonymous source who testified the lady was illegally here, slandering the lady in the full legal sense by jeopardizing her job.

    And he posted a picture of Alanna’s vehicle.

    Yes, we could recreate a nice little list if we want to look back at those good old days, can’t we?

    GL is smart. He makes himself sound reasonable but the observant will find cracks in his veneer quite easily.

    If GL wasn’t trying to be such an influential community leader, I would find him easier to ignore. But his organizing HSM, getting the BOCS to give into his whims, and yes, getting the BOCS to implement racism into our local government, makes him dangerous on a few levels. I would say the same thing about John Stirrup and Corey Stewart. They are all toxic to the county, offering no real solutions but plenty of stir-em-up tactics, divisive antics and hate mongering.

  21. From Unity in the Community: “Help Save Manassas President Greg Letiecq and documentary filmmaker Caroline Brown join us for the post screening discussion” of “Border War” and “On the Line,” the last two films in the Immigration & Human Rights Cinema, 6:30 pm. Tuesday, May 25 at the Verizon Auditorium, Prince William Campus, George Mason University. Free and open to the public. A light reception precedes the films. Sponsored by Unity in the Community and GMU.

  22. Cindy, IMO, the university should have chosen a different panelist. Why GL? He is NOT the spokesperson for every person who has a problem with illegal immigration. GL has never focused on local neighborhood issues which are the real issues facing our county.

    This man doesn’t need anymore spotlights. It’s time to talk to people who don’t run hate blogs or affiliate with hate groups.

  23. I think the more hate is brought out into the light, the more it deflates.

    Kind of like the boggarts in Harry P.


  24. Hope you are right, Cindy. But I hope the public “gets it” and isn’t taken in by GL’s manipulative tactics. He can sound very sane and convincing when he wants to.

  25. Pinko one thing I observed with Greg on my show is that he doesn’t understand his audience all the time. He made a major mistake on my show of defending Joe Arpaio who is associated with self proclaimed neo-nazi J.T. Ready as is SB1070 push Russell Pearce. My audience mostly knows about Arpaio and his nazi tactics so trying to define Arpaio really exposed Greg as a partisan hack. Elena then completed the exposure of him with her wonderful rebuttals.

  26. by the way here is a youtube video about the State Senator who introduced SB1070. humanleague002 has many videos up at youtube about Arpaio as well that is very enlighting that I recommend. Here is the one with Pearce

  27. Herb, thank you for bringing that out. I guess I don’t give people the benefit of the doubt anymore because I’ve seen too many just accept without thinking. It’s easier to let someone else do the thinking for you.

    Incidentally, it’s good to see you using words like “neo-nazi.” I am notorious for using that term and getting slammed for it. However, if the shoe fits…

    I will take a look at the video. I hope it’s one I can stomach? : )

  28. Uh oh…looks like it IS one of those un-stomach-able videos. I used to see things like that in the early 1970’s when my parents watched documentaries on the Civil Rights movement. That kind of thing made me sick then, and it still does.

  29. Elena

    It’s posted on the blog on now, thank Sarge, that video is really important!

  30. Thanks, Elena. Yes, that is a very important video.

  31. More on taking action in your neighborhoods, posted on the City of Manassas website:

    And in PWC, from Pat Reilly:

    There’s a neighborhood leaders meeting tonight, Wednesday, 5/12, 7 p.m. Development Services Building Room 202 – “Growing Neighborhood Watch Groups.” You don’t have to have a crime problem to have a Neighborhood Watch! In addition to preventing criminal activity, Neighborhood Watches provide a structure that enables neighborhood communication and a framework for community involvement. This session will both share lessons on how to start or strengthen a Neighborhood Watch as well as develop a plan to increase the numbers of watch groups. Officer Melissa Garza of the PWC Police Department, Crime Prevention Unit, will be the featured speaker.

    Pat Reilly has been named Acting Division Chief of Neighborhood Services, now that Michelle Casciato has been selected as the next County Budget Director.

    Pat Reilly also says the County Clean Up scheduled for Saturday, May 15 will be at Sinclair Elementary School. Details are at A meeting to evaluate the current clean up program will be held on Monday, June 7 in Room 107A of Development Services from 7 – 8 p.m.

    Anyone is welcome at these neighborhood leader meetings!

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